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Johnny Manziel

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August 10, 2014 at 1:30pm



It is being reported by the four letter network and other media outlets that Manziel has pulled ahead of Brian Hoyer for the starting job. Do you think this is warranted by his performance against the Lions or do you think this was the plan all along?

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I would think he would, at the very least, get reps with 1st string O against the first team D to see how he looks in next preseason game.

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I thought they both looked good yesterday, but the receivers need to catch the ball.

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Agreed and the lack of effort by the WR crew was surprising

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Another Manziel thread...  Guessing 50 more until the end of January?

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Think of it this way.  If a person is rooting for Manziel to fail spectacularly, everyone needs to pay a TON of attention to him now so his fall will be more satisfying to them.

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I am a diehard Browns fan, and here are my unbiased observations from last nights game in Detroit...

Both QB's looked very good. Without WR drops from perfectly placed balls Manziel would of been 9-11, and Hoyer would of been 9 - 14. Great ball placement by both QB's, you just get the sense that Manziel is going to be every bit the passer that Hoyer is, but he can run as well. The job is eventually going to be Manziel's. What is making it tough on the coaching staff is that Hoyer has done absolutely nothing to lose the job, he just can't physically do the things that Manziel can. I expect Manziel to be the week 1 starter in Pittsburgh. 

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Fair assessment and makes sense. I'll buy it.

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