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Brief Liam McCullough Update

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June 10, 2014 at 11:04am

Ohio State long snapper target Liam McCullough was on Ohio State's campus yesterday for OSU's special teams camp. He'll be back today for the remainder of camp. 

McCullough said the first day of camp went great. He did not get a chance to meet with coach Meyer, but coach Coombs was at camp and told McCullough that Meyer was very busy and that he would be around at camp today. Coombs and McCullough talked quite a bit. He did note that he was very excited to meet with coach Meyer today. 

In terms of his recruitment, he has offers from Kentucky, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin. Just a couple of days ago, he camped and visited Kentucky. Next week, he will head to Michigan State for a camp. 

"I am still planning to make a decision before the end of the summer," McCullough said in a text to 11W

A decision likely won't be coming while he is on campus today, but the Buckeyes appear to be the favorite for the Ohio long snapper. 

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Thanks for the update Jordan !




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LS = very important position. Partly responsible for many points throughout the season.

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You gotta love a Long Snapper "enjoying the process". 

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Long snapper nation stand up!


I still do it from time to time. You have to admit, if there is a football at a group event and you're tossing it around, one if not multiple guys are gonna be like "dude back up, I'm gonna snap it to you." 

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Random question. I heard we had a pretty good LS walk-on the program in the 2014 class. Do you think our offer stands with Liam or we're gonna wait and put the walk-on on scholarship the following year? 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Sam York is walking on and he considered to be a highly rated long snapper. I just don't think Ohio State would remain in contact with McCullough and have him visit on multiple occasions since York committed if his offer wasn't committable. 

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Thanks Jordan I was just curious on the situation. It just seemed odd to me that McCullough appeared ready to commit a while back after we offered and right when York walked on he seemed to back off a bit. I guess that's why I was curious if the offer was still committable. Didn't know if it was a coincidence with the timing, the staff wanted to see him live first, or if the offer was still committable. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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In conversations with me, McCullough has always said he was going to wait a while to decide. 

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Even the long-snappers deserve (and receive) due coverage.

Great update Jordan, hoping we hear more from Liam McCullough in the very near future.

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(terrapins are jealous)


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Tressel just smiled

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Hey, I am thrilled when we get the kicker or punter we want, so why not get excited about LS recruiting?

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so this guy will be the class leader

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My fiancé baby sat Liam when he was younger and I met him and his family down in Columbus last summer...a very kind and humble young man...bring him in!

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Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

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Jordan, you sandbagger.