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Ohio State Recruits in OHSAA Track and Field Finals

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June 4, 2014 at 12:37pm

I was looking through the OHSAA Track and Field Finals participants. I wasn't surprised to see that Parris Campbell qualified for the 100M along with SVSM 4x200 and 4X100 relay teams. At regionals, Campbell ran a 11.05 100M to finish second, which qualifies him for the finals. Last year, he finished second at state. 

Delaware Hayes sophomore Ethan Tucky qualified for the 100M with a 11.05 time. On the football field, Tucky is one of the nation's top sophomore linebackers. He obviously has some serious speed at 6-foot-3, 215-pounds. He'll camp at OSU this summer and will pick up an offer at some point, one would think. 

James Daniels will compete in the discus throw and unoffered 2015 RB/ATH Darrin Hall will compete in the 4x200R, 4x100R and 4x400R. 

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AlwayzABuckeye614's picture

So,, did I read that right? Tucky and Campbell both ran an 11.05 in the 100m??

I thought Campbell would be faster than that. 

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Campbell ran a personal best 10.47 earlier this season.

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Also, while it's surprising he would finish 2nd, many top athletes do enough to just make it onto the next week, especially in the first race of the day, which the 100 would be, when they have other races later. You'll see his legit time fri and sat in Columbus. 


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100% accurate 15 - it happens a lot in many different sports including swimming.

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Kind of surprised that an 11.0 100M qualifies someone for state.  When I was in HS, one of my teammates ran a 10.7 and barely qualified for DII state championships.

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Raheem Mostert from Purdue is the fastest player in the nation and he runs between a 10.08 and 10.15 so Tucky running 11.05 as a high school linebacker is pretty impressive! I'm guessing an offer will come his way sooner than later.

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Where does it say Mostert runs between 10.08 and 10.15? fastest times I have seen was 10.25 at a meet in California (and supposedly that was a strong wind). His Big Ten winning time was 10.30. Fast as all get out but if he was running between 10.08 and 10.15 he would be a pure track star and working towards Olympics instead of playing football.

James Clark's fastest time in high school is 10.43 (supposedly, only recorded time I've seen is 10.48).

it just makes your brain melt thinking about the fact that Usain Bolt ran a 9.63. That is almost a whole second faster than these kids! unreal.

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well 10.15 was his fastest time yet, not 10.08-10.15.

and its not official,

Friday, the junior two-sport star had the best race of his career, as he posted a time of 10.15 seconds, an all-conditions personal best by 0.10 of a second, to take second in the heat and qualify for the NCAA Championships. Mostert’s time was the second-best overall in the semifinals behind only Florida State’s Dentarius Locke who ran a 10.03. Mostert’s time is 0.03 of a second better than the Purdue school record. However, it does not officially count because it was aided by a wind of 2.6 meters per second.

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Does anyone else wonder how these one legged guys are so fast?


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Friends who would know over at Purdont say he's ran an unofficial 10.08 but here is your link to clarify the 10.15 but now I see others here have already posted it... thanks guys!... either way I think it's safe to say he is FAST!



Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Players, best documented 100m time & grade:
Parris Campbell - 10.47 (Sr)
James Clark - 10.48 (Sr)
Devin Smith - 10.56 (Sr)
Dontre Wilson - 10.84 (So)
Johnnie Dixon - 10.84 (Jr)
Jamel Dean - 10.88 (Jr)
Ezekiel Elliot - 10.95 (Sr)
Jeff Greene - 11.22 (Sr)
Gareon Conley - 11.22 (Sr)
Frank Epitropoulos - 11.23 (Sr)
Jalin Marshall - 11.34 (Sr)
Doran Grant - 11.38 (So)
Evan Spencer - 11.41 (Jr)
Bri'onte Dunn - 11.42 (So)
Terry McLaurin - 11.44 (So)
Warren Ball - 11.46 (Jr)
Marshon Lattimore - 11.60 (Sr)
J.T. Barrett - 12.10 (So)
Jayme Thompson - 12.23 (Fr)
EGW - 12.39 (7th grade)

For comparison, Parris Campbell's progression by year:
Fr - 11.43
So - 10.92
Jr - 10.77
Sr - 10.47

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Ethan has run sub 11.00 seconds numerous times this year, his best recorded time is 10.86 can be found on Ohio MileSplit, He also has a 7.07 time in the 60 Meter indoors and a 21.96 in the 200 Meter.

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Parris Campbell advanced to the D2 100M finals with a prelim time of 10.75. Will race tomorrow. 

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Ethan Tucky ran a 10.9 100M in the prelims. That's pretty impressive speed for a linebacker recruit. Plus he's only a sophomore. 

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Who is he being recruited by? Love that speed 

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Seattle Linga 42 MINUTES AGO 

Who is he being recruited by?  


Ken Tucky.

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I noticed his last name but that's "out there" Bro

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That's faster than Mike Mitchell was. Pretty sure he was an 11.0.

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