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2016 top 247-Ohio players (want some staff input)

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April 16, 2014 at 10:24pm

I know I know, 2015 isn't anywhere near done and here I am talking about 2016. Well, it's because 247 released the top 247 for 2016 and Ohio came in with 12 kids. All these kids are rated 4 star and above, with 2 of them being 5 stars.

I honestly just wanted to get some input from anyone including staff on how the Buckeyes are looking with these kids, early impressions, and the likelihood that they do become part of our 2016 class. Maybe make a little fun of it and take some bets on who commits first to Urban. Going to be a good year for Urban to hopefully keep that fence up and keep the top Ohio kids in state.

5* OT Liam Eichenberg- Offered- 86% Crystal ball OSU
5* OT Tommy Kraemer-Offered (Elder stand up, Altiora!) Buckeyes named early leader
4* ATH Brendan Ferns- No Offer- 50/50 Crystal ball for PSU/WVU
4 SDE Prince Sammons- No Offer-100% Mich. crystal ball
4* WR Justin Layne-  No Offer- 67% CB OSU

4* OLB Ethan Tucky-No Offer- 100% OSU CB
4* WDE Jonathan Cooper- No Offer- 100 OSU CB
4* OLB Zach Sandwisch- No Offer
4* TE Jake Hausmann-No Offer
4* ATH Tyrece Speaight- No Offer- 100% OSU CB
4* PRO QB Messiah DeWeaver-No Offer
4* TE Luke Farrell-No offer

With obviously with Urban liking to go after national guys too, its probably expected not all of these kids become Buckeyes.

If you want to check out the top 247 here's the link. If you want to get to state rankings, just press it up at the top of the page. http://247sports.com/Season/2016-Football/CompositeRecruitRankings?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool
Btw, this is a great year for the big guys on the line. DL/OT has a plethora of talent.


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5* OT Liam Eichenberg- Offered- 86% Crystal ball OSU
5* OT Tommy Kraemer-Offered (Elder stand up, Altiora!) Buckeyes named early leader
4 SDE Prince Sammons- No Offer-100% Mich. crystal ball

I go to school with Kraemer

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Thanks for posting! Really like seeing two very highly ranked OL-men from Ohio that seem to be early OSU leans. We really need to make sure both join Buckeye Nation.

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Looks like a very good class. I have met Prince's family and it is amazing to me how highly touted he is already after only playing one year of football. Hopefully he ends up in Columbus.


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4* OLB Zach Sandwisch. Are you kidding me? Choke will be all over this one.

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I've heard he's really excited about 5* OT Nate Chickenwing from the 2017 class.

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Especially if his middle name is Ice Cream.


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You mean this guy -

In a Van down by the RIVER!


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Tyrece Speaight plays at St. V with Booker and Campbell. He makes plays every time I watched them play. I figured he'd be a Safety at the next level but maybe it's too early to call. 

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OL is probably the hardest position to pull guys from outside of the Midwest. Having two 5 stars in state is huge, probably the first time that has happened in recent history.

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Am I the only one definitely interested in QB named Messiah, or is he required to go to ND?

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Please tell me Ethan Tucky's dad's name is Ken. 

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My coworkers son is a teammate/friend of Ethan tucky and says he's crazy about the buckeyes.

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I know we say this every year but 2016 will be a very good class. I think it may be similar to the 2013 & 2014 classes loaded with talent in every position. I honestly think 2015 wont be like everyone thought but will still be a top 5 class. I say that because even though we are in on alot of top kids, they all seem to be leaning elsewhere & the state of Ohio dosnt really have a wall around it for 2015. But 2016 is loaded with the top ohio kids favoring us. Also we are the favorite to land some top key OOS kids. 


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I think the same about 2017 lol. We already have a QB who is potentially a 5* and the leader of our class.

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If there is a football God he will make sure Hoke signs that Sandwisch kid just so us Buckeye fans will have a good 6 months of laughter and jokes.

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