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OSU 2014 Schedule and Playoffs, PLAYOFFS!

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July 22, 2014 at 3:09pm

Since football is right around the corner, I would like to start a debate on what you think the most challenging game is on our schedule. Also, who are your picks in the playoff this year?


For me, I would have to say I think that the obivous choice is at MSU. If they can contain our offense again we may have some trouble opening up our game. I think though having another year with B Miller and the off season we should be running at full steam. For the not so popular choice I am interested in our at Navy game. First game jitters and that option offense can be trickey.


My last 4 would have to be OSU, Flordia state, Alabama, and Oregon. I just pray ND gets beat a few times so they dont make it!

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I'm assuming because you picked Oregon as one of the teams at the end, that means you also believe they will beat Sparty in their early season matchup.

I believe our offense to be better than that of Oregon's right now.  However that game at Michigan State will be the toughest road game we have all year.   Although, I do believe the game against Minnesota the very next week could be laying in the weeds.

My four are very similar:  Ohio State, Florida State, Alabama, Oklahoma.

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Toughest game??  Easy, MSU and it isn't even close.  However, 2 others are on my radar.

Penn State - after last year.......with us going to their place, all the hype, and at night......a little worried.  I actually expect them to stay close until we pull away and win comfortable enough in the 2nd half.  (Methinks that Cincy might ride the same emotion wave for a quarter or so)

TTUN - I grew up ages 10 to 21 from 1990 to 2001, my prime coming of age in sports years.  My dad is from Cleveland and always followed OSU.  He never pushed it with me but I started following them in the mid 90's.  Can't say they were my favorite (I really didn't have one after dropping FSU after 93 season, or maybe they were but I wasn't the hardcore CFB fan yet) but I remember rooting for Eddie George for Heisman and against ND that year.  I whooped it up when Germaine hit Boston to win the Rose Bowl.  I remember Katz's super frosh year and stupid Charles Woodson (probably the game that made pushed me over the edge) in the 97 game as well as heartbreak against MSU in 98.  Went to the Sugar Bowl against A&M after that season too.  I guess what I'm saying is that with my dad telling me about Michigan spoiling our seasons, the 90's (with Biakabutuka becoming a curse word and undefeated seasons ending at their hands) I never feel comfortable against them.  EVER.

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#1 Florida State vs. #4 LSU

#2 Oklahoma vs. #3 Ohio State

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Only 1 team from the mighty SEC -- sacrilege!

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I think two SEC teams make it in. If you look at the final AP poll from this year three of the top five teams were from the SEC and this was considered a "down" year for them. I think it's SEC winner and SEC runner up. I'll say it's Bama and South Carolina. If the SEC west wins the title it could be the winner from the SEC west and the SEC west runner up. I'm guessing Bama and LSU. Then I'm going to with FSU. The last team will be one of either Ohio State, Oregon and Oklahoma.

So I guess my list would look like this

1. Bama

2. South Carolina or LSU

3. Florida State

4. "Sexiest" conference champ from the other three power conferences. They need to be undefeated, because honestly I don't see a one loss team from any other conference getting in over a one loss SEC team. It's sad but it's probably the truth.

Toughest game should be MSU.

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Thinking  a little outside the box here. 

Florida State

Ohio State


Texas A&M

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Baylor could be a good one too. I was thinking about them but I think the offense lost just enough to lag behind some of the other high scoring opponents.

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Actually our defense is ranked top squad in the B1G, ranked higher than MSU's D. We'll win with that unit.

Big XII lacks a Championship game, a major component of the playoffs. While the other four are playing Championship games , they'll push the top Big XII team off the map.

1. Florida State

2. Auburn

3. Oregon

4. Ohio State

This sets us up for

Ohio State vs. Florida State and Oregon vs. Auburn

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Why the DVs? Good prediction, you've got 3/4 legitimate contenders there. And we do have a higher ranked D than MSU. 

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There seems to always be a team or two (or more) that comes out of the blue and wins more than anybody thought they would. This year, I believe that team will come from a non-power conference.

I also think that Florida St will drop at least 1 game this year (maybe 2). I think the national attention has/will get them a little and opposing teams will be gunning for them a little more. Once somebody exposes their weakness this year, other teams will attempt to copy that strategy.

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I know it all depends on W/L at the end of the year but say we get another "Boisie State" Non power confrence with 0 or 1 loss. Do you think they would get in over undefeated power confrence winners?

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I think more info would be needed. Kinda like last year, the media was comparing margins of victory/losses. And it may depend on when that loss is (early or late in the season). But as I'm thinking at the same time I'm typing......................I would still find it hard for a non power conference team to hop any undefeated power conference teams. The only way I could see it would be with 2-4 wins against top 10 ten teams in the non-con schedule mixed with extreme blowout wins. I would say if Boise State played like Florida State played last year and with a very strong non-con schedule. And then they still may need a little help in that the power conference team had unimpressive wins/near losses with a weak non-con schedule,........then yeah I could see it happen.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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It looks like Oregon will have the #2 spot secured (could be #1, but geography will get its say).