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Would it be beneficial for tOSU to play in one of these neutral site games during the regular season?

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July 16, 2014 at 1:44pm

In my opinion, I like regular season games on a college campus.  The only time I an in favor of regular season neutral site games is if it's an additional game akin to the old Kickoff Classic or Pigskin Classic.

What say you?


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prefer home and home games. Starting to think the rise in neutral site games is the SEC's way of avoiding to have to travel too far from home.

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Home game against Miami of Ohio or some other MAC School OR a neutral site game against LSU, Bama, Auburn, Clemson, FSU, Tex, etc. I would take the neutral site game any day. While it is a 2 hour drive for me to go to Columbus, I would drive or fly to a neutral site game against a premier opponent than go to the shoe to see the Bucks dominate a pathetic school from the MAC. If I am going to travel I want to see a decent opponent.

One of the best games I saw in the Shoe was the 2003 game against NC State. I would not call them a powerhouse but they were a decent opponent from a P5 conference. It was worth paying for that game. Va Tech this year will be the same. I will even say Cincinnati is a decent ticket to go to. Other than that, the rest of the non-conference schedule is not worth the money or my time. I would not go to those games even if people game me their tickets (well maybe Navy).

Point being, and this is what Michigan so sadly misses. They schedule cupcakes that the fan base has no interest in seeing and wonder why no one shows up. While the TV money has gone up considerably, the product on the field is being diluted considerably.  My wife went to Notre Dame in the mid 1990's and looking through her old yearbooks, the ND football team played only BCS caliber teams plus the service academies. Now they play MAC schools and low level ACC schools as part of their schedule.  This is a national trend and needs to stop for the good of the game. 

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Who is TOSU?

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THE Ohio State University

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The Navy game technically a neutral site game, isn't it??

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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I think it is technically but realistically its a home game for Navy.

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Well that's how it is with most neutral site games... Here are some neutral site games for this year....

Ole Miss vs. Boise State - Atlanta, Georgia
Alabama vs. West Virginia - Atlanta, Georgia
Florida St vs. Oklahoma St. - Arlington, Texas

A lot of neutral site games are more like home games for one of the teams.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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LSU vs. Wisconsin in Texas


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I'd have to say its maybe just a tad bit different when the neutral site game is taking place in a stadium that is less then 30 minutes away from the home teams stadium. Which is the case with the Navy game.

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Let's try to get Arkansas Vs FSU played @ Montana State!  That is truly a neutral field.

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Home and home.  We don't need $ going to Jerry-World.

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I like home & homes too. Premier team? Sure. If they're from the south, well, come north of the line friends. We'd love to see you in Ohio. Home & homes are also better for each school as well, as they get more money by filling their own stadiums & concessions, etc...

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I don't think it's so much about the site of the game, but the quality of the competition.  Certainly, I'd prefer the game to be on a campus...neutral site games are fine, too.  I just want to see us schedule some good teams - I don't care if the game ends up being home, away, or neutral site.

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Yes! I think athletes live for this kind of stuff. 

Let's party, Columbus.

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It would be interesting to get the players' take on this topic.

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Negatory.  Home games = straight cash homie

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I like the idea of neutral site games. Prime time TV, plus it usually consist of two legit teams. 

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Only way I would consider it is if it is proven to help with recruits in say...Texas for example.

Like Good Guys vs Florida in Dallas

If that somehow helps with local recruits it would be something to consider. Otherwise no thanks.

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In an ideal world home and home is the preferable way. But if it means playing 4 MAC teams at home or playing a group of quality, interesting teams on a neutral site, I would choose the neutral site. Unfortunately, it is the new reality. As a paying fan who does not live in Columbus, I will not drive for a game I feel is not a compelling matchup. Tickets are expensive enough, why waste my money on the likes of BGSU and Florida A&M. I know the BIG slate is not too compelling either, but I would rather sit and watch Indiana any day over a MAC team. 

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The Ohio State vs Navy game "neutral site" is ridiculous although advantageous to me considering that I live in northern VA and am going to the game, otherwise it would be like TOSU vs. USC and the neutral site being at the Colts stadium. Ridiculous

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but the neutral site game has to be held at a venue willing to hold it. Jerry World holds games because it seeks them out. So does FedEx field and the Meadowlands. When Indy and soldier field start seeking out more big paycheck games like that they will be held there.

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