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Making Most Recent Pro Combat Uniforms Our Official Uniform

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April 16, 2014 at 11:32am

Since we are currently experiencing that time of year lacking consistent and exciting football news, I figured I would generate a little discussion. I'm more curious as to how the "older" crowd responds, but obviously anyone can contribute. 

My question for you, my 11W family, how would you react if the athletic department decided to make the most recent pro combat uniforms we have been wearing our official uniform for both home and away games? I know many people claim history/tradition as a reason to keep our current jerseys, but they have in fact changed quite a bit over time. Personally, in addition to maybe a few minor changes, I would not be too upset. I would add gray pants to the uniforms we wore against TTUN last year as the "official" away jersey, but I would not be opposed to have the white pants every once in awhile as I thought the all white look was pretty cool, especially in the beginning of this video:


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