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Why Bert and Saban should love spread offenses

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March 5, 2014 at 7:13pm

When thinking about the 10 sec rule and trying to slow spread offenses down.  Why wouldn't Bert and Saban prefer the rest of the country to run spread offenses. When recruiting athletes out of HS you have "spread athletes" , "pro athletes" then kids some where in between. 

If Ohio State, Oregon, Auburn, Clemson, etc, etc, etc .... are going for the smaller quicker athletes, wouldn't that, essentially, cut your recruiting competition down. It's not crazy to think Alabama has seen a rise in recruiting under Saban when more than half the schools are no longer targeting the bigger bulker kids designed for pro style systems.  The odds of stock piling those types of recruits are greater. 

Am I way over thinking this?


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Yes of course you're overthinking it, it's about player safety, duh.

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I think offensive scheming can only take you so far when pursuing a championship. You need a defense, and having a fast strong defense, specifically in the secondary and LBs is more important than worrying about spread/pro style offense. Bama's strength in their title runs has rarely been their offense (although the offences they've had have been really damn good), its been their defense. So its not much of an advantage to basically having other suitors for offensive players (those more suited to pro-style) bail out leaving just Bama there to school them up. I think Bert and Saban's problem, and pretty much every other pro-style offensive minded coach, isn't necessarily that their defenses give up points to spread teams, its that when their defences do, their offences aren't designed to score a ton of points so the chances of them losing rises dramatically in a 'shoot out' type of situation. Pro-style is founded in ball control and methodical scoring drives whereas spread is more about putting up points as fast as possible, thus if a team can run twice as many plays as you with an offense that is designed to where every play call theoretically should produce a TD, you could run the risk of being routed or just plainly beaten. One thing that is incredibly clear in this whole joke of a situation is that Saban et al. do have extremely visible (not hidden, as its freakin obvious) agendas behind this BS excuse that spread/hurry up offences create more injuries. Glad that justice prevailed and this crap is over with. It'd be interesting to see how much negative recruiting happens against Saban and those slow-down clowns. If you are a speedy player and would fit better in a spread offense, surely the fact those coaches want things to slowdown (taking away your key attribute: speed) can be played against them in conversations with prospects. 

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Most of the country does run a spread offense of some type. The NFL style offense is slowly disappearing. I know off hand Iowa, Wisky, TTUN (slowly converting back) and MSU are the only ones in the B1G that run one. Not sure what Franklin at PSU runs; Joe Pa had the spread HD then I think O'Brien went back to NFL style.

I haven't noticed Ohio State going after smaller athletes. The O and D lineman are still 300+, the ends 260+, LBs 230+ Lbs, typical corner size, big RB.

The kids that Saban is getting are getting highly recruited elsewhere as well. He is not recruiting based on size.They have an upswing because they are winning, he's putting kids in the NFL (even if many are busts) and the boosters' pockets. I don't see kids getting recruited based on size, but more or less if they fit the system, have the basic skill set and will come to the school; all the recruiting principles that have always been in place.

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Pretty sure Saban has a height/weight standard for each position they recruits.....http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/recruiting/football/news/story?id=6403943


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It says 'meet certain measurables,' it doesn't say what. They're not getting every guy at max frame size out of h.s. It's no secret they or anyone are gonna look, for example, a LB that is 220 as opposed to 200 so they only have to wait about a year or 2 before they reach decent playing size. That link is about as useless at this forum topic.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Mike you make a good point and the fact that he has exceptional athletes really confuses the thinking behind his logic. 

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Saban has a ton of talent on the defensive side of the ball and very peticular packages for certain situations that require substituting at a frequent rate and keeping kids fresh. Plus I have mentioned this before but you can train differently if you are only expected to play 25-35 plays a game with getting subbed in and out regularly. The HUNH takes one of Sabans biggest advantages away from him and both OK and Tx a&m were able to use that to their advantage. Not really sure why Bert would even be on this bandwagon because he lacks the defensive talent and depth it takes to take advantage. Other then he runs a slow huddle every play offense so the other defense has tons of subbing opportunities and if they can run HUNH against Arky they would have an advantage on both sides of the ball.

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