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NCAA Official Rankings for Tourney, 1-68

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March 18, 2014 at 7:14am

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#13 v #14 in the Finals seems a good bet.

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One of my polls, that is my matchup. Without a dominate team like we've seen in previous seasons, I think those 2 teams are the ones I feel most comfortable with in going far. Hopefully they pull through for me! 

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Louisville being a #4 seed is a freaking joke as well as Uconn being a #7. The American conference got The shaft this year, I know the bottom half isn't the best but the top 5 are pretty darn good. SMU being left out of the tourney altogether is asinine. That's how I feel about it at least.

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I heard an interview with Jim Boeheim yesterday on ESPN talking about how teams are ranked, and the issues with teams like MSU and UofL ranked 4. He said there should be one main aspect of judging a team, not everyone coming in with different criteria (SOS, eye test, full resume, done for me lately). I think he's right - and I think it should be a full resume judging. I think MSU and Louisville would both come out higher, seeing as they're obviously growing (and getting healthy) as the season goes on, which is what's supposed to happen, right???

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray

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The committee did a terrible job as far as seeding goes, and as far as rewarding conference tournament champions.

Having said that, it will still be an entertaining tournament.

But this committee screwed up left and right.

There is a lot of ACC & East coast bias, I don't know if that has to do with the committee head being the AD of Wake Forest, or what.

Virginia is a very good team and won their conference and the tournament, but the ACC was not one of the best conferences this year. I thought UVA was a borderline 1/probably a 2 seed. NC State did not deserve to get in if you look at the body of work as a whole. A fading Syracuse gets rewarded by getting to play essentially home games in their region.

Then there is the disrespect to the B1G, MW, Big East, and AAC; and the overvaluation of the A-10.

Michigan State won the best conference's tournament and got a....4 seed !?

New Mexico won the Mountain West, and ended beating a top 10 SDSU team twice this season and got a...7 seed !? New Mexico is more of a 3-5 seed team.

Providence won the Big East tournament by knocking off a very good Creighton team and got an....11 seed !?

Louisville, one of the top 3 hottest teams going in to the postseason, won the AAC tournament (and co-shared the regular season championship) and got a ....4 seed !?

UMASS faltered down the stretch, was the 6 seed in their own mid-major conference tournament (which they didn't even get past the Quarterfinals in!) and got a...6 seed to the Big Dance !?! Wow.

NC State in over SMU? SMU beat UCONN at UCONN, amongst other nice wins. I know there non-conference schedule isn't the best, but they certainly pass the "eye test" if you've watched them. But THAT is the problem. How can these ADs, who have full-time jobs be expected to make the best decisions on the committee. A lot of them aren't even basketball people. They're busy scheduling football games, or women's tennis, or something else. They haven't watched enough games consistently to form an educated opinion.

Another glaring mistake was BYU as a 10 seed?! Come on. They play in a weak conference, were fading at the end of the year, and their 2nd-best player is out of the tournament with a bum knee. BYU should have been left out, but when they decided to put them in --- they are a 12-seed play-in team at best.

BYU, UMASS and NC State should have been out. SMU, Wisconsin Green-Bay or Louisiana Tech should have been in. Louisiana Tech is one of the best non-AQ teams out there, very entertaining to watch. They lost their conference championship game to a hot Tulsa team, but the semantics of the tournament were flawed. La Tech finished their semifinal game Friday night, and then the C-USA tournament championship started the next morning at 9:00 am Central time! WTF. It was all about pleasing CBS so they should fit all the other games on in time for their stupid Saturday night primetime television special about the NBA D-League. Who in the hell watched that? I bet about 136 people did. I'd much rather watch a conference championship game in primetime than that NBA garbage. The C-USA Champ. Game should have been Saturday night at 9:00 P.m., not 9:00 A.m., but I digress.

Bottom line: they need more BASKETBALL PEOPLE on the committee, not these distracted ADs, or eggheads, or female ADs. Put people on the committee who actually KNOW the game. What a novel idea! Put former coaches like Bobby Knight and John Thompson on...put a few select sportswriters on...put basketball minds on...but don't put full-time ADs who haven't watched the games and don't know what they're doing.

Same goes for the NIT committee. I can't stand Tom Creep just as much as everybody else on here. But, we saw them firsthand beat Ohio State, withOUT their best player. So, they certainly pass the "eye test". Yet, IU got passed over for the NIT for....here it is....San Francisco ?! What the hell ?! Seriously. I heard of the NIT committee members explaining the decision to Andy Katz on ESPN. She had NO CLUE what she was talking about, that much was obvious.

Again, let's get BASKETBALL PEOPLE on BASKETBALL SELECTION COMMITTEES! Not ADs, not presidents, not some know-nothing academia egghead. Get BASKETBALL PEOPLE picking these tournament teams!

*rant over*  :)

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Have an upvote.  I can't stand when someone downvotes a quality post without even commenting.

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I didn't downvote, but I didn't read it either.  Aint nobody got time for your CBB Manifesto.

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Sparty should've at least been a 2 seed.  And TTUN is overrated as a 2 - no way are they anything above a 4 IMO.  Hey, they should just switch spots.

I agree with SMU.  Weren't they freaking RANKED in the top 25 late in the year?  AAC got shafted most definitely.

Strangely enough, I think OSU was one team that the committee did right with.  #22 team, #6 seed actually sounds right.  Maybe could've gotten a 5 if they closed out TTUN on Saturday, regardless of what would've happened on Sunday against Sparty.

Class of 2010.

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I tend to agree. Sparty should have been a 2 seed.

TTUN is a little too reliant on Stauskas and hot shooting, and I don't think they're a 2 seed. I think you've got it right ---- TTUN is more of a 4 seed.

We, as 11-dubbers, watch a lot of basketball and can see that. You can just tell when watching the two teams play --- MSU & TTUN --- that MSU is a 2 seed, and TTUN is a 4 seed. Same with Louisville. Watch Louisville play...no way they're worse than a 2 seed. Yet, there's the committee getting it wrong...again. Maybe it's overanalyzing, or underanalyzing. But, they just don't get it.

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I think the issues with seeding, once you get beyond the 1's is sort of moot.  The only team guaranteed to make it make it out of the 1st round are the 1's.  Beyond that you have to win.  Now us playing Syracuse in Buffalo is a tough draw for sure.  I have more issues with that.

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yeah, it is moot beyond the first round...but just out of principle --- UMASS getting a 6 seed is crazy, let alone UMASS even getting an invite

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