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Top 100 plays of the previous NCAAF season

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March 18, 2014 at 10:44pm

While browsing around saw this little nuggent of plays and highlights from the past football season. The Buckeyes got about five plays (if I counted correctly) in total of great highlights from our season. Feel free to object from a wholistic collegiate view on plays missing in the video.  Go Bucks. 


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7 good plays 2 negative

Hyde's Iowa run was the highest at number 40. Unfortunately no love the Kenny G

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I was surprised the 4th down stop to win the Rose Bowl didn't make the top 100.

I miss football...

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Yeah, I'm not going to quibble about the plays or ranking.  It's just something to try and recapture some of those great feelings we share during the Fall. 

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Pretty SEC-centric toward the top. I do feel Hydes run vs Iowa should've been much higher then 40 though, along with Allen Robinson vs Michigan (which was incredible to watch as well). But, #1 is the hands down best play of the year and possibly one of the best of all time. 

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Great find.

# 91 - V. Bell's interception vs. Clemson. [1:46 mark]

# 89 - Miller's bullet to Philly vs. Wisky. [1:59 mark]

# 83 - Miller to Devin vs. TTUN. [2:51 mark]

# 75 - Miller TD run vs. TTUN. [4:08 mark]

# 71 - Miller stutter-step TD run vs. Clemson. [4:47 mark]

# 60 - Kenny to Miller for aerial TD vs. Indiana. [6:37 mark]

# 40 - Hyde regains balance TD vs. Iowa [9:51 mark]

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Thanks SilverState.  I don't have time to watch the whole 18 mins right now.  Nice to be able to jump to our plays on the countdown.

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