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HIMYM finale thoughts?(spoilers)

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March 31, 2014 at 9:40pm

So what is everyone's thoughts on the ending of How I Met Your Mother?

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Have only watched maybe 5-10 episodes a couple of years ago when I didn't have cable. After reading the spoilers, even I'm pissed.


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I knew they had to find a way to get him together with Robyn.  Didn't know they were going to kill off the mother to do it, should have guessed. Not thrilled, but it completed the cycle.  

Go Bucks!

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Very consistent with the overall tenor of the show. Every excellent line or life affirming plot point was negated by some baffling creative decisions. Or perhaps the execution was the problem?

The show became less about meeting the mother and more about the messed up, codependent relationship between Ted and Robin.

They didn't even try to make the mother appear sick or to make Ted appear grieved. The "Ted reads to Mother on her deathbed" scene was embarrassing. 

The transition from "Ted finally gets married" to "Mother dies" to "Ted ends up with Robin" took what, 4 minutes?

I enjoyed when the finale got dark and the impossible characters got their comeuppance (Barney / Robin divorce, the "gang" breaks up).

If this break happens 3 seasons ago maybe the finale leaves me feeling less disappointed. Can say the same about many other comedies. The ones that last have to go dark (M*A*S*H, for instance) every now and again. 

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HIMYM has been on fumes the last 2-3 years with a few good hits.  You're right, this isn't so bad if it's a couple seasons ago (which would have been like 2 or 3 Robin/Ted rekindlings ago...)

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I think that may be the part I'm the most upset by.  I feel like they forgot the whole point was for Ted to finally find the woman of his dreams, and she was out the door in the last 10 min.... Still will be one of my favorite all time shows, but the last few seasons were a little rough to hang on for this...

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Ridiculously stupid. All of season 9...out the window in an hour.

It mirrors the garbage plot line of on again off again with Robin. Real creative guys.

Oh, and in season 7 in the flash forward, Ted has a wedding ring on holding his daughter.  So...about that....(it was in 2015 btw)

Nothing on the pineapple???

Just terrible.


Add this to OAR's garbage tour announcement...what a case of the Mondays.

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Not happy with the Robyn angle.

Even though I wasn't happy with the Mother's death, I think they missed not showing her death. Ted would have killed those type of scenes.

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I always hate when a great show ends.  Barney Stinson will always be one of my favorite characters of all-time, kind of a crappy last season and ending but I figured him and Robin would end up together.  However, no one really wants to marry a girl that you and one of your bro's are Eskimo Bro's with.  I thought all of that was a little weird.  They shouldn't have ever matched up Barney and Robin and just kept it a cat and mouse game with her and Ted, rather than that ending... but meh, still a great show. 

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The ballsy nature of the show's premise was great: this show WILL be around long enough to tell you the long story of how Ted meets his wife.

Too bad the show diluted itself with Robin-loves-Ted, then Barney, then Ted, then Barney, then her career, then Ted.

Also, there's NO WAY Ted waits years to marry the mother of his children. The show loved making flat caricatures out of Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall, and Lily until it was suddenly not convenient.

I feel like the writers decided "Shit, we can't pull off Ted developing a relationship with the mother" and just punted.  

Thank god Community is weird without being moored to a junk narrative.

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The episode when it shows all the near misses between her and ted did a somewhat decent job of filling in the blanks. And i know its too soon. But they should think about a show that develops her side of the story. Not 9 seasons worth...but maybe a 2-3 season run that shows her life, and then fills in the blanks that were left in this season. Probably wont happen. But would probably assuage some of what seems to be what everyone hated about the way this ended.

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Definitely agree that a lot of what happened in that episode seemed to be out of convenience for the writers. Overall I still loved the show, but I think the finale really cheapened it. I'm surprised that this was in the cards the whole time....have to think that it has jaded a lot of the show's loyal fans who will now avoid it in syndication and will also make them think twice about watching the How I Met Your Dad spinoff.

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Also, who'd of thought Alyson Hannigan was the show's only actor to could carry a dramatic scene.

Pleasant surprise of finale.

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I've said for years that there will never be enough footage of the mother. My biggest fear on that show was that the show would end with Ted saying "Hi, I'm Ted", and the mother responding saying "Hi, I'm Tracy", and cut to black without ever knowing her. Thankfully it didn't quite do that...

Two issues with this season/episode:

1 - the entire season is spent dealing with Barney & Robin's wedding, and they're divorced quickly in the finale... It was a ridiculous relationship made even more ridiculous with their lack of commitment.

2 - I would have loved to have seen the entire last season be like the finale. spend the whole season building up to the conversation under the yellow umbrella at the train stop, but make 90%+ of the episode to be like "regular" episodes, but include the gang with the mother & kids.

I feel like people are having similar reactions to this show that people had to LOST. they wanted answers to questions, filling in the holes, but the creators/writers were making a show about the characters. Ted was always my favorite character in the show (I know I'm in the minority), and I'm glad to see him meet the love(s) of his life. It's just a shame the amount of screen time was so disparate between Robin & Tracy (although it's obvious why that was the case).

Sad to see it end...

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray

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Definitely agree with you on point two. The relationship between Ted and Tracy never materialized in the eyes of the viewers. Perhaps this was the purpose of this episode though. Maybe the point was to downplay their relationship. This meshes with his kids' observations. I personally would have liked to see the two have a relationship in the show, especially because it seemed like they had so much in common. She also seemed like the love of his life. Her death and life with Ted seemed to be diminished when they put the emphasis back on Robin.

I am not sure if I liked the finale. I loved the show, and the ending was interesting. However, it certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

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While watching it/Immediately after watching it: HATED it. A lot. Loathed it. Felt physically ill.

Three hours later: Actually, I don't mind it. It was tough to watch, and the pacing was really, really bad, but given the context that they've put into some of the episodes (the 45 days speech, the mother telling him to not live in the past), I thought it was fitting.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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The show came full circle and served a fitting end to what the shows main story really was: a love story between two people who never could get it right. Ted and robin, in my opinion, was always the end game. They spend so much time developing the will they or wont they plot line to go any other way. Sure, they dropped in the near misses between ted and tracy. And weaved in the barney/robin angle. Even went so far as to build the wedding of barney and robin.

But even with all that, the story always came back to ted and robin. The perfect match. With imperfect timing. Im pretty sure this finale was there way of giving ted what he wanted in life...that perfect girl and his two children. But also sent it out the way it came in...Ted standing outside robins window. Going after the girl he knew from first sight was the girl of his dreams.

Side note: I do believe the most touching, poignant scene of the whole finale was Barney holding his baby girl. The emotion of that scene was so real, so raw...something that any man who holds his first child can relate to. I watched it with my daughter...who is 7 now. And it took me back to the delivery room on that sunday afternoon in November seven and a half years ago. To when they placed her in my arms and I felt that kind of love he felt. The entire finale was a fitting culmination of how life can change a group of friends over time. And this scene was, to me, the most heart wrenching moment.

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One of the best explanations I've read for the jumbled, hot mess that was the series finale.

Somebody upvote this man.

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Spot. On. I'm not mad, and I still love this show. 

I think a lot of people were over Ted and Robin due to the On Again/Off Again (x3) aspect of their story. The show feels like it was meant to end 2 seasons ago, so getting to season 9 forced some odd creative decisions that likely fueled this pretty negative reaction.

HIMYM is the super long TV version of "When Harry Met Sally," one of my favorite rom coms of all time. Most fans wanted to see it just end with The Mother, but they seemed to have forgotten the long play of this show. Given how the final dialogue with the kids was filmed in season 2, nearly 8 years ago, it was always Robin. Like you said, "perfect match, imperfect timing."

To other commenters: FWIW, I'm pretty sure they'll resolve The Pineapple Incident on the DVD or with a short web series, both of which are likely to happen based on comments from Carter & Bays and Josh Radnor. 

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So,I have no way to watch it for a few more weeks, but I read the spoilers...not cool with how they ended it. Did they REALLY have to kill of the mother? Sigh.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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They killed the mother off? LMAO!

Not a fan of the show, but I was curious who it was going to be. Seems like a waste of time.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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There are a lot of good points made, but I will play this angle. It was about how he met the mother not how they spent their life together. They did make comments earlier in the season that she was going to die and even the title alludes to the strong possibility that she may not be around. It may not have been a happy ending with the mother, but it was a fairly realistic ending in that life is unpredictable and that experiences change people over their lives which I took as part of the show. Thats my two cents.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Teds 52 in 2030. I doubt he's going to care about chasing down "Aunt Robin."  The title should be "How I Met Your Mother so I could get Aunt Robin the kids she couldn't have."

Robin was loyal to the group for nine seasons.  Yes, she moved up in her line of work, but she always had time for her friends. And then in a blink of an eye she becomes cold and distant?  Because it was convenient?  No, that's garbage.  We never get the name of Lily and Marshall's third child.  Never even see it.  They tried to pack way too much into an hour after essentially making the previous 23 episodes of this season for nothing.

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Ok, so the reasons behind everything make it completely understandable how everything went down. First of all, they shot the ending with the kids 9 years ago so they were tied down somewhat on that because you can't change the footage, which made the reveal of mother died 6 yrs ago and you should go ask out Robin seem rushed. But they told us the mother dies like 3 episodes ago when they showed Ted and her eating dinner at the Farhampton and she said something along the lines of, "I want you to move on." So I knew the mother dies and thus why he was telling the story to the kids at all. If you think about it the whole series I'm thinking, why would you tell your kids about Robin and all the other chicks you banged if you are telling a love story about their mom?

Robin and Barney's wedding taking an entire season was also not planned originally. They got the series extended into 9 seasons when their original scripted out story was supposed to be over 8 seasons. So they just stretched out the material which did make this season drag on, but I'll accept it as a good excuse to give us more episodes. But I agree they should have used some of this extra season's time to draw out the finale more. They could have explained the pineapple, could have shown us more future Marshall and Lilly, more future Ella Stinson, more of THE MOTHER! and her time with Ted. Anything but more of the pre-wedding hijinks would have been a better use of the time, but I can't complain too much.

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So I knew the mother dies and thus why he was telling the story to the kids at all. If you think about it the whole series I'm thinking, why would you tell your kids about Robin and all the other chicks you banged if you are telling a love story about their mom?

Because Ted Mosby is a sociopath.

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Can't say I'm surprised with the ending, but still disappointed.....mostly because, as others have stated, it felt extremely rushed. Feels like we wasted 22 episodes this season with not much happening only to cram 15+ years worth of the characters lives into 60 minutes. It was apparent from the opening scene of the finale what their end game was going to be and with less than 10 minutes left they hadn't even begun to address how Ted was going to end up with Robin. Then in the blink of eye we get a 2-3 minute exchange with his kids and roll credits. However, I have to hand it to them with sticking to the whole "Love in the Time of Cholera" angle the whole way through the series, it was clear after watching the finale that the ending was planned from early in Season 1 and they stuck to their guns.

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Ha.  I've read Love in the Time of Cholera and totally didn't get it.

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My first reaction to the finale was to text my sister (who has also watched every episode) and it said: "Loved it... Kinda hated it. But I think I loved it". I feel like that sums up what a lot of people are saying on here too. There was a good conclusion to the storylines (except the pineapple) but there are a couple of things they should have done better. Overall I liked the show and even liked the final season. However, I NEED not want but NEED to see Barney's baby mamma. I was really hoping they would bring back someone great from season's past to play that part.

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When a show has been around for a while, I don't think you can make the perfect ending that will apease everyone. Overall I thought it wasn't bad, I think the best ending of a show in my opinion was Cheers, the worst was The Sopranos.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Great show, but since they're similar I'd still say Friends 》 HIMYM

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This show has been garbage for several years. So in that sense, this was a fitting ending.

I think Sepinwall is 100% correct: the creators were too clever by half with their jokey reveal at the end of the pilot - which was all about Ted meeting Robin and making some big romantic gesture toward her - that the woman Ted spent the pilot obsessing over would turn out to be the kids' "Aunt Robin," not their mother. Then it turned out that Ted and Robin had fantastic chemistry and the audience really wanted to see them together, but they were straightjacketed by the pilot, which in no uncertain terms said that Robin was not the titular "mother." So back in season two (which is when they filmed the ending shots of the kids), they thought of an out that would allow someone else to be the mother, but have Ted end up with Robin: the mother dies.

I mean, it works in theory. Problem is, the show ended up lasting longer than they probably envisioned: in its first three or so seasons, HIMYM was perpetually on the verge of being cancelled, and was saved by - here's how long ago this was - a relatively non-descript guest star appearance by Britney Spears, which brought lots of new viewers to the show, viewers who apparently stayed. So it ended up airing for nine seasons. That's a lot of story to wade through before the finale you've planned. Some of it was good (the Stella arc was mostly decent, until they turned her into a shrill harpy - just like they did with Victoria), a lot of it was bad (the Zoey arc, trying to force the Robin and Barney coupling down viewers' throats, the aforementioned character assassination of Victoria). But by not even bothering to introduce the mother until the final season, and by killing her off almost immediately after we got to the moment where we saw them actually meet, they essentially turned the show into "Here's Nine Years Worth of Stories About How Your Mother Isn't Important and I Really Just Want to Bang Aunt Robin Again." Too cumbersome a title, but essentially accurate.

If they hadn't made that one too-clever-by-half joke at the end of the pilot, all of that could have been avoided.

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I read the Sepinwall review last night - great read. 

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That show was been downright awful for the last two to three years. How anyone could make it to the finale is beyond me,

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It's been said a few times, but I think my biggest issue with the finale was that they spent so much time building up the wedding of Barney and Robyn and they were divorced within 20 minutes of the finale starting. I think way too much was focused on such a small amount of time getting up to the wedding and then they put 20+ years into a condensed 30 minutes that just wrapped right back around to Robyn. It just seemed so scattered, chunky, and sloppy that it was tough to really like it. I didn't hate it, but it definitely wasn't a great finale.

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For a show that rewarded its audience with so many little details, the finale was just a big middle finger and turned 9 seasons upside down.

1) Ted and Robin.  So played out.  We were told from jump street that Robin is not The Mother.  They failed literally countless times in 9 seasons.  Even this season, Ted is on the beach physically letting go of Robin.  Ted gives up perhaps the greatest thing Robin was looking for - her locket - to Barney.  Robin rejects Ted and ends up with his best friend.  They spent 9 seasons convincing the audience that Robin and Ted wouldn't be together and shouldn't be together.  He wanted kids, she wanted to travel the world.  He wanted marriage, she didn't.

Future Ted/Future Aunt Robin would make sense if the show was about 3 seasons, and Ted and Robin hadn't been on again/off again 26 billion times through 9 seasons.  And Robin hadn't spent the better part of three (four? five?) seasons with Barney.  Or Kevin.

But the writers had "The Plan" and refused to deviate.  They so badly wanted to use the footage they shot in 2006 of the kids that they didn't realize how awful an ending "The Plan" would be after 9 seasons as opposed to say, just 4 seasons.  And Ted is 52 in 2030...I mean come on.

2) Ted is freaking married in the 2015 flash forward from season 7.  He has a ring.  He's the ultimate romantic, searching for "The One" and who so desperately wants marriage, and kids, etc.  So not only is this a terrible plot misstep (the wedding ring two seasons previous), it completely flies in the face of who he is at his core.  5 years and 2 kids before getting married?  No.  Not believable in the slightest.  (And cool, Ted and Tracy's wedding got about 8 seconds of air time)

3) Barney. the span of 10 minutes they completely reversed his character's arc over the last 4-5 seasons.  He goes back to being the ultimate playboy, at the age of ~40.  Robin completely changed him - He got rid of the playbook FOR HER.  Only to revive it a few years later.  Season 9 was quite a bit about him changing for her, and both of them realizing their fears about the marriage were going to be ok.  Poof - out the window.  And after all this "growing up" and "maturing" for Barney...he's making boner jokes.  Yeah, ok.

Not to mention...after how many hundreds of hookups, he forgets to use protection in his 40s?  Alright, sure.

4) Robin - we're supposed to believe that after 9 seasons of having a pretty good work/life balance that she gets consumed with work for a decade+ that she loses touch with "The Gang?"  Even with moving jobs and her often hectic career, she was there for her friends.  Then she just barely shows up in their lives anymore?  Oh but wait, we'll let the kids in 2030 say she's "always over for dinner."  No, you can't have it both ways.  Either the gang has moved on for 15 years and only see each other at reunions, weddings, etc.  OR they are still an integral part of each other's lives.  There is no way that after a decade plus of barely seeing each other that they would just magically still have feelings for each other when it was shown they saw each other maybe a couple times a year.


6) The entire underlying progression of the show (or maybe "Saget's narration" is a better way to say it) has been leading up to meeting the mother.  Look at the title for pete's sake.  Each season there were little hints about who she was, or what she did.  That's how they kept the audience coming back.  And in the span of 4 minutes that was wiped out.  For so long, it seemed that the show would end on how they met.  But the daughter said it best - that's not what this story was about.  At all.

I get the whole she died thing - there's no point for Future Ted to tell them this story when they're 15 and 13 (whatever the ages are) unless there was something big - like a death Ted has taken awhile to get over.  But then in 10 seconds, the writers tried to play "gotcha" and send Ted right back to Robin.  Because it was "The Plan."

Everything in the future was pretty much glossed over - Lily in Italy, another child, Barney's fatherhood with unknown one-night stand woman, Marshall's new jobs, etc.

Like most, I got caught up in the first few seasons, and then kept coming back because I wanted to see how he met The Mother.  So I sat through mostly terrible seasons to the end.  Oh well.

TL;DR - the writers original "plan" would have worked if the show was shorter, and then they refused to deviate as the show dragged on and ruined the finale because of it.

/end rant.  "Stinson out."

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Even during th I final season, there were moments of uncertainty on both Ted and robins behalf about their feelings for each other. Which led ultimately to Ted's decision to move to Chicago. Hell, even an hour before she was supposed to marry barney, robin made mention of the fact that ted was who she should end up with. Which ted quickly put the kibosh on...and she married barney.

In the finale, you could see the point at which Robin finally cant be around anymore. When she has the flashback of ted from the slutty pumpkin episode. Then snaps back and realizes ted finally found his pumpkin. Then she leaves and has the conversation with lily in which she mentions again that ted was her one.

True, a lot was left unexplained. But it stayed true to the great underlying theme of the show. He met the mother, got what he he always wanted and ended up where it all began...on the doorstep of the girl he fell in love with at first sight years before. Was it perfect? No. But such as it is with many great shows that come to an end...everyone is looking for something different. You cant please everyone...the show was about ted. And this the ending ted deserved.

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The problem is that for so long at the beginning (say seasons 1-3 or so) fans wanted Robin to be the mother, or for Ted to end up with her.  Then they spent FIVE TO SIX SEASONS showing us how they aren't good for each other, and introduced the Robin/Barney pairing.  That's why this ending only works if the show is roughly 3 or 4 seasons.  You can't invest that much time into "Ted and Robin don't work" (as well as the whole Barney and Robin marriage build up) and then reverse all that in 30 minutes in an attempt to tap into some old feelings from season 1.  Things changed as seasons kept getting renewed, but the writers didn't change with it.

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Oh I understand where youre coming from. They mined the well of emotion when it came to the whole ted/robin/barney triangle over the years. From heartbreak to friendship. From friendship to love. From love to heartbreak. From heartbreak to broken friendships. From broken friendships to renewed friendship. The only real constant was that underlying connection between ted and robin. No matter what happened, they couldn't stay away from each other and also couldn't get out of their own way. They made everyone believe team had finally come to terms with het not being the one. And her being able to change barney.

In the end though, it took fatherhood to change barney. And robin seeing ted with tracy to finally realize she had been staring destiny in the face since the day she met ted. Their were so many intertwined arcs throughout the years. I can understand why so many people weren't satisfied with the ending. But it was the ending that was inevitable from the beginning. There is no way ted wasnt going to eventually find his way to her.

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Back in '06, the writers said they didn't want to be Friends with "Will they or won't they" being the underlying question throughout the whole show.  I'd imagine if you rewatched Seasons 1-9 knowing the ending, that's EXACTLY what they did.


I don't have a problem with him ending up with Robin if it was the end of season 4.  But they spent so much time on Barney & Robin - almost two seasons worth alone on an engagement and wedding - as well as showing Ted & Robin were never quite right for each other only to throw basically 9 seasons out the window in 10 minutes.  So they either needed to end it (with the ending they did) 4-5 seasons ago, or they needed to adapt.  I for one find it hard to believe that at age 52, and apparently seeing very little of "The Gang" in the last 15 or so years, that Ted would just show up at Robin's place unannounced with the blue french horn (which, if he still kept it all those years - was he ever fully into loving Tracy?) and they would both be like, "Yeah...this totally makes sense.  Let's give it our 5 billionth try after failing together for a decade in our 30's, not seeing much of each other in our 40's, and both having married previously."  I think the writers just refused to change/adapt and spent way too much time on a pointless wedding all of season 9.

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Pairing up Barney and Robin was a disastrous decision. One of many the show made in its last five years.

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Definitely some TV connoisseurs on this site.  I think everyone's real compliant should not be with the finale but with the season that proceeded it.  All the events that happened in the finale should have been spaced out over the last season.  So that audience gets to know the mother better and her death is more impactful than "lol, what?".  In the last season in roughly chronological order, Robin and Barney get married (3 episodes tops because Ted and Robin have to work out issues and seem finalized), Ted is dating the Mother, Marshal and Lily don't go to Italy, Marshal becomes a judge, Lily starts painting again, the gang has normal season high jinks for a number of episodes again so that we can get to know and love the Mother, Ted and the Mother get married, Robin and Barney get divorced, Barney regresses and Robin distances herself, Every thing is sunshine and roses for Ted and the Mother but pre-finale cliff hanger the gang is all together again at the bar: Ted looks rough and the Mother isn't there.

The finale: the mother dies, the gang gets back together for the funeral and talk about their lives and how they don't see each other anymore (jokes are rehashed, good times/bad times); each gets some screen time: Marshall is supreme fudge, Lily does art for children's books, Barney finally found his true love (a scene I would save for the finale), Robin is super success but misses the people who believed in her when she was on at 3am.  Robin sips that she should have married Ted.  Ted gets pissed because his wife just died and he can't deal with Robin right now.  [Time Passes] Ted tells his children that you have to be open to and ready to find happiness and don't be so quick to flee when things get difficult.  He reflects on how he was so ready to leave the night of Robin and Barneys wedding that he almost missed meeting their Mother.  [Scene at train station meeting Mother]  And then the last few minutes are the same with the kids saying the story is about Aunt Robin.  Blue french horn and all that.

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Solid plotting. The pacing of this season was my only disappointment and I think you address it well.

I hope the DVD extras have Lily paying Marshall because she loses the Ted marries Robin bet.

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After suffering through the mind-numbing awfulness that was the DEXTER finale, this is just a blip on the radar.  I had high expectations, but I didn't hate it.  

Yeti's have feelings too.