Ohio State Commit Jae'Sean Tate Pulls Down the Hoop

August 25, 2013 at 9:55p    by Jordan Wagner    

Ohio State basketball class of 2014 commitment Jae'Sean Tate destroyed a rim at Coach Vic's open gym held in Columbus today. Yes, that's probably a technical for hanging on the rim, but we're going to just go ahead and remember it as the time Tate enforced the half court rule on a full-court gym.



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Surely the weakest dunk to ever take down a rim...no disrespect to Jae'Sean!

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That thing wasnt Shaq proof.....


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Nice little 180.  The rim had a 145 degree spin limit.

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Next he will pull down TTUN

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That wasn't a very hard dunk IMO. That set up must have been for children 48" and smaller. Still cool to see. 

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Not really what I was expecting haha

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I love the little smile and hands up motion he gives to someone on the side, just like MJ

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I remember when I did that very thing a few years ago. The kids were pissed after I broke their Little Tikes basketball hoop. 

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Yeah that was a lot weaker than it sounds in the title....

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Lucky nobody got hurt... Somebody didn't lock that rim up..

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I can't wait for Tate. Plays hard and strong with a high motor/energy. Add in all that athleticism...this guy is reminding me of David Lighty all over again.

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David Lighty was legit. I'll take it. 

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