Braxton Miller Makes the Cover, but Sports Illustrated has Ohio State No. 4

By Anonymous (not verified) on August 14, 2013 at 12:21p
Braxton Miller on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated

SI's annual college football preview – featuring Braxton Miller on the cover – places the Buckeyes fourth, behind Alabama, Stanford, and Texas A&M.  Every other top five team plays another top five squad. Their Ohio State preview includes this quote from Urban Meyer.

SI: What is your biggest concern?

UM: When a guy sprains his ankle in practice, I can feel the difference. Our twos need to start acting like ones. There's a significant drop-off.

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Nkohl13's picture

I don't really follow Stanford at all, but why does everyone seem to be so high on them? 

AirForceNUT's picture

They have a tough defense.  Beat Oregon.  And a very good young quarterback.  That's my guess.

HotSauceCommittee's picture

I agree. That being said I don't think I could name one player on their team.

Squirrel Master's picture

you don't know Shayne Skov? one of 8 or so linebackers that is supposedly better than RDS!
actually he is pretty good. He leads that tough defense and that is Stanford's bread and butter.

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GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Ben Gardner is an animal at DE,  Safety Ed Reynolds is a poor mans Ed Reed, I think AJ Tarpley IMO is every bit as good as Skov at LB.  Combine that with absolute elite offensive line recruiting the past 3 years and you have a tough team. They play a ton of RB's, but I'm looking forward to watching Barry Sanders Jr.  Hogan is a very promising QB.  I really enjoy watching Stanford play old school, smash mouth football.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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You're not American if you don't like Stanford!
I love me some Stanford. They're becoming my second favorite college football program very quickly.


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Please explain to me why it's "Cardinal" and not "Cardinals"? Why do the spell it like that? I don't think the Louisville Cardinals do it that way. They're supposed to be so smart, yet they spell it singularly, not plural.
Educate me here, bro.



Buckeyejason's picture

From 1972 to 1981, the official nickname was the Cardinals. Despite the plural form of the name, the name was intended to refer to the color, not the bird.[1][2] During the 1970s, a number of suggestions were put forth as possible nicknames: Robber Barons (a sly reference to Leland Stanford's history), Sequoias, Trees, Railroaders, Spikes, Huns and Griffins. The last suggestion gained enough momentum to prompt the university to move two griffin statues to be near the athletic facilities.[1][2]
On November 17, 1981, school President Donald Kennedy declared that the athletic teams be represented by the color Cardinal in its singular form.[2]
Stanford has no official mascot, but the Stanford Tree, a member of the Stanford Band wearing a self-designed tree costume, appears at major Stanford sports events. The Tree is based upon El Palo Alto, a redwood tree in neighboring Palo Alto that appears in the Stanford seal and athletics logo.


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And that loss to the Irish was an outrageous miss call by the refs. It literally cost them the win. 

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I completely agree. One of the few moments from last year that really stood out to me unrelated to Ohio State (the other was ATM v Alabama). The Stanford RB got in the end zone.

Class of 2008

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Yes, I was jumping up & down with joy watching seconds drain off the clock with bama behind a&m. 

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(sorry, I hate posts like this but feel it is warranted in this case)

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Hahaha my instinct was to do the exact same thing. 

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

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Seems pretty fair.  
I buy the Stanford hype, I do not, however buy the A&M hype.  Manziel will regress, if he plays.  The defense has a lot of guys to replace.  Their schedule is pretty easy outside of Bama and LSU, so they may look impressive all season long.  I'd be much more okay if they had Oregon at 3.  
Can we please not just dismiss this entire piece?  Just because it doesn't have OSU at #1 or #2 doesn't mean it's a bunch of malarkey.  There is some very good analysis here.  Ohio State is being rated a TOP 5 team in all of college football.  A lot of cognitive dissonance going on here.  

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The part under schedule analysis talking about a season ending visit from that team up north is kinda malarkey (we will be doing the visiting) but not a bad write up for nonBuckeye fans.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

BuckeyeVet's picture

Exactly. Alabama has earned 1st until they get knocked off. You should be able to put the Buckeyes, Stanford, Oregon in any order from 2 - 4 and make a legit argument for it. But I wouldn't put TAMU any higher than 5th. Buckeyes in the top 5? All good.

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If nothing stems from this Johnny Manziel fiasco I'm going to flip my effin shit. They went after Ohio state guns blazing and they need to bring the hammer.hell...I still haven't even heard about Miami.

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RedStorm45's picture

Because the NCAA screwed that up.  And NC basketball.  And UCLA basketball.  And SC football/track and field.

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Agreed,  I was listening Mike and Mike on ESPN radio and it was whoever was filling in for them.  They mentioned that Dez Bryant was going to be very upset if Manziel does not get anything.  They went on to elaborate.  Apparently he had a dinner with Deion Sanders, which was legal btw, but got in trouble with the NCAA because he did not tell the truth about it...  
NCAA = Not Contradicting At All

Out Work, Out Think, Out Play!!!

jeremytwoface's picture

I remember that... 
Good job NCAA... Let's suspend a guy for almost the whole season for something he did LEGALLY and let someone like Cam Newton off because of a technicality.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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The two maxims that can be taken from the Dez Bryant/Cam Newton/Tatgate situations are these:
1. The cover-up is worse than the crime. If Dez were straight with the NCAA, nothing would have happened to him. Likewise, if Tress were straight with the NCAA, he'd probably still have a job in Columbus.
2. If you *are* going to cover it up, be damn sure the cover-up is successful.
Neither of those maxims is the way it should be, but it is the way it is.

yrro's picture

The message is to go full criminal if you're going to go criminal.
If Tress and OSU were as uncooperative as some of these schools have been, Tress' emails would have been "lost" somewhere and never turned in, and he'd still have a job. What screws you over is failing to cooperate at first, then having the school act like a decent citizen instead of a mafia associate.

Crimson's picture

Unfortunately, lying doesn't help us.  We're a public institution that must follow open records laws, so if we withhold, we would face charges from the state of Ohio.  Miami is a private, so they face no consequences.  I don't know about open records laws for the rest.
It seems very unfortunate that the NCAA doesn't do anything to schools that refuse to cooperate; it makes covering things up the "smart" road, at least for schools that are able.

Squirrel Master's picture

see and this is where I can't wait for Manziel to talk to the NCAA. Will he tell the truth, which we all know is he got paid (its so obvious), or will he lie?
if I were A&M, I would seriously look at the possibility of being a winning team without him. If they can be good without him then I would sit him until they know for sure. If they play him and it turns out he lied and was ineligible, then they will get the brunt of it. Not him.
make him pay now, don't let the program suffer for years after the truth comes out!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

AirForceNUT's picture

Miami didn't do anything wrong.

osubux's picture

Agree...If Dez Bryant is commenting about it, and Tgate is any indication, Fair is Fair, if not for the whole season, 1/2 the season at least

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Without Manziel, Texas A&M will go back to being Texas A&M.

OurHonorDefend09's picture

I haven't glimpsed over their seasons W's last year in awhile, but were they even that impressive besides vs Alabama?
Also, how does no one mention the fact that Case Keenum threw for a billion yards and everyone said he was a "system quarterback" when Manziel runs the same system? I know the kid is ridiculously gifted, but give me (and Case) a break, sheesh. 

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

jeremytwoface's picture

I'm ok with this.
I would switch Oregon and Stanford in their overall rankings though.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.


Our depth does scare me. Let's hope the youngins' grow up quickly.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

Idaho Helga's picture

They are doing this to be different.  If you're in the top 10, the pre season rankings won't matter a lot if you do what you need to on the field.   Much will change by late November.

Buckeyebrowny919's picture

I'm on a fat finger roll ugh. I very much agree with you though. I believe my anger is all pointed at the ncaa sanctions committee right now

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

jkrk's picture

Fat finger offset UV.

Boomcat's picture

Texas A and M? This is stupid.

BuckGnome's picture

The lower the better IMO. 

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Gotta say the D and the Special Teams are waaaay underrated according to their graphic. Basil is pretty much money inside of 50 and Cam will be a beast punting! Add EzE, Jalin, Dontre, & Clark to the mix returning the rock, then our special teams should be no lower than a 90.

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Don't forget Corey brown returned 1 for 6 last year, not to mention the freak show punt blocking. 

RoweTrain's picture

He actually returned two punts for touchdowns last year. One against Nebraska and one at Wisconsin.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

Kaceybrown's picture

Lol, idk if I'm remembering the wisky or Nebraska 1 but definitely did brain dump 1 of them out, thx for the reminder. Time to hop on YouTube. 

Gametime's picture

One thing about TTUN:

SI: How has Devin Gardner looked?

BH: Devin had the opportunity to start five games, and that was a plus for him. His athleticism can be a blessing and a curse -- he thinks he can make every play on the field. Sometimes you have to tell him punting isn't so bad.

I hope the Silver Bullets eat him up!!!

Between goals and achievement is discipline and consistency. That fire you have inside to do whatever you love is placed there by God. Now go claim it. ~ Denzel Washington

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Jim Tressel smiled at this response...but only for a moment because he hates TTUN.

Class of 2010.

Poison nuts's picture

Yes - JT smiles anytime the word punt is written or uttered. He typically then goes back to knitting a sweater made of pure wolverine fur. 

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Crimson's picture

Some of them are turned into piñatas (makes sense), and the rest are regular knit shirts that have three layers.  The middle layer is an Ohio State print, while the outside layers are UM colors.  For every sale, he smiles and donates the proceeds to mentoring young men who do not like Michigan.

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-- The Dead Schembechlers

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I don't mind OSU at #4 necessarily - it is a top 5 ranking, and the other 4 top 5 teams have to play a top 5 team.  By basic math, 2 of those teams would have to lose, meaning if OSU takes care of biz, they'd get to #2. 
I'm not sure if I agree with Stanford or Texas A&M being ranked ahead of us.  As far as Stanford goes, I'm not all too familiar.  I know they were very good last year - beat Oregon, got screwed against Notre Dame, did barely beat a middling Wisconsin team in the Rose Bowl (then again, so did OSU, just on Senior Day at Camp Randall instead of the Rose Bowl, but let's be honest, Wisconsin had no business being in that game).  I'm not sure what they lose and what they return.  They must really have something good going on there if they can lose Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh and still be a top program. 
As far as A&M goes, I don't expect them to live up to the hype.  They probably are looked at a lot differently if they would've lost to Alabama last year.  Sometimes teams can step up and play above what they really are for one game, and I think that's what A&M did when they beat Alabama.  Now if they beat Alabama again on 9/14, then I'd be more agreeable about them being ranked ahead of us. 

Class of 2010.

Urban Nation Army's picture

I like this. I love it. More polls should be ranking us lower. Make 'em angry. Let us have an angry team!

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

GoBucksOSU's picture

Wasn't the AP top 25 supposed to be released today?

Squirrel Master's picture

The AP website,, is suck a bunch of crap!
but I did not see it on there so I don't think so.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

GoBucksOSU's picture

I remember that date being said by the 11W staff in the buckshot about the ESPN power rankings. Now I read its coming Saturday. Seems like the likely date as it would be 12 days before the first college game just like last year.

Jdadams01's picture

Would love to play Texas A&M in the National Championship.

Grayskullsession's picture

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

LadyBuck's picture

I meant to upvote this! I'm sorry. I do agree, I'm just surprised more rankings aren't of this nature.

jthiel09's picture

I've never been a huge fan of all the hype surrounding preseason polls. Most of the preseason rankings don't mean squat come November unless you keep on getting W's week in and week out. 
As long as we are undefeated going into THE GAME that is all I care about. 


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Kurt's picture

ATM too high.  South Carolina too high.  Clemson too low.  UGA too low.  Sparty too high.  Michigan too high.
How in the hell is Nebraska not in there?

RedStorm45's picture

Probably because a crappy Wisconsin team stomped them in the B1G Championship Game.  And Burkhead is gone.

Kurt's picture

Then they played neck and neck with UGA in whatever bowl that was on Jan 1.  If Pelini can get that defense together I think they could be very good.  I mean, at least top 25 good.

raki's picture

Texas At number 11? Now lest see how they play..... . Top 5 ranking is not that bad. Its only because we have unproven defense. Once people would see us we would be alright.

Mirror Lake Jump's picture

Braxton looking good on that cover!

mtharp's picture

I believe its a fair ranking.  I like the thought that we do not have to play one of the other top 5's.  Some may call backing in but, it wont matter when we win the NCG. Also, with the Roby and Hyde situations and not knowing how long UFM will sit them i believe 4th is justified.

Evannati's picture

Is it me, or is anyone else terrified by the SI Cover Jinx? Most recent example - Jason Grilli of the Pirates. 

Buckeye Chuck's picture

No one has appeared on the cover of SI more than Michael Jordan.
So no, I don't concern myself with nonexistent "jinxes."

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

M Man's picture

SI cover jinx?
Smithers, all of our plans seem to be coming together.  Now, just let me make an "O" with my fingers so that those slackjawed yokels think that we are with them..."


Menexenus's picture

<steams>  ...  Ok, it's funny.  You got my UV.  :-)
We'll settle this on the field, good sir!

Real fans stay for Carmen.

danbrown7665's picture

When was the last time a preseason #1 won it all? exactly

"limitations, like fears are often just illusions"
-Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time

buckguy10's picture

Umm last year...

JBuckeye's picture

Wasn't U$C the preseason favorite last year? At least according to ESPiN they were.  And we all know how that turned out.

buckskin's picture

Preseason rankings don't mean a thing.  Take care of business on the field by going undefeated and we'll be in the NC game.  In 02 preseason we were ranked 13th preseason.

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Yeah, I'm okay with #4.  There are a grouping of good teams out there that could play in the NC game.  Alabama does have a lot of talent and is probably ahead of most.  However, anyone can slip up and get knocked out.  So I like our chances at #4.  Just take it one game at a time and things will play out for the best!
Go Bucks!!

Toilrt Paper's picture

Manzel's parents have A&M backed into a corner. They hired the firm that represented Cam Newton. They have told A&M that if they don't back Johnny football or if they co-operate with the investigation they will be slapped with the biggest lawsuit by the family they have ever seen.

pjtobin's picture

Awesome cover si!! So what they don't have us ranked 1 or 2. By season end I'm sure they will be singing a different tune. I don't get si, but I think I might pick that one up. Braxton looks like a true beast! I can't wait!!

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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I think they actually did 4 different covers.

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The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

BED's picture

Ohio State at #4?

The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009