Crootin' Talk: The Opening, Hardwood Action and More

By 11W Staff on June 25, 2013 at 9:00p


Pop in to get all of your Ohio State football and basketball recruiting questions answered by Jeremy Birmingham, Miles Joseph, Mike Young and Jordan Wagner.


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In your opinion are we landing jones ThursdayThursday

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Please post your question(s) inside the chat. 

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Is it working?  Seems like people are sending questions in but there haven't been any responses. Hmm...

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I can't send my question in. Maybe they can still read it.
Ok so you stated we can take 21-23 recruits in the 2014 class. Right now we are at 13 of 14 scholarship players before attrition. I think Shazier and Roby are gone so that's 2 more spots that are open so we're at 16 open spots. How do you think we'll get 5-8 more players in (via attrition)? The 21-23 number seems way too high.

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I think it's safe to say that quite a few guys are going to be leaving/transferring after this year when they realize they can't cut it at OSU.  I would like to think the staff wouldn't force them out, but they might have to gently show them the writing on the wall.  There a definitely quite a few guys from the 2011 & 2012 classes that I think aren't going to stand a chance at OSU.  That's just my honest opinion though.  I think you're downplaying how much attrition there is going to be with the talent we are bringing in now under Urban.

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My questions didnt seem to go through....

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mine too I was sending stuff and it didn't show up in the chat......I'm confused


^ best post ever ^

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Im having the same problem

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It is a moderated chat. Birm can see your questions. We are answering one at a time. 

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Ahhhhhh, gotcha!  Thanks, Jordan

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Unrelated, but I love the Bill O'Reilly/Howard Stern reference at the top. At least I'm assuming that's what it is, minus the profanity.

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I got a kick out of the O'Reilly reference, too - that clip is hilarious.

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This is very cool....unable to participate but just wanted to thank J,M,M & J for taking the time to do this Q&A.

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I love you guys! Great feature and look forward to more in the future!!

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Damn - missed it. Had a job that took all night. Just read it all though. Good stuff. Hope I can get in for the next one...

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The 11W Premium Chat was fantastic, Urban provided some really spectacular insight. 

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I was in the 11w Gold (500-1000 stickers) chat yesterday. We got to talk with a guy who did some electrical work at the WHAC last year. He had quite a bit of insight on what he thinks Urban will do offensively this year. Also, we got his thoughts on a few surprise recruits that he believes may flip. Overall a great chat and very insightful!

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Very nice. Great insight to the future. Thanks guys for your time. Next time I want to get involved. 

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Seriously, this was the coolest thing the site has had in a while. The content the past few months has been fantastic. Now if only I had an 11W premium membership...

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11w- this was a fantastic guys continue to provide your readers will exceptional services and information...hopefully this can become a common thing

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Way to go guys. This was really excellent and very progressive. Hopefully this will continue.


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Thanks for the compliments guys.