Da'Shawn Hand and Tim Settle Talk OSU Visit and NFTC

By Miles Joseph on June 2, 2013 at 10:09p
Da'Shawn Hand and Tim Settle with Ohio State coach Mike Vrabel

2014 defensive end Da'Shawn Hand, who is considered by many the top player in the class came to Columbus Saturday afternoon, hung out with the OSU coaches, and attended the Nike camp today where he earned an invited to "The Opening".

Hand's interest in the Buckeyes didn't really change in my opinion, the visit was mostly for Settle. I think he'll end up at Virginia Tech or Michigan, but it's good Ohio State was able to get him on campus.

2015 Manassas (VA) Stonewall Jackson defensive tackle Tim Settle had a great visit to Ohio State. He really hit it off with the coaches and had a solid performance at today's Nike camp.

Before leaving Columbus, Settle made sure they would be stopping by a bookstore so he could buy some Ohio State gear to bring back to Virginia. The Buckeyes are putting themselves in good position here.


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Chief B1G Dump's picture

Great news.
Didn't work out with Hand, happy trails fella. 
I will happily settle for Settle in 2015. Guy is a big nasty. Plus I'd take anyone from a high school named after Stonewall Jackson. 

TheBadOwl's picture

WAAAAY too early, but Settle + Beckner would be absolutely insane.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

Becool12's picture

Settle is going to be great. I hope we can stay in touch with him. 
As for Hand, I don't want to see like I'm judging him but he really gives off a bad vibe. I don't know him but he seems arrogant by that interview. Wish him the best though

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I never really want to talk poorly of a recruit, and that was a short clip but I would agree that Hand did seem to think pretty highly of himself & came off as what I would call overly confident.

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Becool12's picture

Yeah, the "I pretty much dominated" wasn't too appealing to me. I know he wasn't too interested in the beginning, but come on now, of the staff is working hard to recruit you, at least entertain. 

FitzBuck's picture

We need to remember he's just a kid.  Hasn't even started his senior year.  

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Lol I said this in another thread and not many people liked me for it lol

stark county football

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I just hope Hand doesn't go to Michigan.

Alpo's picture

Could he try to look less interested in that picture? Might as well not have taken the picture in the first place

Miles Joseph's picture

His contacts were acting up

Alpo's picture

Yeah I heard about the contact situation after I posted

tdible2132's picture

You think Hand is UM bound Miles?  Obviously still long way to go, just curious who you think is out in front for hand now that it is clear we are definitely out of the picture.

Miles Joseph's picture

I'd probably go with VaTech right now, but I think Michigan is right behind them

Squirrel Master's picture

I do hope that Hand goes to VaTech but if he does go to UM, this one has a lot of similarities to Bosa last year the way Bosa acted towards UM. Getting the slight feeling that Hand is acting that way towards OSU. Either way, Bosa is a great player too and we'll see who takes their talents further over the next couple of years. I would be confident to put my money on Bosa.

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Settle is still young and appears to not be very used to the interview process. Compare him to Vonn Bell interviews last spring, and he just needs time and space.  I like how he is responding as he is just now getting lots of attention.  I hope he surrounds himself with good people that help him grow through this process.