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By 11W Staff on November 28, 2012 at 9:15p
9:30PM ESPN / WatchESPN Affiliates DUKE (-5½) #4 Ohio State at #2 Duke

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I have a very bad feeling about this.
Go Buckeyes.
9:26 Michigan still sucks.
Losing hope.

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That "block" by Deshaun wasn't replayed but I'm pretty positive it was a charge.

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any body else laugh at 5 minutes into the game bilas making excuses for duke because coach k said hid team may be emotionally tired.

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They are more or less shutting Plumlee down… I'm really impressed. Only the obligatory Cameron fouls are keeping them in this.

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If I hear Bilas say "fatigue" one more time.... My goodness Homer's picture

Refs need to step back

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Cook should have about 17 fouls by now. He can't keep his hands off Craft

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Craft not having his best day. Looking for his own shot too much IMO.


Rav is the only one shooting better than 50%, no one can hit a shot in this game as a team 32%. horrid

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Wow. I've never seen so many missed layups/floaters in one game. We looked horrible offensively. 

The South will NOT rise again!

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I turned on the game and we went down and lost the game ... sorry guys think i'll stick to football.


Wow this team has a long way to go, I had a strong feeling the high ranking was a mistake. Turn a 10 point half time lead into a ten point loss. A lot of rushed shots and way to many three balls. Shot 15 more attempts made 4 less shots than duke. Replacing Sully is asking to much. Still have faith in this team and it's early but shot selection and passing needs to be a priority. Assists were not being made tonight.

Pay It Forward!


Spoke to soon, not as bad of a loss. Shannon Scott to me is the weakest link in the current rotation. Would have liked to see the Italian three point specialist.

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It will be quite interesting to see how this team will play throughout the rest of the OOC schedule along with the Kansas game.

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Three words: What the fuck. Shit their pants in the 2nd half. Would've been fine with a 5 point loss at Cameron Indoor, except they blew a 10 point lead.

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Growing pains. We're not used to playing without Sully or Buford. The beauty of basketball is this is just one game, and we can still win it all by growing from this loss.

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Pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Happy that they kept it close after Duke went on that run

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Duke up by 4 with .2 seconds on the clock. Mason Plumlee goes to the line and makes the first to put them up 5, then airballs the second. A little fishy, considering the line was Duke -5.5. Regardless, those with the over have to be fuming right about now. That's why you shouldn't bet on basketball games.

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The South will NOT rise again!

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I thoroughly enjoyed getting severly outplayed in the second half in the last two huge games. I can't help but question what goes on coaching wise at half time because it happens frequently with this team. That being said...the fact that we played absolutely terribly and hung with duke shows this team has promise. We need to have our guards taking 8-10 shots a game with DT getting 15-18. Craft and lenzell forcing up 15 shots a game is a recipe for a collapse. First half: Spectacular Defense...Q showed some skill...extended the lead with craft and thomas out.... Second half: awful defense...Q doesnt get in...craft remains in while playing terribly. Our bench proved they are good in the first half but dont play at all in the second half. Hmmmmmmmmm...o well

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that's what I call completely shitting the bed...just completely flopped in the 2nd half. No reason we should've lost that game. Thank god for bball and there being 26 more. Maybe even see them again this year for payback.

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Craft and Scott combine for 4-23. That's what cost us. Well, that and the 2nd half D
Probably should have built a bigger lead in the first half.
Two back to back horrible possessions where Scott chucked it up w/o a pass.
Amir has got to get more consistently agressive on the boards.
Why did Q only get 11 minutes?
I know we're young, but we really need a couple of the sophmores to step up and provide some scoring.
Tough environment, decent effort. Could have won even though they didnt play very well.
God, I hate duke.


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He would've played even less but Thad was forced to play him more in the 1st half due to foul trouble...I don't get it. He's easily the 2nd beat offensive weapon we have and needs to get more time.

D. Anthony

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So our 2nd half offense was ... Craft? WTF? He had more shots than deshaun until he fouled out.  Offensively we look worse than a high school team.  I've never seen a supposed top 5 team have more shots not hit rim at the very least.
Craft 3-14 with a bunch of turnovers. What's concerning is they had all off season to figure out how to get Thomad good looks and they couldn't get him a shot when they needed it in the 2nd half.  Pathetic.
From the looks of it, Thad recruited athletes.  The point is still to put the ball in the basket and only deshaun can do that consistently.  This is also his first team in awhile without a player who commands a double team.

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The Defense really wasn't much worse in the 2nd half than it was in the 1st half. The only difference is Duke made their opens shots in the 2nd, but missed them in the 1st.

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Duke was begging us to take a 20 point lead and we shot bricks on bricks on bricks.  It's like they didn't have all summer to practice shooting.

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Officials kept the Dukies in the game in the first half.  Playing in Cameron Indoor is like playing in Assembly Hall or the Kohl Center.  Refs suck.
Second passing and hurried shots.  The team showed its immaturity and Matta let 'em hang themselves a la the Zen Master.  
It's a good loss because I think they can learn from it.  The tape on this one should be great for teaching.

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Good loss? Eff that we're ohio state, not Illinois.  We're not playing for moral victories anymore.

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This was a disappointing loss, but I'm impressed that the score ended up so close with how cold they were shooting.

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Hey everyone.  It's still November and the season is by no means over and the sky is not falling either.  Also, it was Duke, at their house. 

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)