Prognosticating: Michigan

By 11W Staff on November 22, 2012 at 8:00p

This is it. If you're going to win any of these score-guessing contests make it this one.

Saturday brings the despised Wolverines to town and with it, a new wrinkle to our weekly contest. If you nail the score – the exact score – you will win three (3) t-shirts of your choice from Eleven Warriors Dry Goods. If you merely come the closest to the score, you'll just have to be content knowing you're pretty good at guessing things as there will be no shirts awarded unless the exact score is called.

The fine print:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • One entry/comment per person.
  • Duplicate predictions are ineligible — first come, first serve.
  • If Ohio State loses this game, there will be no contest winner. You're still free to enter a score, but there will be no shirt in sadness.
  • Deadline for entries is kickoff.

Good luck!


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BuckeyeTrappedInSouth's picture

Ohio State Wins 38-24

In Urban We Trust

HolyBuckeye1093's picture

OSU 31 scUM 27. Braxton 2 TDs, Hyde 2 TDs.

The Vest-er's picture

42-17 good guys

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

Kaceybrown's picture

101-10 Buckeyes. 

Brutus Forever's picture

haha i like your style kacey

"I learned to dislike Michigan at a very young age.” – Urban F. Meyer

bucknut3011's picture

I sincerely wish you win the t-shirts.  Good luck!

notoriouswojo's picture

38-28. John Simon plants Gardner 2 ft deep into Shoe Turf. 

BuckeyeTennis91's picture

45-17 BUCKS


larzdapunk's picture

27-21 to make 'em 12-0!!!!!

Brutus Forever's picture

24-20 THE ohio state university
go bucks
muck fichigan

"I learned to dislike Michigan at a very young age.” – Urban F. Meyer

btalbert25's picture

4-2 Buckeyes.......Just kidding.  In honor of the last undefeated team, on almost the tenth aniversary of that 2002 teams win over the fellas up north, I say 14-9 Buckeyes!

Ohio1St81's picture

34-17 Buckeyes

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Urban316's picture

28-24 Ohio State

BROSEPH's picture


toad1204's picture


Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

ArTbkward's picture


We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

SMOLNAR13's picture

34-14 for the perfect season

dsavoca77's picture

Ohio State 44  ann arbor community college 17

Powers's picture

38-21 buckeyes

Justanut's picture

35- 21 Buckeyes!

MediBuck's picture

40-34: The Best Damn Team In the Land.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

buckeyedude's picture

Michelin is not going to score that many points.



MediBuck's picture

Hehehe, I literally took last year's score and flipped it. I'm a sucker for karma ;)

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

Colby3333's picture

48 - 36 Buckeyes!

BuckeyeChief's picture


"2014 National with it!!!"

POJO_Risin's picture

Ohio State: 32
Michigan: 17
It may not be that close, as that idiot Michigan QB has been snacking on garbage teams.

sir rickithda3rd's picture

38-31 buckeyes

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

CALPOPPY's picture

The Fighting Brutae 35
skunk bears 24

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

Defiance J's picture

49 - 21 THE Ohio State University

Bucks43201's picture

The Ohio State University: 23
Michigan: 9

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

Joshy614's picture

OSU - 34
scUM - 13

UrbanWoodrowEarlTressel's picture

OHIO STATE ...  41
michigan ... 10

Kurt's picture

Michigan University 17

kwalker1387's picture

31-20 OSU.  Go Bucks!

GABuckeye's picture

38-35 good guys!!!

LouGroza's picture

OSU - 38   scUM - 17

headina's picture

41-27 buckeyes undefeated!


TNbuckeye91's picture

41-17 bucks

I come from a long line high, low, and in-between, the same as you. - TVZ

Menexenus's picture

42-38 Us.
With such good defenses playing on Saturday, I should probably go with lower scores.  But this is what came to me, and I'm sticking to it.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

Cleats8's picture

38 - 21. The Ohio State Buckeyes.

bucknut3011's picture

45 - 27!  The Bucks are 12-0!  And Michigan still sucks!!!

brglr14's picture

41-21 osu

I dont know karate but i do know crazy and i'm not afraid to use it.


Seabass1974's picture

45-38 Ohio State, all the good scores were taken :(

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Woody Hayes

bhead's picture

28-14 OSU
56 years old and first time attending a Buckeye / scUM game.  Can't wait- GO BUCKS!!!

bucknut3011's picture

Have fun!!!! There's nothing like it!  And you better be hoarse by the end!  GO BUCKS!

rkylet83's picture

30 - 28 Ohio State wins!

DaveCHS's picture

7 - 0 Buckeyes. Turkey dinner hangovers.

kareemabduljacobb's picture

42 - 24 THE Ohio State University.
Student section and those in the stands, be ready for this postgame!  #GET #CRUNK #GOBUCKS

huber57's picture

Ohio State wins 23-17.  
Here's a quick pre-cap.  Hankins enters beast mode with 11 min remaining in the 1st quarter and doesn't leave.  OSU runs at least one half back option with both Miller and Guiton on the field.  Carlos Hyde breaks off 160 in *ichigan.  TTUN is held to 89 yds rushing.  Philly Brown with the game winning touchdown late.  

Why does Dublin have so many round-abouts? Because everyone in Dublin thinks they have the right-of-way.

BuckeyeBoyer85's picture

27-17 Buckeyes over piss and blue

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

Rkayjay02's picture

35-17 Buckeyes

Friends don't let friends root for TTUN...Buckeye4Life

Tim's picture

OSU wins 42-28, although I'd love it if Meyer would go for 2 on the last TD if we were up by enough.

Earle's picture

Buckeyes 12-0. Don't think that'll be the actual score, but I'm late to the party and it sure has a nice ring to it.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

MVJ's picture

27 - 18 Go Buckeyes!

"You win with people "

tunehtraef's picture

41-28 The Ohio State University!

Bruce's picture

43 - 17 Buckeyes win

From the 2007 HBO special ---->

VintonCountyBuck's picture

70-28.  Urban Meyer said following the *ichigan State game earlier this year that it would be ok with him if this team scored 70 on someone.  I predict they get it here, effectively placing an exclaimation on the greatest start to a head-coaching career in OSU history.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

OSUKFizzle's picture

27-24 GO BUCKS!!!

lhardeman's picture

Buckeyes 45-Missagain 14

God, Country, Ship, Shipmate, Self.

Jeremy91's picture

14-10 tOSU

"Do not pray for an easy life. Rather, pray for the the strength to endure a difficult one" - Bruce Lee

msj212's picture

27-14 good guys

KingColeUSAF's picture

Buckeyes 52 - scUM 23

collisionbend's picture

27-13 Bucks.

"There's a fine line between perception and reality." -- Luke Fickell

SilverBulletNYC's picture

41-31. Buckeyes

The South will NOT rise again!

aboynamedtracy's picture

Buckeyes 54 - rodents 40.

BFish607's picture

28-27 THE Ohio State University

buckeyemondo's picture

32-23, THE ohio state university.

O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

34-23 Buckeyes.

buckeyefanatic's picture

34-24 ohio state

How many batteries does it take to beat Michigan football?   1AA
Want to beat Michigan? There's an App for that.

lwitters's picture

Good beats evil 38-27.

DJRoss926's picture

38-14 Silver Bullets

My2Sons's picture

33-13 Buckeyes

Alhan's picture

56 - 27  The Buckeyes leave no doubt.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

phud's picture

41-24 Go Bucks!


jedkat's picture

45-24 good guys
screw blue!

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

Buckeye Chuck's picture

The Eleven Warriors 38
Source of all that is evil 26

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

FindlayBuck's picture

The possibility of an unbeaten season is too much motivation for the Buckeyes, they come out quick and blast the opponents back up north! 34-6.

bobby_gunz's picture

25-17 Bucks sounds just about right

poop's picture

37-14 Bucks. Denard gets hurt during the coin toss and John Simon visits Devin Gardner in his hospital room after the game.....because he's a good dude.

T4EHill's picture

35-16 Bucks. The Silver Bullets make big plays on D and force Hoke to have a heart attack

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." Woody Hayes

BuckeyeinSavannah's picture

Ohio State 28 - Michigan 17

Baroclinicity's picture

31-28 Buckeyes

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

JarrettC's picture

42 - 14 OHIO STATE

jestertcf's picture

35-17 Buckeyes

~Because we couldn't go for three~

AeroBuckeye2001's picture

52-27 Buckeyes

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

Triv's picture

45-23 bucks

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

dgrubbs's picture


Clofis's picture

52-27, good guys

aromaker's picture

27-17 Bucks


buckeyedude's picture

Buckeyes. Duh.



Johnniebuckeye's picture

Bucks 44  hokesjoke 17

Et_Tu_OSU's picture

Go Bucks!

"The revolution will be televised."

Geraffi's picture

49-27 Buckeyes!

DaBears's picture

24-10 john simons

pjtobin's picture

53-49 tosu!

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

20-17 Ohio State 

TheHannimal's picture

31 - 24 Victory for THE Ohio State University!

LawBuck's picture

50-14...Woody would be proud!

Born and Bred's picture

45 - 28 Buckeyes

Buckeye till I'm dead

Jurmah12's picture

UFM's Buckeyes of 2012!

"Where the no fly zone at!?"

Mike Thomas - 11/8/2014

AltaBuck's picture

26 - 17 Bucks
12 and 0 Baby!

I am Groot - Groot

ausmos's picture

OSU - 28
um - 23

hodge's picture

Ahh, f*ck it; 56-24, Ohio State. 

WiliestBuckeye's picture

50-49 OSU

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

ziplock007's picture

25 - 18 OSU wins...
no idea how this score happens, but it does.  Now where's my free t-shirt?

DetroitBuckeye's picture


ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

35-23 Buckeyes

Class of 2010.

cinserious's picture

42-24 Buckeyes!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

cinserious's picture

Does it count if your pick was posted already by someone else? Or does the first post win?

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Jeremy91's picture

"Duplicate predictions are ineligible — first come, first serve."

"Do not pray for an easy life. Rather, pray for the the strength to endure a difficult one" - Bruce Lee

TatumRuled's picture

Normally, it would be 42-10. But Urbz goes for two: 43-10!

"Hell, Woody didn't recruit me; he recruited my mother!" -Jack Tatum                       

AGL's picture

50-31 Bucks


Scott K's picture

24 - 21 Buckeyes

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Roman Brutus's picture

21-18 Bucks prevail

kayz's picture

tOSU 47
tsun 28
Go Bucks!

RBuck's picture

35-31 Bucks

Long live the southend.

SaudiBuckeye's picture

Buckeyes 52 - 24 

DonkeyPunchAnnArbor's picture

OSU 42-31

"Michigan and "huge mistake" are synonymous"
-Mark Titus

FloridaBuck's picture

42 - 33 Bucks 
F$ck #ichigan

scargums's picture

42 - 35
OSU Victorious

ohio_buck_i's picture

42 - 21 TOSU


Idaho Helga's picture

41 Undefeated team (not wearing gold helmets)   14 Skunk Bears.
Finally, this score is avenged, and who better to do it against?    Urbs carried off the field and immediately starts calling Ohio Born TTUN recruits whom TTUN brought to the game to convince them to sign up with the devil.


42-10 Buckeyes,,,,,,muck fichigan

Bish45's picture

52-24 The Buckeyes
Mercy is for the weak!

dmurder's picture

40 - 14

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

stanton6's picture

27-10 OSU, Defense keeps getting better.


Osumarine05's picture

37-24 Buckeyes!!!

Evansvillebuckeye's picture

In honor of the 2002 team....tOSU 14 Meatchicken 9.... Go bucks!

OSUMANN's picture

38 - 23 Buckeye win!

bucknutinga.'s picture

37-17. Buckeye's Roll. That TFUN Sucks!!

Mark Donnelly

beserkr29's picture

45-35 Buckeye W.  Garbage time TDs make the Wolverine loss look closer than it was.

bukyze's picture

THE Ohio State University 20
Smells like hotdog water   16

Dips's picture

34-17 Da bucks.

osumu903's picture

OSU 31
Mich 20


ryanosu03's picture

37 to 28 OSU
Go Bucks!

Jugdish's picture

29 - 20 Bucks

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

johnblairgobucks's picture

Ohio State 29
Michig@n 27
There will be blood on the field, and it won't be mine!!!!

vwhiegs57's picture

*Urban Meyer-5 twinkies
*BF Hoke-327 twinkies
*this is in a 30 minute time frame challenge
As for the game i Got tOSU-32 scUM-23

Poe McKnoe's picture

OSU - 48
Michigan - 31 

lamplighter's picture

tOSU - 66 - scUM - 37

madstork34's picture

OSU 28-20

If it's too loud, then you're too old!!

FUqUespin's picture

OSU 34
t SCum up North 20

J.Mo's picture

Ohio State 43

Poison nuts's picture

42-27 Bucks.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

grivo242's picture

72-6 OSU. Fuck Michigan.

s22buckeye's picture

OSU - 27
M*ch*gan - 18
Go Bucks!!


Jimmy's picture

Ohio wins 42-31.

thedecline19's picture

Urbz 34
Fatty Arbuckle 3

FROMTHE18's picture

Michigans pass defense shuts down our passing (as if it takes much effort), we run the ball well and our defense makes enough plays to pull out a very, very close one, 24-21 late FG wins it for OSU.

The Baron's picture

TOSU 34  scUM 17
Fail to the wolverqueens

KnightBuckeye's picture

OSU prevails in OT
OSU- 31
TSUN- 24

"because I couldn't go for three!" - Woody

imwa's picture

30-24 Buckeyes

callen89's picture

Ohio State 28, Michigan 10.  The Urban Difference.

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

26-20 good guys

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

Jason Priestas's picture

Soooo... close.

ToledoBuckeye's picture

I'm going to go out on a limb and say 63-14 Buckeyes.  Urban looks to make a big statement in his first Michigan game!

"Anything easy ain't worth a damn." - Woody Hayes

buckz4evr's picture

27-17 The Good Guys

lljjgg's picture

34-31 Ohio State wins a shootout, and subsequently Trey Johnson decommits to Auburn, commits to OSU on his visit.

Sending out positive mojo!

squeegeBRB's picture

30-17 Ohio State > Michigan

dancinhomer321's picture

45-27 Buckeyes

Buckeye 4 Life!

iball's picture

26-23 Buckeyes

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

skiehl's picture

51-17 Ohio State

Dougger's picture

aw crap... guess ill have to go with 27-17 bucks.. but i really want it to get out of hand and have ohio state put up 40+

I like football

What the Fickell's picture

OSU 28 - Mich 27. It said 3 shirts and I saw this score twice, but this is what I predicted at work so I am sticking with it and hoping I didn't miss one more prediction with the same score.

Brady Hoke wears scarlet undies.

LadyBuck's picture

70-14 OSU -Just because we can't go for 3.

Toasty McBuns's picture

OSU - 23
The school near Zingermann's - 13

dr green's picture

tOSU - 45
AACC - 31

bowthrock's picture

33-30 THE Ohio State University!

"Lets beat the shit out of Michigan".... Urban. Frank. Meyer.

Codeezy's picture

23-20, braxton has trouble hitting open guys deep but we block a fg late to seal it. Boren with a pick and the d jumps on 2 fumbles.

matti's picture

prediction "PAIN"  yes meyer runs up the score and sends a statement 62-21

ctfirefighter34's picture

35-10 BUCKEYES WIN!!!!

pepperpikebuckeye's picture

30-20 Ohio State wins.

Jarrett's picture

ichigan 20

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy." Groucho Marx 


vidstudent's picture

Ohio State 21
Unspeakable Horror 7

Nicholas Eckert