BlogPoll Top 25: October 8

By David Sokol on October 8, 2012 at 12:00p

The Eleven Warriors ballot as been submitted and there was plenty of movement this week.

The top-five has a brand new look with several key losses and the Buckeyes move into the top-10.

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1 Alabama Crimson Tide It seems that even in a bye week, Alabama was impressive. No doubts here about their #1 ranking. --
2 Oregon Ducks Oregon is clearly in the national championship picture as they haven't been touched. They beat a ranked Washington team, 52-21. UP1
3 South Carolina Gamecocks The Cocks had to be one of the most impressive teams of the week, dominating Georgia in an SEC heavyweight matchup. A top-five ranking is definitely warranted. UP3
4 West Virginia Mountaineers There is no offense more powerful than the Mountaineers, led by QB Geno Smith. WVU rolled into Texas and walked out with a win. The defense is suspect but when the offense can put up 60 points a game... West Virginia is the new face of the Big 12 in their first season. UP3
5 Florida Gators Florida faced its toughest test of the year, besting LSU at home, 14-6. Will Muschamp has the Gators in good position to make a run at the SEC and maybe the BCS title game. UP6
6 Kansas State Wildcats As we said last week, KSU wouldn't be touched by Kansas, winning by a score of 56-16. UP2
7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame looks to be back, trucking Miami in the old Catholics vs. Convicts rivalry, 41-3. Embarrassing for Miami and the ACC. UP2
8 Ohio State Buckeyes The Buckeyes put up 63 points against Nebraska in a big game at Ohio Stadium. OSU clearly looks like the best team in the Big Ten and they travel to Bloomington to play IU next weekend. UP2
9 LSU Tigers LSU has no offense. Period. You win championships with defense, but you need to score points somehow. Florida was able to roll over LSU scoring 14 points. DOWN 4
10 Oregon State Beavers Oregon State keeps rolling. Are they really a top-10 team? Who knows but they haven't lost yet. UP4
11 Southern Cal Trojans USC didn't look so great against Utah on Thursday night, but overcame their woes to pull away at the end. A date at Washington awaits. UP2
12 Florida State Seminoles When you lose to NC State, you deserve to drop out of the top-10. Florida State's BCS title hopes may be done. DOWN 10
13 Oklahoma Sooners Oklahoma rocked Texas Tech in a much-needed win. The Red River Rivalry awaits at the Cotton Bowl. UP4
14 Georgia Bulldogs UGA got rocked by South Carolina. Enough said. It'll be tough to regroup in the SEC East. DOWN 10
15 Texas Longhorns Texas lost to #4 West Virginia down in Austin in a game that proved Big 12 dominance. Oklahoma waits for UT in Dallas. DOWN 3
16 Clemson Tigers Clemson continues to score a boatload of points, but who isn't scoring points these days (excluding LSU)? VT next week should be a good game, if VT plays decently. --
17 Stanford Cardinal We once thought Stanford could hold its own in the top-10, but now it doesn't seem so clear that they are elite. They give up a ton of points (48 this week) and play at Notre Dame this weekend. UP1
18 Louisville Cardinals Louisville was off this week. Are they the best team in the Big East? Cincinnati and Rutgers may have something to prove in coming weeks. UP3
19 Cincinnati Bearcats Cincinnati dominated as Zac Dysert-led Miami-OH team, 52-14, and continues to roll. They play Fordham (really?) this coming weekend. UP4
20 Rutgers Scarlet Knights The state of New Jersey is excited for their school's success so far this season. A nice win over UCONN keeps the Scarlet Knights rolling into Syracuse next weekend. UP4
21 Mississippi State Bulldogs Mississippi State is ranked here by default as they haven't really played anyone yet. A semi-test at Tennessee will prove MSU's validity this weekend. UP1
22 Texas A&M Aggies A&M has only lost once and squeaked out the W over Ole Miss. They get to play recent top-25 addition La Tech this weekend, in what should be a surprisingly great game. --
23 Boise State Broncos Boise trucked Southern Miss and continues to be a solid program. Fresno State comes to Idaho next weekend. --
24 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Louisiana Tech is the real deal. They are undefeated and have beaten some quality programs including Illinois. If things continue, they could be the best team in the state (looking at you, LSU!). --
25 Ohio Bobcats The Bobcats enter the ballot and deservedly so. Yeah, they had trouble versus UMASS, but they have been taking care of business and do not have a loss. They are one of three Ohio teams without a loss (OSU, UC, OU). Pretty cool. --
Dropouts: TCU Horned Frogs, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Northwestern Wildcats, Michigan St. Spartans
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Urban John Simon Meyer's picture

Good to see some love for the Bobcats...
I still wouldn't have WV that high. I think if they hit a tough defense they's get embarrased. But that offense is a poit-making machine.

BrewstersMillions's picture

People keep saying that and they keep rolling along. You'll get your wish next week as WVU has the number 2 ranked defense in the nation in Texas Tech. Other than them, WVU has to face one top 50 defense (by the stats as they are right now). You aren't going to stop that offense. You need to beat them 56-49 if you want to have a shot at them.
WVU is going to be tough because they have a favorable schedule and no one else they play plays any defense.

Ethos's picture

I seem to remember a team OHio State had to play not too long ago that everyone said was going to rock our "slow" team and whose offense was the most dynamic in the country.  That team was Oregon, and we embarrassed them.

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

Alhan's picture

I wouldn't have said this before the Nebraska game, but I think we'd have a great chance at beating WVU this year. We know we can put up the points now, and I'd bet on our defense over theirs anyday.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

BrewstersMillions's picture

Ok? Not sure what that has to do with this WVU team, as they don't have to play the 2010 Ohio State Defense....

BrewstersMillions's picture

2009* but played the game in 2010? My bad.

OSUBias's picture

Ha, does anyone on this planet ACTUALLY think TT has the #2 defense in the country? Look at who they've played. 'Bama or Florida, maybe LSU. Those are real defenses. And yes that pains me to only list SEC teams, but I don't see elite defenses elsewhere. ND maybe. MSU is probably the best of the B1G.

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

SLVRBLLTS's picture

ND is a top 3 defense in the country for sure.

"Because we couldn't go for three"

Ohioste's picture

Eh, number two ranked defense against who though. Stats say a lot, but so does who you play.
Wins against Northwestern State, Texas State, Iowa State(respectable), and gave up 41 points against Oklahoma at home.
The jury is still out on WVU, along with every other team not named Alabama.

Bucksfan's picture

One B1G team in the top-25....and it is ineligible for the post-season.  Seriously, this has to be the bottoming out of the conference, right?

bhardy22132's picture

WVU offense is too good not to completely roll on TT. I know its college football and anything can happen but we are talking about one of the most explosive offenses in college football and if TT is letting OK hang 41 on them then WVU will have no problem laying 60+ on them.
Glad to see Ohio get in to the top 25 on here. Disgusted that they got shunned in the AP for scUM. A travesty IMO. Ohio has a talented team and are undefeated, deserve to be in the top 25 in the AP.

toad1204's picture

I suppose this means I'm going to start hearing some UC fans running their mouths..... again.  Hopefully they get the Big East's auto qualifier and get smoked in a bowl game.  Again.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

David Sokol's picture

Don't worry about UC.. there is some inferiority complex there..

UC is a good program, but they are never going to recruit with OSU.

UC will play for conference titles, OSU will play for National Titles; we can't let UC fans bother us even if they do have those annoying "bUCkeye state" t-shirts.

toad1204's picture

Completely agree they are a decent team but the way their fan bases portrays each other is something of an annomoly.  In my experience OSU fans will root for UC the majority of the time, always good to see an in-state do well.  UC fans will root against OSU the majority of the time. It seems to be completely geographicly located within the 275 loop.  I'll never understand it but to each their own.  FWIW the UK Team SEC fans will ALWAYS root against OSU.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

onetwentyeight's picture

^THIS. I had the (unfortunate) experience one post-grad summer of living right off their campus. You'll see a fair number of OSU fans who are Cinci natives cheer for UC Basketball. But you'll never see one item of OSU gear anytime anywhere around UC. UC's entire IDENTITY as a school is as a contrast to OSU. They define themselves as essentially "Not-OSU". IDK how I can make this any more clear. 
Oh and there's a shocking # of KENTUCKY WILDCATSSSSS fans in that city too. People proudly rocking an SEC team's gear in the state of Ohio. I have no other words to say about Cintucky. 

ccollins0325's picture

Need an explanation for this:

Louisiana State is the real deal. They are undefeated and have beaten some quality programs including Illinois.

Should say, "including Rice [sic]" or "Virginia [sick]" - It's hard to get behind a team who's biggest win is Illinois.

onetwentyeight's picture

They have as good a resume as NERDwestern did and everyone here was clamoring for NW to be ranked... 

drumsontheside's picture

Three B1G teams fall out, leaving us (no postseason) as the sole representation of the Big 10. Does anyone think the B1G will turn things around in the second half of the season, or is this shaping up to be the worst B1G bowl season ever?


Urban John Simon Meyer's picture

I think it could be an historic nadir for the conference, but not the death of it. I scream at my television every time I hear a pundit say something along the lines of a prermanent slide into Big East mediocrity...
But this year I don't think it'll be very good bowling.

drumsontheside's picture

Agreed, the conference is far from dead, this is just a very odd year in the midwest


onetwentyeight's picture

The conference isn't dead but it sure is dying hard. M#chigan and Hoke got exposed this year for the FRAUDS that we all knew they were. Wisky is regressing back to its historical mean, and Sparty will always Spart. With PSU on a forever downward trajectory it's hard to think what team other than OSU will be even remotely competitive nationally in the future. I would say Nebraska but we just curb-stomped them and Bo doesn't seem to ever be able to field a balanced team on both sides of the ball in the same season. 
I've been saying this forever, but when the dawn of the Big4 SuperMegaConferences comes upon us we'd be best off ditching most of our mediocre, declining regional brethern.

luckynewman13's picture

I don't think we can ditch them. I believe Andy Staples about a year ago laid out what a 64 team league divided into 4 superconferences would look like. He chose the 64 teams based purely on yearly football revenue (plus a few outliers based on projections of future revenue). And I think all 12 B1G programs were among the top 64 revenue getters throughout NCAA football...which means we're stuck with them...but we would theoretically also be playing against 4 other top revenue programs from the region.

Crimson's picture

Big 4 would be based on, what, the B1G, Big 12, PAC, and SEC?  What great schools are we picking up that are better than our bottom, still hitting 14-16, and are from the Big East or ACC?  Also, the conference will consider other sports, like basketball, which some of the fringe good football programs do not have.  B1G is also competitive there (Indiana).

BuckGuy003's picture

Am I the only one who wishes/hopes the NCAA feels really stupid for this ban? The rise bowl will be a joke. If the penn state thing had to happen why not happen a year earlier so they wouldn't have bothered with us!