Camp Meyer: Friday Roundup

By Kyle Rowland on August 10, 2012 at 2:17p
A deep bone bruise will sideline Spencer.

The first full week of Ohio State’s fall camp is in the books. From all reports, it was a success. The defense has continued to show that they are among the nation’s elite, while the offense finally performed well consistently.

After getting through with no significant injuries, however, it appears the luck has run out. Wide receiver Evan Spencer is the unlucky man down. Spencer was carted off the field with an apparent shoulder or collar bone injury. He was clutching his shoulder pads and near tears. It has since been reported that it is a deep bone bruise to his left knee. At first, the training staff believed it could be an ACL tear.

Spencer’s injury came on a kickoff drill while he was blocking.

Offensive line coach Ed Warinner and co-defensive coordinator Everett Withers graced the media with their presence today and each gave good reports on their units. Warinner shed light on the battle at right tackle and Withers commented on some of the young defensive lineman.

  • Ross Oltorik and Orhian Johnson were also taken off the field. No word on Oltorik’s injury, while Johnson was seen vomiting into a trashcan for an extended period of time. He looked very weak, so it’s possible he was dehydrated. Johnson was scheduled to do interviews but opted out.
  • Riding the bikes and not participating in drills were Michael Bennett, Kyle Dodson, Zach Domicone, Oltorik and Jamie Wood. No word on what possible injuries they might have but nothing looked serious.
  • Withers raved about the depth on the defensive line. Unit can go two- and three-deep at nearly every position. While Withers mentioned depth, he talked specifically about Noah Spence and Adolphus Washington.
  • On the subject of young players, Withers continued the praise for Jamal Marcus. He said he has a motor that runs constantly from the word go.
  • Withers believes the defense is better than in the spring, obviously. He said they are now at the point where fundamentals and technique improve.
  • A lot has been said about Urban Meyer’s health. Withers believes the head coach is healthy and happy. He said Meyer will continue to delegate the more he trusts the staff.
  • Bumps and bruises are a part of camp, Withers said. He added that guys have to fight through it but that the Buckeyes are relatively healthy. Luckily we have depth, he said.
  • Asked about Bradley Roby wanting to play offense, Withers responded, “He’s one of those guys that thinks he can fly to the moon. He’s a talented guy. We want him to be great at being a corner. To me, he’s still working to do that, so let’s keep him on defense.”
  • Withers said the thing Roby needs to work on most is his consistency. He said the mark of the really great cornerbacks he’s been around is their consistency.
  • The challenge for Roby is to not be overconfident. Confidence is part of a CB's DNA, but Withers said maturity is what balances that.
  • Some practices this fall have been moved to another on-campus field. Withers said the move was made to build team chemistry. He said it’s a practice used in the NFL. Guys are forced to get out of their comfort zone away from the normal locker room and facilities.
  • On and off the field, Kenny Guiton said his attitude has changed immensely – a 180. He said he lost the passion for the game when Braxton Miller came in and took the reins.
  • The two are close friends, though, now and worked together all summer.
  • As the backup, Gution said his role has been clearly defined by Meyer and the staff. They need him to learn the offense and be a leader. He’s on-call and could be needed at any time.
  • Apparently Meyer will randomly quiz the quarterbacks on the play they just ran. Guiton said it’s happened to him before and that he is already prepared mentally. One time Guiton had no idea what to tell Meyer. He said that made him realize the importance of the details and staying in the game mentally.
  • Guiton said he learns a lot from watching Braxton. Like his head coach, Guiton references Miller’s dynamic ability and specialty at making defenders miss.
  • Curtis Grant said he is much more comfortable on the field this season. He said John Simon and Johnathan Hankins are two players that have helped learn all the nuances about the defense.
  • At middle linebacker, Grant is the “quarterback” of the defense. It’s a role he says is much easier than last year. He said he’s learned all the concepts from Luke Fickell.
  • The spring was an important time for Grant, he said. He was able to make mistakes and learn from them by watching film and then make the necessary corrections.
  • Grant is aware how important his role is. It was something Withers and Fickell have also touched on. The middle linebacker position was something that hampered OSU’s D last year.
  • Grant said the defense’s versatility makes it much more difficult for opposing offenses to gameplan. Grant said it should make it much easier for the defense to react.
  • James Laurinaitis is someone that Grant looks up to and speaks to about playing linebacker and being in such an important role so soon.
  • Laurinaitis told Grant to be a leader and to act like a veteran on and off the field.
  • Part of what Grant has done is become more vocal. He said he tells the freshmen a lot of the mistakes he made last season and how to avoid them, as well as leading by example for the veteran players.
  • Despite his less than stellar year, Grant deemed last season a success personally because it’s something he can grow from.
  • Grant did not mention any names when asked which young guys stuck out, he simply said every freshman linebacker has done a good job.
  • Grant believes the defense has the opportunity to be “great” because of experience.
  • A 4.6 40 did not make Grant happy. He said he wants to get down to a 4.5.
  • Grant said Meyer “brings out the beast in everybody. He makes everything so competitive that you want to compete because if you don’t compete you’re going to get embarrassed.”
  • At right tackle, Warinner said Reid Fragel and Taylor Decker are splitting first-team snaps. The other four line positions are pretty much set.
  • Warriner doesn’t believe settling on a starting unit at this point in camp matters. He said the unit will have cohesion regardless because they’ve all played together throughout camp.
  • “Tremendous” was the word Warinner used to describe the condition of the offensive linemen. Guys are lean and “don’t have bellies hanging over their belts.” Warinner said cardiovascular, eating habits and strength training have all been improved. The team can go no-huddle, fast-paced for two and a half hours and maintain a good tempo.
  • Warriner said the physicality and energy on the line have been impressive throughout camp.


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Sucks to hear about Spencer! Looks like Thomas will Really get a chance to start now. Hope he has a great recovery.


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I like hearing positive praise about Grant as well, too much talent to waste there..and I'm sick of the highly recruited LB's not working out the last few years.


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I love reading these rapid fire facts and quotes.   You get answers to questions you didn't know you wanted to ask.     Keep 'em comin!  Thanks Kyle.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Confused a bit, so Spencer tore up his knee? or dinged up his shoulder?

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Oh my goodness, no huddle for two and a half hours and keep a fast paced tempo?????

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Knee bone connected to the shoulder/collar bone??? Am I reading the 2nd paragraph correctly?

And how long will he be out? Thanks Kyle....

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Spencer's injury is a deep bone bruise to his left knee. When he was being carted off the field, he was clutching his shoulder. That is why I mention it. He was simply doing that because of the pain. 

No word on how much time he will miss. 

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A deep bone bruise to the knee can be a bad, bad thing. Bone bruises heal on their own time, and that time can be a really long time. I played soccer and missed a whole year with a bone bruise to my ankle. 

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I too have missed a whole soccer season with a bone bruise on the inside of my right foot. The pain never seems to go away

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Well, you two are pansies. Lol, just kidding. Any type of bone injury is extremely painful. 

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Heh... Bone injury

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Easy Tiger....

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I remember having a tib-fib fracture in 8th grade playing football in gym and later that day having my soccer coach tell me to run it off. Didn't exactly feel great.

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My high school baseball coach assumed that all injuries and sicknesses could be cured by spending more time in the weight room, and would just call us pussies when we tried to rehab stuff.

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It's like Kyle're a pansy lol. Just kidding 1.8.  I've had knee surgery (meniscus and cartilage removal) and need rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery which I refuse to get as well as L-3 bulging disc and L-5 deteriorating disc.  Gotta love playing football for 10+years...Doesn't seem so worth playing DIII football and baseball for three years back then;-) But it actually was...
Your coach was ignorant to the facts that without'll just reaggravate that injury or possibly make it a worse and beyond repair to even play.  Meat heads don't make good coaches...however...they're more and more of them out there.  Why I don't coach anymore for HS...would rather coach my own kids.   

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When I graduated high school I really regretted not playing football, but after hearing a lot of people's horror stories about all the problems they've has once they got older, I'm starting to feel better haha.

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I didn't regret not playing football at all. Our football team was terrible, our soccer team obliterated them in a few 7-on-7 games. I was much more content to playing soccer and swimming than playing for a crappy football team. 

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Sounds like we went to the same school haha. Football team that regularly lost 8 or more games, soccer team that was quite a bit better, and a swim team that regularly placed top ten in the state, including a national championship in the early 2000s.

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Pretty much. My high school went to states once in football, but every year I played soccer we made the playoffs and made the semis twice. Swimming was a different story, we never had enough people to win states, but we had a few that would always place or win an individual state title.

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Yeah our swim team was similar more recently. I didn't swim, but I had a lot of friends who did and there was always a few that would win state titals, but they were never strong enough as a whole to place higher than 5-10. They mopped up NE Ohio though haha. I played baseball, and we made states most years, but never further than quarterfinals.

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I would've liked to play baseball, but my school's team was filled with a bunch of hicks, rednecks, and racist good ole boys (the problem with being raised in rural NC). So instead I went with rugby.

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Rough, we played a tournament in Greensboro every year and got no shortage of NC farm boys

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Greensboro? That's about a 9 hour trip from NE Ohio, have to head through there every time I head back to school, it's an extremely dull city.

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My baseball coach has a connection with the coach at UNC Greensboro, we would use their field for two days of camp, and then play a weekend tournament either in Greensboro, or we would travel to Durham. Either way, not a delightful ride, 10 hours in a tour bus full of sweaty athletes

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I got a bone bruise in my knee right now & yeah - it hurts & will not go the f&#k away! Pansy schmanzie....

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i love how it's now like urb's army. we're working to be all we can be. thinner o lineman, passing drills galore with brax and crew during the summer, simon doing his thing and challenging guys to match him.   just a new standard that has been set and everyone is competing like crazy.      

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I have a question. Guiton has lost his passion for the game? It did a 180? So he has no passion now? or he lost it, and now it has done a 180 and its back? This was confusing to a dummy like me.

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Lost the passion when Braxton was ahead of him but has it back now. Sounds like the coaches have worked some psychological magic on him.

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Thanks Kyle. Love hearing about how much better the offensive line is. It helps a lot once you have an o-line coach who has an inkling of what he's doing and isn't just on a glorified 6-figure salaried vacation for 10 years.

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Loved it...gets me even more excited for 9/1

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."
"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."
Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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“Tremendous” was the word Warinner used to describe the condition of the offensive linemen. Guys are lean and “don’t have bellies hanging over their belts.” Warinner said cardiovascular, eating habits and strength training have all been improved. The team can go no-huddle, fast-paced for two and a half hours and maintain a good tempo."
....So in other words...these offensive lineman are gonna play pissed as if opposing D linemen slept with their girlfriends?