Lamar Open Thread

By 11W Staff on December 20, 2011 at 8:15p

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What is Lamar's mascot?  Couldn't tell from picture.

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An NBA power forward exchanging vows with a cave troll 

edit: or this guy

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The Lamar Cardinals

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Anyone ever scalp tickets to a bball game? Get good seats, decent price?

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Heard LaQuentin Ross won't be ready for game time for a while.  Matta said his dribbling and defense needs to improve.  I would love to see Sam Thompson get more PT.

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Really surprised Thompson didn't get any PT against USC. Thought Matta would build on his confidence, especially against such an athletic team. Hope we see him tonight. Seems like a sparkplug on both sides of the ball.

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just for shits and gigs..anyone have an online link for the game?


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come on. Lets get a big lead so Thompson, Ross, Williams and Weatherspoon can get some PT. I want to see Sammy start to get this game fast and perhaps take over 2 guard. Not that smith hasn't done awesome. Williams would be nice to start but Thomas is straight killin it.

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Need to work in inside. We're making it easy for them.

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"Sullinger can hit that" = Sullinger shouldn't shoot that.


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Online Link if you have directv, cox, time warner or another....




btw annoucer just said Timeout texas tech!!

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heard that Texas Tech call.  PA announcer must be a huge Pat Knight fan, caught in a day dream

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I love my Buckeyes, but... if they don't get any better at shooting the bball, they will not advance past the sweet 16.... again! 

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Sadly, I have to agree with you. Love my bucks to death, cheer at my TV and at games, but they have to make shots to win.

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would be nice if buford stopped forcing shots..... Thad needs to apply the Bob Knight rule, Buford can't shoot until he passes like 3 times that pocession 

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