Hall, Brown and Howard Not Cleared by NCAA

By Jeremy Birmingham on September 9, 2011 at 5:58p

COLUMBUS, Ohio— The three Ohio State University football players suspended for last week’s game have not been reinstated by the NCAA and will not participate in the game Saturday against the University of Toledo. The university continues to work with the NCAA on the reinstatement process and is hopeful that the student-athletes will be reinstated soon. The university will have no further comment.

More as we know it.

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So sick of this, I really hope we get a week this season where we don't find out that players are suspended right before the day of the game. 

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Un-instate the NCAA - a movement that is long past appropriate.  

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I'm not sure why they're getting more games than Miami players got for the same amount of money, but I don't know how else to make these guys get it.  If someone is giving you something for no reason, it's an NCAA violation.  Save your moral arguments about these players being taken advantage of or of their privilege they're being given or that it's happening everywhere.  The fact is, we're operating with an NCAA rulebook in place.  Stop accepting free shit and hurting your teammates.

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I have to agree. We can talk all we want about the inscrutability of the NCAA rulebook, but everyone knows you can't just up and take cash in exchange for making a public appearance in your role as OSU football player. And doing it AFTER Tatgate erupted pretty much marks one as too dumb to tie his shoes, much less attend college.

I hope Fickell has learned a lesson about jumping the gun regarding the reinstatement. He doesn't come out of this looking so great either.

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In a related matter, Luke Fickell has challenged Mark Emmert to a no holds barred cage match to the death.

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I'm guessing that this bit was the part that the AP contributed.

"Suspensions, NCAA investigations, a vacated season, a deposed coach and a departed quarterback have stung Ohio State. But by virtue of Saturday's 42-0 beatdown of Akron, and the overwhelming popularity of the scarlet and gray, the Buckeyes continue to maintain their in-state dominance within Ohio's borders.

The Buckeyes are 42-0-1 against their closest neighbors since their last loss, a 7-6 setback to Oberlin during native son Warren Harding's administration back in 1921."

Otherwise, why include it in an official NCAA release?

Please, be honest. This is for science.

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Because the NCAA is trolling OSU.  Even if it was an AP contribution, the NCAA still chose to include the information in its press release.  The NCAA is saying that OSU moved too fast for its tastes to play players in a game OSU was almost certain to win, and this may be a sign that OSU and NCAA's lover relationship is over with.  In which case, we are screwed and looking at lack of institutional control stuff with a booster on top of tat-gate.

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No LOI.  OSU acted immediatly upon learning of the infractions.  LOI is for the USC's of the world who ignore what is going on and wait for the NCAA to impose sanctions against the players.  What is really strange is that Miami players only have to sit one game for essentially the same violations - accepting cash or gifts under $300 from a booster.  Also, Miami has known about the Shapiro mess since before last season, and they are just now imposing sanctions on players.  The NCAA is walking a fine line here.  Not saying that the charity 3 should not be dealt with, but the sanctions to players should be the same regardless of the school. 

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Perhaps, but if you think that a vengeful, showboating dickbag like Emmert isn't going to use this incident as grist to justify a slapdown on OSU that would be hailed by everyone in the U.S. outside of Ohio, then you are a more optimistic man than I.

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My guess - between whatever Pryor owned up to in order to claim eligibility for the supplemental draft and this payment from a charity event in light of being in the barrel of sanctions that would probably include some time in probation to begin with, someone got pissed.  That's where the extra suspension time came from.  Miami supposedly has stopped for a year, with Nevin Shapiro being behind bars and poor and all; if more stuff were to happen during this time of pre-investigation for them, I would expect longer suspensions to happen there as well.  (Of course, with as bad as that junk was and it occurring during a probationary timeframe for Miami, I expect the reasons for relative leniency may be due to a forthcoming free transfer period where they hint to their football team to jump ship.)

Nicholas Eckert


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This doesn't make sense just on the flow through the week.

"Contrary to recent media reports..." - Fickell & Dick Tressel have been asked about the 3 repeatedly this week and by all accounts they were under the impression they were back. I doubt they got their news from reading a media report.

I'd just like to know where this switched up.

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Fickell & Dick Tressel have been asked about the 3 repeatedly this week and by all accounts they were under the impression they were back. I doubt they got their news from reading a media report.


I'd just like to know where this switched up.


I was wondering the exact same thing. How in the world do you mess that up???? Either their eligible, or not. This is freakin ridiculous. There isn't a gray area between the two. 

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This is the first thing I thought about also.  I assume that the NCAA knew it was $200 and not gift baskets the whole time.  OSU was just being OSU and being selective on the news released.  So...how in the hell is it OK a day ago, and not today?  Honestly, you think the NCAA just got wind of the backlash when the whole $200 thing went to print, and didn't want to look soft?  I just don't know.  I do know this:  Dominic Clarke had better not be a one-week against Akron deal. 

So sick of this stuff... 

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Shoot dang crap fiddlesticks

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RappUp Great to see former #OhioState athletic director Andy Geiger before tonight's Varsity 'O' Hall of Fame induction dinners. Looks pretty good.



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what were these players thinking!?

They should have taken free hookers on a yacht, instead of $200 for charity work --- they wouldve only received a 1-game suspension

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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My aggravation with this is not exactly directed solely at these players. Whatever was done, can't be changed. I'm very disappointed that they didn't think through that *especially* with everything that had been/is happening. Who would hand these kids cash is probably where my anger is.

"In addition, the facts submitted by the university have raised further questions that need to be answered before the reinstatement process is complete." - Anytime that type of statement is made, it is just not a good thing.


I really don't read off the NCAA news site so maybe someone with more experience can answer this. Is that a typical statement on there? A collection of words not the NCAA's own?

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Jordan_Hall7 Jordan Hall
Fuel to fire
8 minutes ago 

Jordan, we're gonna need you to STFU.  So, please, STFU.

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Actually, I hope he lawyer's up and does something about it. 

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I took that tweet as Jordan saying that this adds fuel to his fire i.e. motivation.  Not fuel to Ohio State's public relation's fire.

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ESPiN is so biased and selective in their reporting.
They are a joke.
I (regretfully) watched CFB Live earlier and they were reporting about how Florida DT Shariff Floyd was told he would have to sit a game or two by the NCAA for accepting impermissable benefits.
But, ESPiN gave a sappy story about how the poor kid "couldn't even afford a suit, or clothes", etc. ... where was this sympathetic angle for Non-SEC players who violate the same minor rules?
Typical ESPiN....predictably disgusting.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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While ESPN certainly is contributing to the narrative, they are just repeating the sap story coming from Gainesville in this case.  Fact of the matter is, OSU is not going to any benefit of the doubt right now, whether deserved or not.

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I won't be surprised they sit out five games, just like the tattoo gang. It's the NCAA going crazy again. OSU has to put a stop to this now with their football players. They have to be told you don't go anywhere or accept even a 2 for 1 burger deal at Wendy's without the school approving it.

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How about we not send any more players to charity benefits just so we make sure they don't accept any illegal benefits. Screw the NCAA.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

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Maybe just maybe OSU should quit self reporting every little violation. Seems to work for other schools.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

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Ask USC how well that worked for them?

Ask UNC.

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Can someone please tell me how this could have been missed in the pressers over the last couple of days?


Or is this something that OHio State is releasing now because they have not gotten word from the NCAA yet and they are just assuming the players will be out.


I am personally over this. What part of "do not take/taste/touch/smell" do these players not understand?


EDIT: I also hate these types of boosters.

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It's unfortunate, but I think the players should be banned by Fickell from doing any fund raisers of any sort. Just football and school. That's it. They're under a microscope now.

If they took $300 cash, they should pay it back and sit two games, IMO.



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Someone break this down for me. We self reported the violation, hence there's no LOIC. A booster giving out $200 to three players can hardly qualify as a booster problem. Yes, in light of Tat Gate, none of this looks good. But. it's a separate issue that would hardly count as a blip on the radar in any other season. What's the worst that could happen? They sit for a third game?

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KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I gave up some time ago attempting to find understandable reasons for why the NCAA varies in punishments so much.

I would say though that this has been one of the craziest year & a half spans that I remember in CFB. Maybe even the past 3-4 years. I saw in my nightly scan that Fresno St players (up to 2 dozen) potentially in deep over welfare fraud?

UNC academic fraud

Miami Ponzi benefits

USC and that whole ordeal

Ohio State & the tatgate stuff w/JT eventually out the door

Still an ongoing investigation related to Auburn/Cam Newton

Etc Etc Etc Etc.


Just nuts.


Bucks's picture

But everyone should have faith in the NCAA & their level headed decisions. I mean, it's not like things are so warped that giving a player a bagel is ok but giving a player cream cheese, pnut butter, jelly/jam for the bagel is a violation. Oh wait, it is. smh.

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This is a bunch of crap by the NCAA. Floyd takes over $2500 dollars and gets suspended for two games and our players take $200 and get suspended for at least two games.


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I'm more pissed that the NCAA decides so quickly on the Miami mess and drags ass on Ohio State.

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I agree that players who take benefits of any kind deserve suspensions at the very least (whether it's cash, plane tickets, motel stays, nightclub tabs, hookers, drugs, tatoos, etc.).  However, the NCAA has been so blatantly unjust in how it doles out player punishments and/or program sanctions that I am certain that we all agree it has lost any credibility as a fair judge.  Miami players who accepted $100 or so received no suspension; those who received $300 received one game suspension; and the case was settled in a week.  Pretty huge difference when compared to how they handle tOSU.  Of course, that may have something to do with the Administrator from the U of Miami in charge of the NCAA Infractions Committee.....hmm

~ The Buck Guy
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If we were say, Illinois, andthe NCAA sat a couple of our guys for 2 games on $200, we might be entitled to get riled up about Miami players only getting 1 game for $300.  We're Ohio State, a program that has just spent the better part of 6 months getting dragged through the mud over improper benefits provable and alleged as well as a coverup by the HEAD COACH of those improper benefits.  That players on our team would then take $200 cash from someone in charge of a charity event that they were appearing at is a slap in the NCAA's face that our players just don't fucking listen to the compliance departments SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS to not take ANY CASH for ANYTHING from ANYONE.  Cry about the immorality of these rules all you want.  They are plain enough and easy to follow, so our players disregarding them is similar to USC telling the world that the NCAA is just jealous.  Our players are saying those rules are stupid and they should be able to do what they want.  I think we should be happy if they only sit two games, depending on the timeline of this the NCAA could come at us much, much harder.

Sidenote: If they pocketed cash AFTER Tatgate got blown up around the newswires, I think Fickel should sit them for damn near half the season... so if that ends up being the correct chain of events I'm happy they aren't getting off with 1 game.

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Okay, didn't someone run a story not too long ago about the pages of secondary violations that Ohio State self reported... stuff like Gordon Gee buying James Laurinaitis dinner and the hockey team getting Nickleback tickets? Basically the common assumption was that OSU compliance couldn't prevent everything, but as long as they self-reported things and made the guilty party pay some sort of restitution, punishments would be light if even necessary; and, I can only assume that this was the case with every other major program. Hell, Troy Smith's little $500 hickup only landed a 2-game suspention, the 2004 Alamo Bowl and 2005 opener - It was Tressel's choice to start Zwick for a thrid game against Texas. 

I'm not giving the three suspended players a pass in this case, nor am I defending our athletic department for "assuming" they would be able to play. They took illegal benefits and should serve a resonable objective punishment; if that is a one-game suspention, so be it; two games, three... okay, fine. But it appears that, starting last year, the NCAA has blown up its rule book and started shooting from the hip on sanctions without notifying anyone of how it will punish any infraction, major or minor.  

OSU has 3 players who messed up... but no one, including the NCAA, seems to know how to deal with the individuals or their voilations. Yet, it was only a few years ago when the Athletic Department and the NCAA imposed a reasonable punishment on Troy Smith for committing a similar violation without any suspense, posturing, or agonizing feet-dragging. The result was that Smith sat out a bowl game and one of the most important regular-season games in recent history... then, having paid his penance, Smith went on to redeem himself in the eyes of his team, the fans, and the media. Meanwhile Howard, Hall, and Brown sit in purgatory while the NCAA presumably hammers out the punishment that will look best for its own public image... which, I must say, is worse than sh*t right now.          

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In all fairness, the hockey team should get the death penalty if the players accepted Nickelback tickets.

hangonskokie's picture

Pretty sure the NCAA let them off with a two game suspension, because the players involved were "probably Canadian."

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If violation A = Punishment B, then why is Ohio State getting C? Doesn't make any sense. Even if the 3 players' stories differ in who gave them the money (and it's not far-fetched to think all three could have gotten the money from a different person), the NCAA presumably knows they took 200 bucks and that it's worth a 1-game suspension. That really should be the end of the punishment for the players and if they want to investigate who gave them the money they can do that without further disrupting the program. I have no problem if Luke or Gene Smith wants to give them another game to drive home the point, but the NCAA needs to get its collective head out of its ass.

CGroverL's picture

The kids should have known better. These kids are now making it whre the Buckeyes will be starting at least the first 2 games with their #4 ("El Guapo", Carlos Hyde) and #5 (Rod Smith) RBs. If "Dot-com" was the coach, the Bucks may be down to playing just 1 RB total. Rod Smith fumbled inside the Akron 5 yard line last week. I agree with The Lurker about the NCAA needing to get their heads out of their poop chutes, but in the end, the blame is going to go on the coaching staff and Buckeye brass. I am truly sick. The NCAA will now pull their heads out just long enough to take the post season away.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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I do not take drugs normally but these kids are making me run out of my valium and xanax very quickly. I live in SEC country so I have been listening to this crap for a long tome now. I need a new drug. Any suggestions"? I know most of you live in Ohio but since I just had to buy BTN to see the game tomorrow, this is really upsetting me. Where is Mo Clarett when you need him? He can probably find me some drugs. 

The Bucks will still win but TOSU still has that one AP idiot that thinks TOSU should be unranked. The way the schedule shapes up, the Buckeye's road is relatively easy. I can see TOSU running the table as the tough Big -10 games shape up well for the Bucks. It doesn't matter anyway. After the Bucks started out at #18, no BCS title game is even possible now (barring true miracles). Sure Auburn did it last year from #23, but that was because the undefeaeted teams in the SEC are loved by the pollsters simply because they play in the SEC. If the NCAA lets TOSU play a bowl game, it is Rose Bowl at best, even if the Bucks finish the regular season unbeaten. The Buckeyes are now the new TCU.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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If we run the table and win the CCG, we play for the crystal football. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, though. Right now Toledo is top priority. It's GAMEDAY and I have insomnia!!

CGroverL's picture

I understand that I am getting ahead of myself...this comment that I wrote earlier, was a run-off of an article I was writing for another sports site. The article was about how a team that started ranked #18 and as of week #2 has 4 SEC teams rankled ahead of tem, plus 3 Big 12 teams, 2 ACC teams ans 2 Pac 10 teams (one of them with one loss), and a Boise State team that will probably finish unbeaten, makes it that a team ranked at #15 (for week #2) needs miracles to happen for any shot at a title. The story just stated that because TOSU was ranked #18 to start the season and still had one idiot after week one that still had them unranked needed MIRACLES for any national title shot. In my original story, I even admitted that I was getting ahead of myself. My point was that the AP made it that TOSU has no shot at a national title even if they went unbeaten and won the Big-10.

The point of my article was that it made no sense for a team that last had a ranking of 18th or worse was in 2004 has no business starting a season ranked 18th. Especially when you look at the fact that in the last 10 years, the Bucks had one season that they finished unranked, one finishing 20th, and one season finishing at 9th (but finished the other seasons ranked 5th or better( has no reason at all to start a season ranked 18th. Sorry about the long post.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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I'm just going to come out and say it.

Fuck the NCAA. Let's abort them. Seriously I'll pay for it and take a 1 game suspension. If I can take a clothes hanger to the NCAA I won't watch the Toledo game. Scout's honor.

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Just learned about this this morning. Picked a bad day to quit sniffin' glue.

Long live the southend.

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one morning..one EFFIN morning i'd like to wake up to good news

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The sun will come out tomorrow.....



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Well if all you need is some good news then here ya go brother - we are playing Toledo.