Akron Highlights

By 11W Staff on September 5, 2011 at 4:00p

Woot, another new weekly feature!

We've partnered with the talented Robby Donoho (you've likely seen a few of his Buckeye trailers) and will be bringing you highlights for every game on the schedule. We kick things off with the Akron stomping.

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That was enjoyable!

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Nice! Is it Saturday yet?

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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THIS IS AWESOME. It's so hard to get good weekly highlights, you never know who's going to make them and how they would turn out. RobbyD is an amazing videographer and I'm glad he's hooking up with the OSU blogs.

I love this new feature.

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I hope Verlon Reed was cramping up.  He looked terribly slow and stiff in the open field.  Philly Brown on the other hand has some wheels.

Johnny Ginter's picture

really? he had more yards receiving than anyone yesterday

Buckeye Black's picture

Yeah, but that's probably due to Akron leaving him wide open.  I guess I should just be happy he can catch.  It just seem we will need all the YAC we can get this year.

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When he made that catch my friend asked me "Is he a tight end"?

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Braxton looked a lot like TP2 in the 2nd half.  I know it's a bit premature, but it feels like this could be an awfully fun season.  I ♥ Fickel + Vrabel.

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Looked more like Troy than Pryor.

Dan Isaacs

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I thought he was looking like Troy Smith in the early days.  TP even when passing well never threw a pretty ball.  I think Braxton is on a whole other level as a passer than TP.  I'm not bashing TP, I just think Braxton is going to be the real deal as a QB, there won't be many growing pains with him as a passer, and early on he'll use his legs to bail him out.  I really think he's going to be a phenmoninal QB. 

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I am thinking he looked a whole helluva lot like Troy with that TD pass in the end zone that was spot on. I can't recall TP doing too much of that. TP might be missed but his decision making will not be IMHO.

That being said it was Akron and one game, BUT if he keeps up like this we are in for another nice run.

Pleasantly suprised with JB too, wait and see how he really fairs after week two, then the fun starts.

RunTellMatt's picture

I don't think Braxton looks like Troy at all.  All three (including TP) have completely different throwing motions and deliveries.  But, forget passing.  I'm talking more about moving the chains.  Remember the 3 and long where he scrambled for the 1st and particularly the sprint out to the right where he cut it back to the left and ended up picking up the first down out of nothing?  That's TP2.

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I think Braxton looks like Troy as far as accuracy goes...TP didn't have that...again, one game but hopefully optimistic.

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Just my observations/thoughts:

  • Bauserbomb and Braxton can make throws that took TP three years to finally complete.
  • No more arm punts. >>relief<<
  • We have a tight end!
  • The WR situation isn't as dire as we thought.
  • Evan Spencer is a baller. I can't believe that catch wasn't on ESPN or BTN's top plays.
  • O-Line was respectable. 
  • Ryan Shazier was born to be a Silver Bullet. 
  • Nathan Williams, John Hankins, Garrett Goebel, and Johnny Simon is a sick front four... There's all kinds of depth on the D-Line.

Looking forward to seeing what the playbook looks like with Jordan Hll/Jamaal Berry...!

Don't text while driving.

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spencer's catch actually DID make it on ESPN's top plays... but #6 was way too low for that insanity

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It was up to #2 this afternoon.

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I'd say that was the best opener by the o-line in 3 or 4 years (at least, I don't remember paying too much attention before that).   I think they're going to be much better.

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WTF is Maryland wearing?

vtbuckeye's picture

They are wearing the Maryland state flag.

TLB's picture

This uni and UGA's uni has me a little worried about out combat uni's for Wisky.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Maryland is Under Armour, we're Nike. And who cares what our uniforms look like? College football players and recruits generally love the "Pro Combat" jerseys Nike puts out for teams, and that's about 10000000x more important than what TLB or JakeBuckeye think about the jerseys.

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I thought Georgia's unis were sick. Much better than OSU's home Nike pro-combat unis, with the plain Jane red helmets, no stripe, no Buckeye leafs, no numbers, no nuthin'. I liked OSU's away unis against TTUN better.



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I'm pretty sure that Georgia's uni's were made by this guy:


Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

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Lol, saturday ... it appears to be a checker board on one side and who knows what on the other.


On that note, only the first drive of the game but if this is any indication, Miami's D will be like playing Akron. TD Maryland.

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Supposed to be based on the state flag of Maryland. Makes for an awful uniform.

Bucks's picture

Ahh ty for that clarification.

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That one handed catch gives me tremendous wood. Evan Spencer is gonna be lights out for us this year.