The NCAA's Notice of Allegations

By 11W Staff on April 25, 2011 at 12:40p

Redaction city, but shouldn't be too difficult to match the players to the labels. Also, three cheers for there being no new bombshells.

NCAA Notice of Allegations

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Is it just my droid or is that impossible to read as it looks like it was run through a typewriter twice? And ESPN can suck it for me having to answer redneck questions about "the most severe NCAA penalties." When ESPN went from reporting sports news to making sports news they compromised their journalistic integrity.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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I think it's your droid.  Looks fine on my Mac/Google Chrome.

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ESPN's article ends with this: "The NCAA could also come down hard on Tressel, compelling Ohio State to add to Tressel's suspension or issue sanctions leading to the school firing him."

I don't remember the NCAA ever blackmailing a school into firing their coach, which is what this statement is suggesting.  No one is ever given an ultimatum by the NCAA like that, so then why would Ohio State suddenly change their mind from what they've already said that they wouldn't?  What could the NCAA actually rule that would lead to firing Tressel?

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The NCAA's big stick is what's known as a "Show Cause" penalty.  Essentially, it's the death penalty for coaches.  What this penalty states is that any NCAA institution that wants to hire that particular coach needs to come to the NCAA, and explain why the NCAA shouldn't penalize them for hiring that coach.  Assumedly, the NCAA could level sanction against an institution who hired such a coach without the NCAA's blessing.  It's not really clear if this would happen, since, as far as I know, no one has ever hired a coach under a show cause penalty.  If Tressel got slapped with that penalty, then Ohio State would either have to A) Terminate him, or B) explain to the NCAA why they shouldn't ban them from bowl games, strip scholarships, etc., just for keeping him around.

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Thanks for pointing me to that, I didn't know about that type of penalty.  But after reading up on it, I'll be damned if they put that down on Tressel in this situation.  He has led a long career of disclosure, and hasn't personally been responsible for the transgressions the players found themselves in.  They also failed to mention within the report that there is a lack of institutional control in the football program at Ohio State.

All they've done is say that Tressel was dishonest.  For them to force Ohio State to have to explain why they'd want to keep this guy in lieu of an email about a handful of players, some tattoos, and memorabilia is absurd.

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Here's yet another bs article which flat out says Tress loses his job:

Tressel on borrowed time at Ohio State in wake of NCAA allegations;jsessionid=543311BF25FFD0A66AE...


Stewart Mandel can go to hell...with all his speculations....

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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I don't really have a problem with this article.  Tressel knowingly lied to NCAA investigators and is likely to cost the school 10 wins, and force us to be listed alongside the likes of Alabama, USC, and Florida State as they discuss schools with a history of major NCAA violations.  Regardless of your opinion of Tressel, that's a lot of damage.  Hell, we already know the stat regarding the history of other coaches who have violated this rule. 

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Just got done watching a segment on Sportcenter where they spoke to Herbie on the phone.  I was encouraged at first when he said that really no news came out today.  Then he had some other stuff to say that I feel like was a swipe at Ohio State and their fans.  I'm not trying to start a Herbie controversy but some of the stuff he said I just can't support.  I did agree with him about if this were Cooper people would be lining up at a firing squad.  However, he acts as if Ohio State fans are the only ones who would support their coach in this situation.  He said winning and beating Michigan will make the fans blindly support anyone.  Uhhh, well do you think Bama would be defending Saban, Florida with Meyer?  I think so.

He was asked what Ohio State should do going forward and he said probably stop recruiting guys like Maurice Clarrett and Terrelle Pryor.  I expect to here a retort from TP.  I felt that was a comment that was a bit out of line.

He also said the Buckeyes would have a hard time moving forward with Tressel because Tressel's credibility is shot.  They won't be able to convince parents they are the guys to teach their kids the right thing blah blah.  I'm sorry if a snake like Calipari, Saban, or Kiffen continue to land huge recruits, Tressel will too. 

This whole experience, as well as comments he made in the past make me think Herbie isn't anti buckeye, he's anti Tressel.  I don't know if he was hacked off about how Cooper got treated or if he was pulling hard for another coach, but it seems to me he just really doesn't like Jim Tressel. I have a feeling, the reason for a lot of his comments and garbage are because he wants Tressel out of there.  I would imagine a Buckeye team with Urban Meyer at the helm Herbie would be on his knees pleasuring Meyer and the fan base every chance he would have.

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I saw that, too.  Herbie is always going to have an opinion, just like everyone else.  But I'll be damned if he isn't straight two-faced when he fires shots across the bow, like "stop recruiting guys like Maurice Clarrett and Terrelle Pryor."  His absurdly loyal support towards Cam Newton during that whole breezy mess by itself directly contradicts Herbstreit's issues with the "character" of certain Ohio State players.  What does he even mean when he says that?  Stop recruiting "stupid" kids like MC or TP?  Well, only one of those kids is stupid...last I checked Pryor gets pretty damn good grades for a football player.  So that can't be it.  Maybe he meant don't recruit "poor" kids like MC or TP?  That might fit.  I mean, these kids did what they did to make college a little easier financially, something everyone agrees is an NCAA rule that needs to change anyway.  But we know that most great high school athletes are often poor.  So, good luck recruiting kids that are upper middle class AND play football at the highest level.  Maybe he meant don't recruit "babies" like MC or TP?  They're 18 years old.  They ARE babies.

I don't know what Herbstreit was getting at.  I guess he wants a squeaky clean program like Notre Dame, with top grades and a big fat zero in the W column.  This is a state school. A BIG state school.  With a BIG alumni base that wants to win 10 games a year and contend for the national title.  You can't do that with the Notre Dame model.  Not happening.


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Funny you mention Notre Dame like that.

A few days before the tragedy of the Notre Dame camera man's death happened coach Tress stated in an interview that the reason he would be practicing inside is because he "worries for those camera men up there." That was before the death of Declan Sullivan.

I just question why Brian Kelly/Notre Dame doesn't have as much fire for that as Tress/Ohio State does for what he did.

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I honestly think Herbie just doesn't like Tressel for some reason.  It seems as though he's always been highly critical of Ohio State Tressel coached teams.  Maybe he got hacked off when Ohio State refused to let Gameday broadcast from campus after ESPN tried to take them down for Moe C.  Who knows, but it seems to me that Tressel has a hard time doing right in Herbie's eyes. 

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The Show Cause Clause (say that 3 times fast) is designed for the coach who leaves a school prior to the hammer falling (think Pete Carroll).  It does not apply to a coach who is already there.

On the wall guarding the North Coast from all Weasel invasions.

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That is not true. In some cases, it is but some coaches have resigned/quit directly due to the fact the University in question was made aware that a Show-Cause order was going to be coming.

The only reason it has always happened with the coach departed was b/c it would be lunacy to keep a coach who had that likely coming.

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Tressel may be mortally wounded.

I cannot fathom the depth and width of brain fart that has allowed him to have this mind-boggling, world class lapse in judgement.  The most egregious element is that his actions abrogate most every tenet of his moralistic writings.

I feel so sorry for him.

As with most "Senators", there seems to be a little too much bend in the moral backbone.


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Not like these kids did anything wrong in the first place. Selling your own stuff isn't a crime. The NCAA is full of shit.

 They let those kids play in the bowl game last year and now they want to cry foul?  Four super conferences seems more close to being a reality with every major program that gets popped.

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As long as Auburn's still standing, anything the NCAA does has no validity.

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Herbstreet was on sports center and said some unflattering things.

He basically said Coach should be gone.

I get the feeling he never embraced Coach because he replaced Coop and was successful.

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I remember vividly Coach Tress stating that him and Herbie are good friends and can quote him once saying "Herbie's my guy." Hopefully I am not the "friend" to my friends that Herbie is to his "friends."

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If Urban comes would you miss Tresselball?  I wouldn't.

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I hope this is sarcasm.  Meyer sucks.

The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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Meyer doesn't suck, during his tenure he went 65-15, and won 2 National Titles. I think that would be better described as excellent.

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Every time I read what he posts on twitter I think this CAN'T be his real twitter account. Some of his tweets are exactly what you'd expect from a parody account.

Herbstreit is a caricature of his fake buckeye self. Good riddance, so glad he's out of the great state of Ohio.

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I listened to the Herbstreit phone interview as well. There is only one thing that can be drawn from it, Herbstriet is full of sh*t. He's a tool and a windbag, you'd have to be blind to defend him. With the allegations it looks to me like Tressel will keep his job, and that the worse it hopefully will get is the 2010 regular season will be vacated and that we wouldn't be allowed to play in the B1G Championship this coming year or possible bowl game. They can't take our win over the SEC away from us. Then again Tressel could resign and Meyer may step right in, he's already in Columbus anyway.

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I know I'm 100% biased, but look at the emotion that Boom and Tress share with each other before the sugar Bowl, during the Spring Scrimmage, etc. I believe more than anything that his players feel like Tressel will go to bat for them about anything pretty much.

Having said that, I'm a little curious as to the suspensions he has dealt out to players in the past. Is breaking a team rule (of which I won't involve the nature of the rule or anything) more severe than breaking an NCAA rule? (For instance Ray Small to name someone who was constantly in the dog house by Tressel).

How is Tress going about dishing out punishments? Did Ray Small get suspended because he wasn't really an integral part of the team in which we needed him to win? Were Prypor, Boom, Posey, etc. given an out because it was his opinion that we needed them?

Don't you dare get me wrong. I'm not advocating that Ray Small should or should not have been suspended. I for one hates Ray Small. I'm merely trying to figure out how suspensions were given out. That to me is the most damning and confusing part of this whole ordeal.

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Tress has suspended "important" players though.  Troy Smith for one.  Haven't other guys like Worthington been given suspensions for off the field stuff?  Adams was a key recruit who loved the chronic.  It took him 3 years to be a significant player on this team.  I don't think he's affraid to suspend guys who do things wrong.  Breaking a team rule usually seems to mean the guy likes to smoke bud.  To me that is a more serious offense than selling your own stuff to some dude.  You can go to jail for bud, selling a trophy is only wrong to the NCAA.