Caption Friday: The Whisper

By 11W Staff on April 29, 2011 at 1:00p
Terrelle Pryor is whispering something. But what is it?

With the Dubcast on hiatus for a few months moving to a summer schedule (likely one episode a month), we'll entertain each other by writing clever captions to photos every Friday afternoon. Truly exceptional captions might even earn t-shirt rewards.

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Go Buckeyes14's picture

DAMN Jaamal!!! What did you eat!??!

Bucksfan's picture

Definitely gets my vote.

osujake9's picture

Psst....Cut your damn chin-strap straps!

SouthPlainfieldNut's picture

"I'm on the field, lol."

BuddhaBuck's picture

"Shhh... don't tell the NCAA I'm here."

Don't text while driving.

BuckeyeSki's picture

Psssst...Jamaal....JAMAAL! Do you still have that weed connect in Florida bro, my foot is KILLING me!

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sonnie's picture

"Jamaal, did you see Tress' hat!?! LOL over" 

Chris Lauderback's picture

"Yo, wanna buy my scrimmage-used jersey?"

GoBucks713's picture

*DeLonte wasn't the only one to knock boots with LeBron's Mom*

-The Aristocrats!

Roger's picture

effff fiiiive...

OHIOinME's picture

"Psst, Jaamal.  I hear that fake buckeye might delete his twiiter account soon.  Told you he can't hang with me."


Conroy's picture

Initiate operation sabotage Bauserman.

Maestro's picture

2, 4, 2, 4

Who do you wanna see score?

Buckeyes, Buckeyes

Senator Tressel wants 4 more.


Yes, it's cheesy as hell, but DEAL WITH IT!!  wink

vacuuming sucks

Jason11's picture

Hey...I know where you can get a great deal on Tattoos!

Jdadams01's picture

"everybody steals from people, kills people..."

BucksfanXC's picture

"You ain't even covered and I bet he still finds a white kid to throw it to. Racist"

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

Walt Keys's picture

for some context, Jamaal just duffed a screen pass when I took this

Jason Priestas's picture

Ha. Thanks, Walt.

mattchoo's picture

It's literally all on you Jaamal

Orlando Buckeye's picture

"Jamal...Jamal...Jammy, Jammer, Big Berry, Big Boy....Dude, Dude...Can you hear me?  HELLO...hello?  Bro...Broseph, Berry...No. 4...Big Berry, Fast Times, Berry Lightning...Berry Goldwater,  Berry Mannilow, Berry Larkin, Berry Obama...Running the ball/Running the country...HEY JAMAL!"


"Hey grab an extra ball and when KG tries to hand off to you, you try to hand HIM the ball.  Hahaha.  Then just shrug your shoulders and I'll go 'WAAA WAAA' like a sad trombone really loud."


"Yeah, I'm bored."

Maestro's picture

Yo C. Vance, Rife took you to the cleaners on your gear.  You only got $200 for a game helmet......sucka.

vacuuming sucks

larzdapunk's picture


Kyle's picture


sthrnbcky's picture

"what, what, in the butt"

NW Buckeye's picture

"Jamal, don't bend over to far, I just saw Herbstreit on the sidelines."



Denny's picture

Pull over, pull over, that ass is too fat.


Backup Placekick holder's picture

... and this time Coach can't find out!


fjs's picture

"Dude, trade jerseys."

Normal Buck's picture

"Psst!  Hey!  You wanna buy a watch?"

gwalther's picture

"Nice ass." pause

Class of 2008

RoweTrain's picture

"Hey Jaamal, the phone's ringing. It's Woody on the line...

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

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Blake's picture

".....your privates are showing......"

anon's picture

I think Jamaal's pinchin a loaf - he's going full-Joe-Pa

poop's picture

Jaamal! Pssst! Check out that chick directly to my left when you get a chance. You'll thank me.

RBuck's picture

"Don't worry, Cam, BRolle and Ross are gone (heh-heh-heh)"

Long live the southend.

Johnny Ginter's picture

"hey kid, wanna see a dead body?"

Luke's picture

Y'all are running away with the captions, so I figure I'd take it in a bit of a different direction:

Luke's picture

And why not:

buckeyedude's picture

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, that's freakin' hilarious Luke!!!!!!!!!! I suppose TP is going to forgo his last year of eligibility at Ohio State so he can join Team Obama as Barack's 2012 running mate, when Joe Biden mentions again how "clean and articulate" he is!



Nick Buckeye's picture

"The cake is a lie"

Poe McKnoe's picture

"Hey bra, your swoosh is backwards."