Sources: Tressel Asks For, Receives 5 Game Suspension

By 11W Staff on March 17, 2011 at 8:46p

Immediately following the revelation that the five suspended Buckeyes from last Fall's tattoo scandal would have their suspensions upheld, reports from Dispatch sources indicate Ohio State's Jim Tressel has requested his suspension be upped to the same 5 games as his players and will have this request honored by the school. This falls far more in line with the expectations of many outsiders following the revelations that Tressel had known about DeVier Posey and Terrelle Pryor's involvement in the situation as far back as April 2010 and had sat on the information while signing legally binding documents this past September stating he knew of no violations involving the team and then went on to insinuate to both administrators and NCAA officials in December he knew of no wrong doings on his players' part. More information as it develops.

UPDATE: Here is what Tressel said about his request

"Throughout this entire situation, my players and I have committed ourselves to facing our mistakes and growing from them; we can only successfully do this together.  I spoke with athletics director [Gene] Smith, and our student-athletes involved, and told them that my mistakes need to share the same game sanctions. Like my players, I am very sorry for the mistakes I made. I request of the university that my sanctions now include five games so that the players and I can handle this adversity together."



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AeroBuckeye2001's picture

If we make it through this whole mess with two losses this season, and a shot at the B1G title, I'll be a happy camper. 

Go Bucks!

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

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I will be happy as long as we keep beating Meatchicken!

It's not the band that I hate.  It's the fans.

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I think Alex said it in the comments for another article, but this has to boost Tressel's opinion in the public eye. 


That being said, I think he would've made this decision regardless of how the public would view it. I still view him as a man of great character and integrity. One mistake doesn't undo decades of outstanding citizenship.

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Well with the prospect of possibly no NFL and now the loss of a college football season (let's be honest, next year is over), it looks like next fall is going to suck!

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Another fair weather fan. The season will only suck in the eyes of the beholders who chose to see it that way. This will be a challenge for the team and I am looking forward to seeing how it will be handled. My season tickets are on their way and I know my wife and I will enjoy the season regardless of who plays or coaches.

I find it interesting that so many people expressed negative opinions of JT's in game coaching, yet now that he will not be coaching the first five games the season is lost. Guess there is no pleasing some folks.

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Seriously this.  I'm glad other people share my opinion NWB.

And come on, we're winning 4/5 of those games with no problems.  Sparty is the only worry for me in that stretch.

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looks like we're scoring 70 on michigan state...

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Honorable move on JT's part. Let's hope the NCAA accepts and the healing begins. (I personally think he should forgo the proportionate amount of his salary too and make it really clear he accepts full responsibility for his actions.)

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Tressel is awesome. I don't care.

Suck on this, bitches.

Yes, next year may turn out to be rough. But we're Buckeyes, and like times before, we will make it through.

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"This falls far more in line with the expectations of many outsiders following the revelations that Tressel had known about DeVier Posey and Terrelle Pryor's involvement in the situation as far back as April 2010 and had sat on the information while signing legally binding documents this past September stating he knew of no violations involving the team and then went on to insinuate to both administrators and NCAA officials in December he knew of no wrong doings on his players' part."

This was an incredibly long sentence, haha.

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Well, we should be able to escape the first two games with our RB's alone.  Bauserman/Guiton/Miller combo is just as good as anything Miami has.  Colorado will crumble in The Shoe, and MSU might be a loss.

M Man's picture

Oh please don't lose to MSU.  Don't even think about it.

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I agree with this, but even MSU... who knows right now? By that time, BM will have had 4 games to get his feet wet. We won't be asking him to win games all season. Just manage a couple meaningful games.

Buckeye Black's picture

And maybe what is being overlooked is all the potential on defense.  The players getting plugged in are not scrubs, they are four and five star recruits with some time to learn the system under their belts.

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Good for Tressel.
Give the offensive keys to Drayton right now and we'll be better than ever.

Kurt's picture

Perfect time to finally dive into the spread option, he coached at Florida with Mullen, doesn't get much better.

Kurt's picture

Malzahn made Chris Todd look good with the spread read-option....

BED's picture

But with JT sitting  out, you expect them to go with the Sr. instead of the best talent?  I can't believe we won't see Guiton or Miller as the signal caller.

Bauserman with have the first start, score a couple, and be benched the rest of the time.  By Miami I see only Kenny or Braxton in the game.

The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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Just because JT won't be on the sideline, doesn't mean he won't be running the show.  I wouldn't expect too many drastic changes.

Kurt's picture

My argument is that JT shouldn't ever be running the offense. This is a good opportunity to break out and try new things, nothing to lose.

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does this mean he just sits out the games?  or is not going to be around the practices for that time.  if he sits out the games, no big deal.  i have always thought we could do better from letting others call the plays

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The Bruce Pearl suspension was for games. I believe he was at practices during his suspension. So JT should be around at practices. However, knowing how he will internalize this he may just take a back seat at practices as well. In fact this may be the beginning of more of a "hands off" coaching style for JT. After all, it is at the right time in his career to involve more of the assistants as he does prepare for his eventual departure. That is, of course, mere speculation on my part, but at least it is an attempt to make lemonade out of all of this.

I know there are a few negative nellies here, and I don't blame them for being that way. It just strikes me that the expectations of the man and the pending investigation are a bit extreme. Doomsdaying situations like this is easy. Finding the good in bad takes a little work. And, although I really don't like JT's emphasis on spirituality in his coaching we can all probably use a little of it right now. To err is human, to forgive Devine.

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I doubt this is the beginning of a new "hands off" style for Tressel! (haha) I bet JT has a live video war room constructed over at the WHAC so he can manage every aspect of the offensive gameplan and text message the plays to the sideline!


Bucks's picture

Well, that would be a NCAA violation based off being suspended for games ... so he better not haha! Yes though, I can see him with his war room and a checklist based off what he has told the coaching staff to do in his absence.

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Do any of you think this will affect recruiting in a negative way?

Alex's picture

No if anything this is a positive. Shows everyone he is willing to stand by his players through thick and thin and will be a positive in the end I think on all accounts.

KE's picture

I am as big an OSU homer as anyone. I've long thought that JT was among the best college footbal has to offer. But this whole thing has hit me hard. The emails made it clear to Tressel that there was a significant NCAA problem in April, 2010. He knew names and deeds, and while I don't think selling your own stuff (especially when you're a freshman) is a big deal, the NCAA does. And JT did nothing about it. That alone is disappointing. But when the whole thing blew up in December, he actively denied knowing anything about it. I'm sure there's more to the story, but that much is clear. I think there's going to be backpedaling on this for a long time.

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We wont know the effect of this on recruiting until the NCAA lays the hammer. Anybody who says otherwise is just trying to be optimistic.



I would be fine if they banned us from the post season next year.....with the exception of Brew, the "leaders" of this class are the reason they are in this predicament....let them serve the punishment, not those that come after them

I Hate Michigan.



Nappy's picture

Really? You can write anything you want and this is what comes out?  You're acting as if we deserve stricter punishments for lesser mistakes. "the NCAA lays the hammer" ?? Tell us what you really think.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

Matt's picture

Have we heard anything definitive regarding the acting head coach?  I heard some rumblings that Fickell might be tabbed for the job, which I'd like to see. 

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This act of contrition should calm some of the haters (eSECpn) out there, but some will still be screaming for his head (see group cited above). The NCAA will certainly do something (they wouldn't want to be left out of the party!). I don't care! JT is still The Head Coach of The Ohio State University Football Team and I'm DAMNED proud to be a Buckeye!!!

Peter "Pete" Peterson

"Recruiting is like shaving, if you don't do it everyday, you look like a bum!"  -Jim Tressel


Carolina Buckeye's picture

And I thought JoePa was crazy....he's lost his damn mind!


In all seriousness, classy move, no other coach in America.

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It's time to contemplate that Tressel is, a lame duck. This 5-game move seems desperate. Like an attempt to thwart something.

The NCAA's ruling - permitting OSU's "Tat-Gate" crew play in the Sugar Bowl - may serve as a firewall unto de-certifying 2010 victories.



Cassius's picture

A "lame duck?"  Far from it.  Tressel is going to be the coach of this university's football team as long as he wants to.  Unless this turns into a chain of events resulting in major major MAJOR violations, he will be here until he retires.

I love the fact that Tressel gave himself a 5 game ban.  On the one hand, I feel it is to stave off further NCAA sanctions, on the other hand I feel like its just his character showing through.

If Ohio State was to go 5-0 or 0-5 or any mixture in between in the coming year the one thing that I would be glad about is knowing that the head coach of Ohio State football is Jim Tressel.  Hands down.

NW Buckeye's picture

The only thing that is lame is your post.

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The info I'm hearing from someone that was involved in the OSU investigation of Tressel is not good.  This five game suspension might be enough to placate the NCAA, but probably not.  Apparently, there are a lot of details of this story which have not been released yet, but nothing which will mitigate Tressel's actions. That's all the info I have on this point.  Also, the original sanctions (2 games/$250,000) were far less than what was recommended by the independent third party that was hired to help OSU investigate this matter.  And it appears that having to vacate the entire 2010 season season is a possibility, and maybe even a probability. 

Here are my thoughts for what little they are worth.  I'm not entirely surprised OSU tried to lowball with the sanctions.  I think they expect that the NCAA is going to add to the sanctions so they started low and hope to meet the NCAA somewhere in the middle.   The problem is that most people seem to think that the 2 games/$250,000 is no where near what the NCAA will choose to levy.  If OSU comes in with too mild of a penalty (which I think they did), this might insult the NCAA and they may come down that much harder.  I don't pretend to know much about NCAA sanctions so we'll just have to wait and see.  But whatever the case, I don't expect these penalties to hold.  Maybe JT won't be suspended for additional games, but I think more costly sanctions (scholarships/post season ban) are on the way.  This is all opinion of course, and based purely on pessimistic speculation.

Having to vacate 2010 will be disappointing for a number of reasons.  No sixth consecutive Big Ten championship, no seven in a row vs. scUM, no Sugar Bowl win, thus no win over the SEC, and no 6-3 in BCS bowls.  But the biggest problem is the embarassment vacating wins will bring to the university and the program.  I think that's the ultimate humiliation.  That said, didn't we have to vacate a Final Four appearance?  That doesn't seem to bother me that much now.  USC just had to vacate a BCS championship.  Bama had to vacate two seasons worth of wins, or something like that.  I don't think any less of the quality of those programs because they vacated wins.  Having to vacate 2010, if indeed it does happen, will sting.  But it won't make watching replays of the Sugar Bowl or highlights of Pryor bringing us back against Iowa any less sweet.  My point is that vacating wins is a wound that time will heal.

The part that I'm most concerned with is that we still haven't heard all the details of Tressel's failure to disclose the violations.  I've speculated on this quite a bit over the last week and posted a few times on the subject.  What more could there be and how much worse can it get?  Both Smith and Gee have said that there are no more "smoking guns".  They sure as hell better be right because I don't think OSU and Tressel can endure any more shocking revelations.  Tressel is already a proven liar (it just doesn't feel right typing that but it's an undeniable fact at this point).  Whatever else there is to this story, it's only going to further destroy Tressel's image.  I think this is going to get much worse, before it gets better.

Bucks's picture

Well, time will tell on this. You're actually one of the only people I have seen saying the remaining details will be bad and/or make matters possibly worse. Other person(s) "in the know," I have read saying the opposite, that the remaining details will mitigate some of this even if only slightly. I doubt you would take offense, but I'm going to just hold out hope that you are wrong lol.

Nice read though Brutus.


EDIT: Forgot to mention it in this short reply, but the portion regarding severely undercutting the self-imposed that was suggested absolutely bothers me to an extreme. I absolutely agree that it is always better to aim for that sweet spot ... still leaving room for NCAA to tack on a tad bit more. If we absolutely threw that out the window, I won't be surprised to see a devastating hit.

Brutus's picture

Take offense?  Hell no.  I would love to be wrong and then would welcome being banned from this site for spreading false information.  I'm by no means an authority on any of this.  I'm just a guy with second-hand information, albeit from a reliable source, who like the rest of you, is just trying to comprehend how things got so bad so fast.

buckfan77's picture

Like Bucks I have not heard any hint about the information you have from a "source". However, what I don't get is the names from the attorney were TJ Downing & Ray Small. This is not speculation on my part, but fact based on a freedom of information act request by ESPN for OTL that aired last week. What obligation does a coach have if they are former players? While I will not defend JT because whether they were former players or not he had an obligation to notify the university. So for that he was wrong and should be punished. 5 games in my view for all of them is excessive, but make no mistake this was a PR move the tOSU and JT all along. I think JT offered a longer suspension to match the length of the players which the school agreed too, but waited until the appeal for players to be completed. This allowed JT to start rebuiling his image by "volunteering" to give up an additional 3 games. Plain and simple this is a classic PR move not an indication of more bad things to come.

Nitz25's picture

Sorry, Buckfan, but that is simply not accurate.

I do remember reading that TJ Downing and Ray Small were informed that some of their memorabilia was found in the tatoo parlor in question but I don't believe either of them were named in the emails by Cicero.  Downing subsequently claimed that the items found were actually stolen out of his locker and that he'd never been to the parlor or met its owner.  Who knows if that's true or not, but the fact remains that the two names provided to Tressel via email were Pyror and Posey.

painterlad's picture

I don't know about you, but we have won 7 straight over the Great Satan and we beat an SEC team in a bowl game last year. If the records books never reflect that, who gives a rat's stinky butt crack?

It happened. It's done.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

Hoody Wayes's picture

A sage and sobering opinion, Brutus. Thanks for the post. The more reasonable-minded folks around here, the better. Avoiding self-deception is a must. Self-deception...made a liar and a fool out of Jim Tressel - a good man and great coach - who knew better.

In an earlier post, I wondered if the NCAA's ruling - allowing those five players to participate in the Sugar Bowl - might, possibly, insulate the 2010 season from the scope of sanctions - even in light of the coach's dishonesty. Maybe, the NCAA will carry all punishments, forward.

tomcollins's picture

Is there any chance that the Sugar Bowl is not vacated if the rest of the season is?  We didn't play any ineligble players in that game.

VABuckeyeFan's picture

The mitigating factor here as far as vacating victories, post season play or limiting scholarships should be that ultimately tOSU did self report, which I believe, they are the kings of accross all sports.  The NCAA simply could not function without instittutions doing this.  Too many schools, too many programs, too many athletes.  If they were to drop a heavy hammer it would send the wrong message.

Secondly, the underpinning crime in all of this does have to be considered.  While I am disappointed, I can still recognize that the April 2 email only confirmed that two players, essentially, traded an autograph for a tattoo.  This is the financial equivalent of the pizzeria owner recognizing you and comping your pies once.  Beyond that, the confidentiality was a judgement call, which he mishandled, but stepping outside the bubble for a moment and considering the gravity of the investigation, would be a tough call to make.

Brutus's picture

Completely agree.  The self-report is important and could/should be a huge mitigating factor, at least as far as sanctions go.  I've long been saying that this is the one thing I give OSU credit for in this entire mess.  The timeline of events clearly shows that the university found out about the emails in mid-January and by early February, the NCAA was on campus. I'm tired of all the trolls who are saying that the only reason we self-reported is because Yahoo broke the story.  The self-report had clearly long been in the works.  Yahoo didn't break shit, unless someone went to them first after the emails had been discovered and then the university figured the press would find out so they began the self-report.  That's a possibility and one that would make the university look like it was covering things up, but at least it doesn't make JT look any worse.  But I do think it happened the way the university says and we went to the NCAA first.  Some rat, who knew all this was going on, then went to Yahoo and told them.  I happen to like Wetzel and don't fault him for running the story, but I think him saying that all this was the result of a two-month long investigation is misleading.  He may have found out two months ago that JT was being investigated, but apart from that, what else did Yahoo uncover.  Nothing.  They simply beat OSU to announcing the self-report.

And since I'm on a tirade, I'll go ahead bring up how annoyed I am with all the comparisons being drawn between Tressel and Pearl.  A lying, cheating coach is a lying, cheating coach, but what Pearl did is significantly different than what Tressel did.  Pearl flat out lied to the NCAA, right to their faces, about the matter for which he was being investigated.  Tressel withheld information from the university, not the NCAA. Yes, he lied by omission, but he was still never asked directly.  His lies became a little uglier and more direct come September and December, but he lied to the university, not the NCAA.  I think in the NCAA's eyes, what Pearl did was egregious.  Not saying they will go anymore lightly on Tressel, but I think the circumstances are signficantly different.

Alright, stepping of my soapbox. Going to get ready for a great weekend on basketball, starting with a win over UTSA today.  Go Bucks.

Seth9's picture

While I agree with you with regards to self-reporting will probably allow OSU to avoid a post-season ban or scholarship limits, I doubt it will have much to do with whether or not 2010 will be allowed to stand. As I understand it, the NCAA will likely consider the following questions when determining whether or not OSU's 2010 victories will be allowed to stand:

1. Did inelligible players a) play in and b) have a significant impact on the victories in question?

The answer to both of these questions is obviously yes. Pryor and co. became inelligible when they violated NCAA rules regarding selling football-related items and receiving improper benefits in exchange for autographs. And obviously, Pryor alone was a significant contributor in every game this season. Incidentally, this means that OSU will probably not have to vacate the Sugar Bowl*, as the NCAA reinstated all the players in question for the game.

2. Were the players ruled inelligible based on a major, or at least significant violation of NCAA rules?

Again, yes. Hence the five game suspension.

3. Should the players have known that they were committing significant violations?

As far as the NCAA is concerned, they did not receive adequate education on the rules pertaining to these issues. So this is a qualified no, which is important because typically shows a lack of intent by a program to break NCAA rules. However...

4. Should the university and/or program have known that violations had taken place?

Yes. Tressel was informed of the violations and failed to report them or act on them in any way. At this point, the program has knowingly played inelligible players whom committed significant violations to become inelligible. Furthermore, the program covered up these violations so that the NCAA couldn't rule them inelligible. As a result, the season is likely to be vacated.

*The only way I see the NCAA forcing OSU to vacate the Sugar Bowl win is if they rule that the defense used regarding lack of knowledge on the players' part is baseless in light of Tressel's conduct. Or to put it another way, they would rule that OSU's defense to keep the players elligible for the Sugar Bowl would not have been accepted had the NCAA known about Tressel's conduct.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

It is time to "drop the hammer" . . . on the NCAA. The NCAA should be sanctioned by a "fine" and ban from postseason play = loss of control over (NCAA) postseason basketball tournament (championship) revenues. At that point, they would have to "vacate" their offices. The NCAA leeches could always console themselves with, "but you can't take away our memories."

I'm half-joking here, but seriously, isn't it about time to start considering how we can eventually shed this dead-weight? I'll freely admit that my hard-line against the NCAA and its selective treatment of schools (which makes it much better to cheat on purpose, and then proceed accordingly, than it is to try to follow the rules), is reactionary and convenient (Tat Gate), but it's still the right position nonetheless.

johnblairgobucks's picture

My opinion is Tressel gets suspended 8 games - to a year, from the NCAA.  OSU will get put on a number of various restrictions and probations, but ultimately nothing too serious. 

The NCAA has to do something to a coach that lies to them, regardless of how petty the situation may seem.

OSU was like Martin Sheen from "Apocolypse now", getting in the bush to know and defeat the enemy.  They finally beat the SEC in a Bowl game, but in order to do so, became just like the SEC.

So, OSU faces the "wins or integrity" debate.  I'm fine with either.  However, I do enjoy enjoy OSU winning.  It is a hard thought to have to jump from the success OSU had under Tressel.  What will we do? 

Martin Sheen's character in "Apocolypse now", you may have undertood his thoughts and actions, but you wouldn't invite him over for dinner either.

Tressel is a football coach. He really is a football coach. 

Go Bucks!


Bucks's picture

For me it will always boil down to a series of poor decisions regarding a horrid rule. For right or wrong, that will always mitigate some of this for myself. Kids sold their own awards/personal property to someone. A coach didn't volunteer information regarding the same as he probably should have in technicality.

The University can and does, routinely sell the same memorabilia (not all but some) for profit. The rule was initially made for the purpose of preventing boosters being able to give a kid $50000 for his pants/helmet.

Broke rules and now have to pay the price on it, but no person is going to convince me or phase me with tOSU is dirty, or the disgusting way some in the media are now trying to portray this program as a whole. My bet is most, if not all members of the media know for themselves how prevalent something like this is ... but the ability to take big time shots @ tOSU? Can't pass up on that.

Looking forward to our BBall Bucks again today :) Let's see how they play when each game is your last chance!



tomcollins's picture

I heard a rumor that the NCAA may reduce Tressel's suspension back to 2 games, only because having him off the sidelines gives Ohio State too much of an advantage.

btalbert25's picture

I don't see why people are writing next season off as a total loss.  There are only 2 of those 5 games that will present a challenge.  I'm not even so sure that Michigan State will be that tough.  I don't know maybe I'm just a homer, but I can see this team being 5-0.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I agree. As long as the team is progressing as they usually do under JT's leadership, they have the talent, etc., to go 4-1 or 5-0 during the suspensions and then really take off in the second half of the season.

I'm more concerned about possible impacts from additional penalties that might be levied by the ridiculous NCAA Star Chamber. Directly, it could involve lost schollies, no postseason (which would seriously f'up the enjoyment of the 2011 season), etc.; indirectly, that might impact team morale, recruiting, coaching dynamics, and so forth.     

tomcollins's picture

If Charlie Weis could get his teams to start out 5-0, whoever Tressel puts in there, with a full week of Tressel preperation, will be fine.

Bauserman/Miller will take the talent level down a bit, but I think we should be fine.  We had a decent record with Bellisari against those kinds of teams.

You are dead on that the future impact could be bad.  However, USC took a huge penalty and is still recruiting fine.  It will be a blip in the long scheme of things.

Marshall's picture

Everybody is getting another chance to join the anti-OSU/anti-Tressel firing squad.  Gotta love the latest hit piece from Andy Staples on  Look, Andy, just cop to it:  OSU's journalism school wouldn't take you, would they?

5 games out for Coach Tress.  5 games out for the starting QB, a starting WR, a starting RB, a starting OL.  Sounds rough.  Sounds like the sorting between the real fans is here this season, sorting out those who actually care about this team and those who only care when they win.

Now's the time for the Buckeyes--AND THEIR FANS--to make the choice.  We've been beaten and battered over this since December.  The shots keep coming.  Are we going to succumb as fans, and let the team down?  Or are we as fans going to do our part to back our team as they pick that mouthguard off the mat?  To put it back into their mouths?  To flash a grin at the let him know that the fight has just begun, in round 9?  To let our opponent know that he has badly underestimated the character and commitment of a Buckeye?  That he never understood the heart of the Buckeye to begin with.  That the beatdown begins now.  That this process, while painful, has made all of us stronger.  Hungrier.  Smarter.  And more ruthless.  Ruthless with ourselves in every opportunity to get better.  And hungry for the moment to project that ruthlessness--that brutality--towards the opponent with every game.

They're running our coach down.  Time to fight back.  He messed up, but who hasn't?  You think anybody else has a coach who would ask for more punishment?  The enemy want you to forget who you are...that you're the Buckeye...and they're not.

Why cross this season off?  Why give up on it?  Why not embrace Braxton Miller as our starter?  Why not embrace a different play-caller on the sideline?  Why not make a choice?  To believe?  It starts today.  Yesterday is dead and gone.  Tomorrow could be incredible, if we fight hard enough, if we want it badly enough.  Let's start today!

2002 graduate of The Ohio State University
National champs.  Coincidence?

Nitz25's picture

Marshall, are you serious?

Those rhetorical questions you pose make it sound like we just got the wind knocked out of us in a tough post-season loss or something.

You're saying we as fans need to stand up and not let our team down?  Are you kidding?  Buckeye Tradition goes back past this roster of guys and past this head coach.  They let the fans down.  They let down over 100 years of tradition.  If we have to vacate 2010 wins it'll be the first time in history OSU football has done so, throwing our lot in with that of USC and 'Bama (not a place I'd like to be).  How's that for tradition?

I'm gonna go ahead and say that if that happens there will be a lot of hard-line Buckeye fans who simply can't look at the program or the institution the same next year.  This isn't an issue of bouncing back from a tough loss or a rough season, it's a question of being able to recover your faith after a fundamental betrayal of trust; it doesn't happen overnight (or in my case, probably not for a season or two).

Marshall's picture

Sorry I messed up how to reply properly on this, so please see my comment below if you're interested.

2002 graduate of The Ohio State University
National champs.  Coincidence?

Marshall's picture

What I'm saying is that there is a lot of adversity for the program right now.  But to sit around listening to all of this stuff, speculating over what could be, wringing our hands over this stuff doesn't do anybody any good.

We have awesome players...phenomenal talent...on the 2011 team, even without the Tat5.  We have a great staff of assistant coaches.  Heacock's defenses are flat nasty.  Luke Fickell is an awesome coach.  Our RBs really aren't the most talented guys, but they get coached up and run lights out.

Vacating wins sucks.  And I hate that this could be the case.  But it won't change my recollection of owning scUM in 2010 regardless of what the NCAA record books say.  It won't change my recollection of beating Iowa with a huge scramble by TP and a monster catch by Sanzenbacher.  And it sure as heck won't change how I finished 2nd in a pick-em group by picking Ohio State over Arkansas with max confidence points, AND the pickem group was all Arkansas fans.

Consider this as well:  do you really think that Tressel belongs in the same category as Pete Carroll, who lets agents in his locker room?  Do you think that Tressel is there with Lane Kiffin?  Do you think that Tressel is there with Saban, or other coaches who over-recruit, over-sign, and then guys who thought they had scholarships get put out to JuCo pasture for a year because they didn't "make the cut?"  This centers around a coach not being responsive the way some pencil-neck at the NCAA would like to some guys who sold THEIR property (<$10K in value).  It happens to be against NCAA rules, but that's not even in the same planet as the stuff that happens elsewhere.  I think it's disturbing that so many people are looking at Tressel as if he has this huge shadow around him now.  What do you think his motivations were when this stuff was happening?  Do you think it was something like "if I have to cheat to win, that's what I'm doing?"  Or do you think it was more "I'm going to handle family business in the family?"  Like every other person who leads an organization is going to do from time to time.  I'm taking the latter.  I thnk most in the media are pointing to the former.  Maybe the actions are the same, and the consequences should be the same, but the motivations are very different.  Maybe I'm in the minority, but I hate hearing how fans listen to Cowherd and Mandel on this and start nodding their heads.  They don't care about OSU--they care about glamourizing a story for ratings or web hits.

2002 graduate of The Ohio State University
National champs.  Coincidence?

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And while I'm at it, this says what I'm thinking better than I did:

2002 graduate of The Ohio State University
National champs.  Coincidence?

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Honestly I am not worried about next year at all.  I wasn't expecting  next years squad to run the table even with the tat 5 so I am really not worried about any fallout.  What worries me is the possible affect on recruiting in the next few years and the possibility of vacating last year's wins.  Good for Tressel taking a 5 game suspension but it doesnt change anything.  All of this self-imposed junk means nothing until the NCAA gives their judgement.  I honestly think we are going to lose scholarships and vacate last year.  The NCAA took way too much heat from the Sugar Bowl to take it easy on the Bucks this time.  Below is an article on what happened to the last few coaches who lied to the NCAA.

I know I am being pessimistic but I just feel like we are not going to get out of this one easy.  Either way Go Bucks!


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Really.  You point out that article to draw comparisons to what Tressel did?  None of those incidents were self reported.  All of them involved actions that were much worse than what occurred in Columbus.  None of them involved any extenuating circumstances that could be used to justify any of the actions (not saying that the extenuating circumstances in JT's case will have any effect on the outcome).  Just goes to show that once you screw up, no matter the degree,  you are thrown in with some pretty unsavory characters.  Kind of like jaywalking and getting thrown in jail with a bunch of rapists.  I would hate to have you on a jury if I were guilty of shop lifting a pack of gum.  I'd probably get 50 years. 

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I don't think the NCAA will add to the suspension. Maybe more of a monetary fine, and maybe a year or two of probation. But not adding to JT's suspension.

Not worried about the 5 games either. This team will be prepared. This will pass. Plus JT and staff are very good about circling the wagons.

Someone said the NCAA was on campus in February. Was that 2010 or 2011?


Remember this was a federal investigation, this gives him some cover.