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By poguemahone on December 10, 2010 at 10:00a

 Jim Tressel is handsomely compensated. If you're wondering just how handsomely compensated, USA Today is more than willing to lay out for you the various ways in which the university rewards him for averaging 11 wins a season since 2006: Tressel gets his own private jet (but only for twenty hours of personal use per year), a golf course membership for him and his wife, and, should he be (gasp) terminated for "any reason other than 'for cause'", he will receive a cool three million dollars when it happens. Oh, and he also earns a base salary of more than 600,000 on top of that. It's good be the Vest.

 Blocking 265-pound DTs from the MWC is very impressive, sure. The guy who helped pull together the 2008 recruiting class was named a finalist for the Rimington Trophy as the nation's best center but unfortunately did not win it. Even so, Brewster should be commended for what he's given to the Buckeye program over the last three seasons. He is easily the Buckeyes' best lineman, and came to Ohio State as an All-Everything OT/C prospect from Florida, with offers from all the big name schools. He committed to play for Ohio State despite a recent history of offensive line struggles and, over the course of the past couple seasons, has helped turn those struggles at least partially around. This year's offensive line might be the most consistent at Ohio State since Nick Mangold's senior year in 2005. Much credit goes to Brewster, but also to maligned offensive line coach Jim Bollman, whose multiple personnel changes have molded this line into one of the top three in the Big Ten, and arguably one of the top ten nationally. Both Mikes, Adams and Brewster, have had breakout junior seasons and are locks to make NFL rosters, and Boren is already a first-day pick. I'll be interested to see where Bryant Browning goes in this April's NFL draft, as it has been really fun to see the transition he's made from overwhelmed sophomore OT to roadgrading senior OG over the last two seasons. Hopefully, Brewster will return in 2011 along with classmates Adams and JB Shugarts to close out his Buckeye career and get his degree.

 Coach Petrino is available for every position at any time. Oh please, let this create a distraction: if Florida whiffs on the bleeding-obvious Dan Mullen hire, they may go after Bobby Petrino, the Arkansas News writes:

The Sporting News said in a story Wednesday night Petrino is “at the top of the list” after being a finalist for the job Meyer won in 2004. ESPN college football analyst Mark Schlabach also made a strong statement regarding Petrino during a television appearance earlier in the day.

So yeah, the evidence for Petrino being a likely choice isn't exactly compelling, but could provide a useful distraction for the Buckeyes in the days leading up to the game if the choice hasn't been made by that point. Personally, Mullen seems like a fait accompli to me, but my prognostication skills are Luke-esque, so I probably shouldn't be listened to.

 Quick hits. Arkansas' bevy of talented receivers now includes a John Mackey Award winner, Nebraska officials are denying that Bo Pelini is a candidate for the Miami vacancy, Kevin "mmm donuts" Newsome is planning to transfer, and your commissioner, Jim Delany, is one of the bigger BCS advocates among conference commissioners.


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Can someone name me another OSU lineman in recent memory with as many false start penalties as JB Shugarts? Before we even lineup to play, we should be marked back 20 yards on the opening drive (unless we take a knee) to account for the Shugarts yardage allowance. That way we can get it out the way since he has a penchant for drawing that penalty at crucial times in the game. Tress needs to do something with him before the bowl game. he may cost us a few points.    

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someone i know here on campus yelled "Hey JB, what's the snap count" @ him one night and he completely lost it- darn near came to fisticuffs. but my gawd, was it hilarious lol

How firm thy friendship

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Thats his problem, its in his head now. Thinking about not doing it and not focusing on his responsibility.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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Atleast 3/game since week 5. Terrible man. On the road, I kinda get it. But at home? Channeling my best Ari Gold voice and body language "GET THE F*CK OUT!"

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Miles to Michigan didn't distract the 2007 Tigers.  It's not a distraction unless it cuts into Petrino prep time.

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Peter King's article on today.  May just have to become a Bills fan.  Coach Chan Gailey on Harvard grad QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, quote


One last good Gaileyism on Fitzpatrick. I asked him if Fitzpatrick was much of a Harvard guy on the field, and this was his money quote:

"His demeanor in meetings and practice is Harvard. His play on Sunday is Ohio State.''

Read more:

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Great post Scottie. R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Chan Gailey. He could've picked any school.....

Don't text while driving.

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Did anyone see the replay of Lee Corso winning the lifetime achievement award last night?  Good stuff, his emtion really showed how hard of a time he's had since the stroke.  Herbie was brought to tears too.  I he's out there, but I love Corso, glad to see him get recoginzed for all he's done.  Those guys are all pros.  Fowler and Herbie do a great job, I even like Desmond.  I don't neccessarily care for all the human interest stories they do now, but I love when they pick'em and it's always awesome when they are on campus.

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I totally agree with this.  There's only one Lee Corso; he's irreplacable.  I happen to think that Kirk Herbstreit is one of the very best in the business, too.  I love Desmond, and he's a wonderful guy, but he's the backup on that crew.

Re: Tressel and his golf club membership... Does JT play much golf?  Is he any good?  Where does he play? 

Bo Schembechler once said, "Show me a football coach who is a good golfer and I'll show you a lousy football coach."  Bo never played.  Woody never played, right?  Even though he went out of his way to travel with Charlie Nicklaus to go and watch Jack Nicklaus, isn't that true?  Fielding Yost hated golf, according to my grandfather who roomed with Yost on road trips.  But Yost retained Alister Mackenzie (Cypress Point, Augusta National, Pasatiempo, OSU Scarlet) to design Michigan's golf course, with instructions to design the best collegiate course in America.  Gary Moeller plays a little golf, but only casually and only to keep up with the other OSU football alumni.  Lloyd Carr never cared much about golf, but was known to play a bit if it was important for one of his causes.  Rich Rodriguez is a pretty fair player; he likes to get out on the course with his young son, it's a southern thing.  I expect that the SEC is filled with a bunch of football coaches and assistants who can tear it up pretty good on the golf course.

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From what I heard Tress doesn't play much golf but his wife does. She's supposed to be pretty good.

Long live the southend.

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"Show me a football coach who is a good golfer and I'll show you a lousy football coach." 

And Woody said "Show me a gracious loser, and I'll show you a busboy."

I dont know Phil Jackson does yoga in Austrailia with Russel Crowe and he's got 11 titles, go figure.


“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

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Oh, you just had to mention Rusell Crowe, didn't you? 

Yes you did: