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Comment 29 Dec 2019
What a great season and the future is bright. Unfortunately, the better team did not prevail. Credit Clemson as they made just enough plays at critical moments in the game,but benefited from questionable officiating and a handful of unfortunate and uncharacteristic mishaps. Proud of the product that was put on the field this year. Day is proven and expect them to be more hungry for next season as everyone got amazing experience that will carry over into the off season.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
I am here because of that link. He's literally jogging going through the motions. This is the same fan base that got super excited thinking that UNC beat a BIG10 team in Temple bahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Comment 01 Oct 2019
Just finished watching MSU vs. Indiana. MSU offensive and defensive lines are not impressive as Indiana controlled the line of scrimmage most of the game. MSU center and left tackle are definitely vulnerable and certainly will have a long night. I expect Chase to play primarily on the left tackle, Lewerke blind side. Lewerke is much improved. He sees the weak spots in the defense and gets the ball out quickly, and is accurate. He also has live legs. Their run game is anemic which goes back to the play of Oline. MSU defense plays a lot of different fronts from 2,3,4 down linemen and do a good job mixing up the coverage. With that said, Penix (Indiana Qb) did a good job seeing the field and their WR were able to get YAC. MSU tackling is average in space. Penix and company could have sent the dagger if he connected with his reciever, wide open, in the 4th quarter with 13:30 remaining of this catch was made. I don't necessarily see this being a offensive test. They are very comparable to Indiana. Last but not least, MSU special team is suspect. I am calling for a punt block/return or return kickoff. Garret Wilson may be that player to take one to the house. I really stay away from, this team beat that team-we beat that team because it is all about personel and match ups. If OSU plays the game they have shown thus far, there is no chance for MSU. I am all in... They pass the eye test. If they play their game on all 3 phases- 48-3. 2017 repeat, but better.
Comment 30 Sep 2019
Not sold on MSU defense this year, nor believe this team has a Urban slip against them or anyone else. They are laser focused and it shows as they clearly look the part of a number 1 team in the country. No East Lansing cold rain to question. Their offense is not good and this defense is making statements, they answered the questions and pass the eye test.... So I'll make one, 55-6 OSU. Larry Johnson throwing his headset in the 4th quarter with the 2nd string says everything. Every facet has incrementally gotten better and haven't unleashed the tool box because the TE have been out of play in the passing game.
Comment 19 Sep 2019
Screw it, let Michigan continue on their path. No truer words have been spoken when Braylon said, "they hate us". Buckeye Nation is bigger than the Big House, and yes, fuck the whole state of Michigan when it comes to football. I have no question Ryan day and this offensive staff is "light years" ahead of Don Brown defense. Ryan day will find the "fish" based on Urban analysis. Brandon Watson was the fish in 2018.