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Comment 20 May 2019

Kiffin just signaled ‘touchdown’. I think we’ll be fine. 

FSU was terrible last year, including the OL. Having said that, Francois didn’t seem like he had a good feel for the game and he left himself open to shot after shot after shot. It’s amazing he’s still in one piece. I don’t think that’s something that’ll get fixed, especially when he’s playing with FAU talent. He might make noise against opponents equal to FAU, but not the big boys. 

Comment 20 May 2019

A son and daughter and they’re ready to move out?  Man, life comes at you fast when you’re Nick Bosa and you have $22m. 

1.  The house. 

2.  The everyday vehicle. I have no idea what driving around San Francisco is like, but I’m partial to a double cab.

3.  The fun vehicle, most likely German. Fit would be a determining factor. 

Comment 20 May 2019

Just finishing his Freshman year at TAMU as a preferred walk on, so he could be here for four years. I wonder how he was on Day’s radar, and vice versa. 

Comment 17 May 2019

We destroyed a TTUN team that was penciled in for the CFP last year, and it got us ... ?  Them having a great record or a bad record has nothing to do with whether it helps or hurts us. Just win. And F TTUN. 

Comment 11 May 2019

Is that where one kid was charged with two counts of sexual battery, and the roommate is transferring because he tried to switch rooms early in the fall semester and Mullen wouldn’t let him, upsetting both the kid and the parents greatly in the process?

Comment 10 May 2019

Their D played with a short field all night, which contributed to the yardage metrics. The other thing about our D that year was we played Heacock’s classic “bend, don’t break” scheme. The gamble was that if you kept everything in front and made the opponent go 10-12 plays to score, they’d be likely to make a mistake, resulting in a punt or TO, before they scored points. That worked really well until The Game (although that should’ve been an easy 11 point win Instagram of giving up a late TD using a scheme where we were dropping Freshman Rob Rose into coverage) and then the MNCG.

Our LBs spent all night (and much of the season) dropping ten yards deep at the snap, and Florida just chewed up the intermediate gaps. The shame was that we did nothing to adjust the game plan to put pressure on their O while our own offense was struggling. And as I am sure Urban had countermoves ready for our D, he never had to do anything differently. 

Land for those who weren’t there to witness the Debacle in the Desert, Urban could’ve done anything he wanted in the second half, but he just ran down the clock. 41-14 was just about the absolute best it could’ve turned out once the game started. It could’ve been so much worse. 

Comment 10 May 2019

The “insider” info in the days leading up to the game was fantastic. We read about all the former Buckeyes who were in Glendale, all apparently raving (we never saw direct quotes) about how prepared and dialed in OSU coaches and players were. It was going to be a shellacking (and, really, the only ones picking Florida before the game were doing so just to be different. And they admitted it. 

After the game?  The “insiders” said they felt something bad was coming because all the former Buckeyes were getting in the faces of the players, telling them to get focused because they weren’t at all ready to play. It was a complete 180-degree turnaround after the game. 

Comment 08 May 2019

Option 2, but primarily because I think this new era of college football free agency is going to cause it to take a couple steps backwards. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily of the opinion that 18 year olds should be locked into their decisions with little to no flexibility to change. However, I think the ability to move quickly and the pressure (lots of articles immediately after the season predicting who will leave, and to where) drives players to jump ship instead of digging in and becoming part of something bigger than themselves. The moment the OSU football program becomes like Dook or Kentucky basketball, it’s going to take something out of it for me. I’d much rather take the path Izzy took - deliberately staying away from the one-and-dones, working hard to build a team of guys who are all in, and work to build a TEAM, rather than a group of individuals wearing the jersey for a year. 

Comment 05 May 2019

I also looked up why he only had 4 TDs after getting 13 the year before. Pete Johnson was a goal line monster, and scored 25 TDs in Archie’s Sr year, and had over 1,000 yards rushing.  Madden always said about Troy Aikman that he never saw a QB with so many completions down to the 1 yard line, and then Emmitt Smith would punch it in and get credit for the TD. 

Archie also won the Maxwell and Walter Camp POY awards his Sr year. 

Comment 04 May 2019

From the OP:

Some ground rules

1. Must be a current CFB HC
2. Let's make it interesting and take the devil in khakis up north off the list, as that is easy and boring.  He's an awful booger eater. You know this. 

Comment 04 May 2019

Tressel stuck with Zwick, even though most were calling for Troy as the ‘04 Buckeyes limped to 3-3, losing to Northwestern in OT (unheard of back then), needing a 55 yard FG with 0:00 on the clock to beat Marshall by 3, and then getting pummeled by Iowa. Zwick got hurt in that game, giving Tressel no choice but to play Troy, and Troy just took it and never gave it back. Had Zwick been even just average, I don’t see Tressel making the switch. 

Comment 04 May 2019

Archie was about five years before my time, but I have to imagine that even back then, the only way he got two was because he was that special and that deserving as a player. There are plenty of players who flash early, but then every flaw gets picked apart during the next year, and the Heisman prognosticators seem to be married to the “Purdue rule” - 12 good games can’t automatically get you in, but one off game definitely rules you out. 

So even if they have a better year by every metric in the second year, they flaws ultimately weigh them down. I fully expect Lawrence to go wire to wire this year for the Heisman, even with bad reads and missing passes that a middle schooler will make, but he leaves them inexplicably short, but those flaws will keep him from winning again in 2020.

Comment 04 May 2019

It’s funny, but guys like Muschamp  don’t bother me only because he’s in over his head (and doesn’t seem to be aware of it). There are coaches who would probably be hall of gamers as a coordinator, and Muschamp could be one. But he’s not HC material, especially at a Power 5 school. 

Comment 04 May 2019

Meh. This is what makes college football so great. Even with Baldwin here, Fields was the presumed starter, but hadn’t locked it down, apparently. We still have little idea what his floor or ceiling will be in 2019, but it’ll be quite a rush finding out. And we thought Pridgeon was going to come in and man the RT spot, yet it took him two years to work his way into the lineup as a guard. When Weber was banged up at the start of 2017, it took Dobbins one game to become a star. There’s all sorts of talent on this team, and a bunch of it is on D, which should provide a little bit of time for the younger players on O to grow and step up. Should be yet another fantastic ride!

Comment 03 May 2019

WVU under RichRod would’ve been a cakewalk. They had White and Slaton, both of whom were special talents, but that was it. RichRod ran the same undersized OL scheme that he failed miserably with at TTUN, and they had no defense. The only teams they played with any physicality were USF and Pitt. In both cases, especially USF, they had the D scheme figured out, completely.

Rather than penetrating and being aggressive, they just had thei DL get their hands under the oads of the skinny OL and moved them laterally down the LOS, whichever direction the ball was heading. They used the OL to pack in the zone, take away running lanes and make it impossible for the runner to squirt through. Then they brought the backside backer down to pinch the play and eliminate any potential for reversing field. They were pinned in, they took hits, and Slaton went to the bench. We would’ve destroyed them. 

Comment 03 May 2019

Tom Herman. The dude is petty trash, and I wonder if his Asian massage with the happy ending took place at the same parlor that Kraft was busted. When you get beat, whether it’s on the field or in recruiting, take it like a man. His time will come. 

Comment 03 May 2019

Great point, Earle. The ACC is trash, and Clemson can lose a game they have no business losing, yet its so easily dismissed by ESPN. We slip, yet are the class of the B1G and win the CCG, yet we don’t get an invite to their Holiday Tournament. It’s ludicrous. 

Comment 30 Apr 2019

Even with the defensive struggles last year, everything seemed to come together for The Game. Patterson ended up with that sideways grimace play after play, just like so many recent TTUN QBs before him. I know he said they were looking past the Buckeyes and in to the CCG, but he had no answers for the athleticism on D. 

Comment 29 Apr 2019

2015 was glorious. When ABC showed the footage of all the TTUN fans streaming out of the stadium with 8:30 left in the game, and people were questioning what it would take to get them to stay for four full quarters was priceless. They felt they were entitled to have the game given to them after Sparty beat us. Just like 2018, they didn’t realize they had to actually win the game to move on.