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Comment 23 May 2018

I grew up listening to Elton John on the radio, but was never really a fan for whatever reason.  What turned me around on him was the scenes in Almost Famous, first with 'Tony Danza', and the kicker was 'Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters'.  Great scene, phenomenal song, and it roped me in.  After going back and listening to a number of his albums with fresh ears, I was really impressed with the musicianship of 11-17-70, cut live for a radio program.  It's a different Elton John than the one I was familiar with.  A great listen.

Comment 22 May 2018

It’s not just “Dabo”. His brother called him “dat boy” as a kid. Wouldn’t use his real name.  Had a habit of chewing on marbles when he talked. It came out sounding like “Dabo”. 

Hes built something at Clemson, though, and he’s pretty much done it on his own. Good assistants, attacking mentality, and great recruiting. We go head to head a lot, and it seems like he gets more than we do. Somewhat a product of his assistants, but he’s the guy building the culture. He gets a lot of credit in my book. 

Comment 22 May 2018

Harbaugh beat USC when he was at Stanford. 

Comment 21 May 2018

The 1980s started out strongly for Walsh with the release of the album "There Goes the Neighborhood" in 1981. From that point through today Walsh has struggled to put together a full album of quality songs. Don't get me wrong, each Joe Walsh album from 1981 on has a song or two that reminds you that you're in the company of greatness, but you're basking in the reflected glow of that greatness rather than wincing in pain from greatness' full frontal assault.

Stevie Nicks has said that Joe Walsh was the love of her life, but if they stayed together, they both would have died from pharmaceutical overindulgence. I wonder how much of this played into his struggles to put together cohesive albums from 1981 on. 

Comment 20 May 2018

Connor was a five star for a team that was highly run-oriented. He went to one of the winter all star games (probably Army) and it was clear from the moment he got there that he would struggle to develop in pass blocking. Just got dominated, and the writing was on the wall. 

Comment 20 May 2018

It’s amazing to be able to play at that high level, but lose the passion for the game. When Justin Boren transferred from TTUN, he was basically done with football. Lost his passion for it and was disinterested. Yet he found it again long enough to be a solid contributor here, and to bring along his two little brothers. I’m still 100% convinced that had we not moved Zach from FB to LB mid season, there’s no way we finish 12-0 or beat TTUN. He had phenomenal instincts as a LB, but not quite big or athletic enough. Still was one of the best players on the field. 

Mike Adams was a big one for me.  He was a monster OT, but struggled to make any headway here. He allegedly didn’t work hard (or at all) and didn’t gain the coaches’ trust. It supposedly got so bad that when he didn’t work in practice, the coaches would make him run laps after practice and he would pout the entire way, even walking some laps. He contemplated quitting, but ended up starting for two years at LT. He was serviceable, but really did a disservice to his talents. 

DBs as a whole - Eugene Clifford toked his way out of an opportunity, James Scott blew people up on special teams as a Frosh, then was out of the program without ever making a mark. Dominic Clarke seemed poised to make his mark as a DB in 2012, but got himself run once Urban got here. Collateral damage, probably, but he could have been something had he built on the 2011 season. 

Comment 20 May 2018

Man, it came down to Small and Derrell Johnson. Johnson got some bad advice (or no advice most likely) when he transferred in HS. Holbrook wanted all football players to not only meet minimum standards on ACT and GPA, but each player had to be in the Top 50% in their class.  Had he stayed at Campbell, he might have made it. After transferring to Mooney, he didn’t. (These were the days when Tress struggled to even issue a formal offer to a kid unless he had his ACT scores already in good shape). Holbrook allegedly allowed Tressel one flier per year - one offer to a kid who didn’t quite meet the minimums, but would be eligible by NCAA standards. That year it came down to DJ or Small. DJ worked his butt off to raise grades and was all Buckeye. Small was from Glenville and ultimately given the offer. Sucked. 

And Brewster was always brought in to be a Center. The OT designation didn’t mean anything. 

Comment 20 May 2018


Comment 20 May 2018

Clemson’s DC does that. He wears suspenders and has some 300 lb GA there to pull him back so he doesn’t get penalized. I get the passion aspect, but if your DC isn’t disciplined enough to keep himself from getting penalties, then why would you expect his team to play with passion, but with clear heads?  Schiano has been in the booth for much of his time here, but they felt they were missing something on D early on, so they brought Schiano out of the booth and put him on the field. And how did he respond?  He spent the Army game, his first on the field, jumping around like a man out of control, GA in place to keep him from running out and making tackles. Was this Schiano?  Was this what we were going to be seeing for the rest of the season?  If the GA dropped the ball, were we gonna pick up sideline penalties at a rate unknown to mankind?  Nope. By the next week, he somehow found a way to focus on the play sheet and looked was cool, calm and collected for the rest of the season. Amazing. 

That’s why I love this pic. It looks genuine - a guy focused on his unit in a crucial moment of a big game, and his GA is there just in case. The intensity is real, not made for TV. 

Comment 13 May 2018

We have tremendous depth at certain positions - RB is ridiculous now. We have striuggled with consistency on the OL for the last three years, need a second safety to step up, and are super top heavy with little depth at DE. We cannot afford a single injury there. Fortunately, DT is loaded. Really hated to see Joe Burrow go as well. Well need the backup at some point, and id hate to see us turn back to having all that skill talent blocking for a rinning QB again. Lots of positions still need to step up by fall. 

Comment 09 May 2018

The wife drives a Highlander, and it’s been a really dependable vehicle. I think they call them “today’s minivan”, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The main difference you’ll probably find is the Highlander is going to handle more like a car, and the 4Runner is going to handle more like a truck based on how they’re built. 

Comment 06 May 2018

Based on some of the off-season comments by players, Haskins seems to be the guy and anything other than Haskins being named the starter will cement Urban’s reputation of playing the guys he loves the most over playing the best for the team. That’ll be an issue. 

Based on the fact that he has yet to name Haskins, and continued to downplay Haskins all last season, I don’t get the impression Haskins is the guy he loves the most. Who is?  Martell. If Burrows stays, he’ll be the only one of the three who doesn’t play, even though he would be the backup to Haskins. I just get the feeling that we are loading up on weapons at the skill positions, only to watch Tate gets some packages where we get to see more of the dazzle dazzle offense, where Dobbins/Weber/Teague/Snead get to showcase their lead blocker skills, and the WRs never work to get separation because they know they’ll need to stay close to their cover man so they can turn and lock him up when the running QB breaks the line of scrimmage. 

Comment 19 Apr 2018

I actually posted this on tTwitter when it was announced that Arnette would be #46.  I don't think Arnette is as talented as a cover man as some other DBs on the roster, but theres no question he's one of the highest motor guys, and probably the epitome of a 4-6 second effort guy.  I am hoping this becomes a badge of honor for a Senior, something thats earned. A new tradition. 

Comment 06 Mar 2018

I remember watching that game when he went down, and it really wasn't anything more than a football play going to the sidelines.  But he didn't get up, the helicopter took him away, and some weird stuff came out in the aftermath.  I remember reading that he had suffered a concussion earlier in the year and struggled to regain his normal speech.  IIRC, he actually had to go to a speech therapist to work on it.  Scary stuff.  Hopefully he is fully recovered and will have no long lasting effects from his football career.  It's a physical sport.

Comment 26 Feb 2018

We are saving about $100, don’t pay for any equipment and cancel for 6 months out of the year. I think the month to month is what I like most about the streaming programs. Now, we also pay for HBO when we get a few series we want to see, and same with Showtime. So it’s easy to get the overall costs up there. I just don’t see any options to get ESPN or BTN for football season a la carte anywhere. If you can get someone’s password, I’d guess it’d get real cheap. 

Comment 26 Feb 2018

I used PSVue for the first time this year, no PlayStation required. ESPN, 2, U, NBCSN, CBS Sports Network and BTN with all the alternate channels. $45/mo, month to month with no contract. Best service I’ve found. 

Comment 24 Feb 2018

Not a surprise, given the lack of development in AA on the OL.  Ed can coach, without a doubt, but one of his deficiencies at OSU was in recruiting.  TTUN has a big problem right now with a bunch of older, former NFL coaches who want the GM to assemble a roster of players for them, and they don't realize they need to get out and sell themselves and the program to a bunch of 17 year olds.  Ed is going to have to be a rock in recruiting to carry the other guys, which is quite a turn of events from is OSU days.  I think he got a bit of a raw deal here, so I'd like to see him have some success, but not up there, of course.  It's odd - just a few years back we were worried about some program coming along and snatching him up as a HC.  Now he's back where he started, working his way up.