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Comment 21 Feb 2018

Fantastic goal, IMO.  Even if he never plays again, I'd love to see him get physically ready to play and choose to walk away over never being able to get back to that point physically.  It's a mindset, IMO.

Comment 20 Feb 2018

This is interesting. Whenever I go to Disney, I see people in Buckeye gear all the time. When we get close, I always try to make eye contact and give an “O-H-!”, or a “Go Bucks!”  If I don’t have gear on, the success rate is very low. Sometimes in get a delayed Go Bucks back, but often people just kind of glance and keep walking by, as if someone else dressed them that morning. It got so bad one year that I got the yips. My kids were laughing because I was 1 for 13 at one point, struggling to get a return pro-Bucks comment. I actually started sizing people up as I walked by them, trying to evaluate and think through who might respond, and who wouldn’t. That got my kids rolling even harder. Man, it’s rough out there sometimes. 

Comment 17 Feb 2018

I have my brother get me some 11W swag for our Christmas gift exchanges - I send him the link and he orders. He’s a big Buckeye fan, lives in Cbus, and wears Buckeye gear. He grabbed one of the 11W trucker hat a few years back and wears it quite a bit, even though he’s not on the board. I talked to him at Christmas this past year and noticed that it’s still his go to hat. I asked him if he ever gets comments, and he said “there have been people who recognize it as 11W, and they’ll start talking to me about it. You guys are kinda like a cult, aren’t you?”  

Comment 11 Feb 2018

Wisconsin recruits for their system. They get some good athletes, and primarily get guys who are going to be there 4-5 years. At least they know who they’re going to be year in, year out, rather than spending $9MM on a HC, over $1MM per year on three of their assistants, and end up with way too many question marks every year. They embrace who they are without overreaching. 

Comment 09 Feb 2018

What a fantastic thread, honestly. I actually don’t hold much hope for Greshmen, as we say we want them to play right out of the gate but they somrarely do. And it’s fantastic that there are so many legit choices for who will make the first or biggest impacts. I’d say WR is unlikely, because we rarely see Frost out there and we bring almost everybody back. So deep. DL depth offers an opportunity for a number of guys, but it usually takes a year to let Mick do his work on the DL guys, and often two years for the OL guys. Rucker is supposed to be special. But we have two decent TEs on the roster who don’t get a lot of PT. With Baugh gone, and Alexander retiring, I think there’s a real opportunity there.

I also think one of the RBs  could get a break. If we do truly start moving away from the QB running 12-20times a game, there are plenty of carries to be had. Jaelen Gill could get some of those at the H. Snead or Teague could get some. It’s probably just me, but I never get the impression the staff is sold on Weber. He was the only option in 2016, but we still wouldn’t feed him in big games, and I think there is concern about ball security. He was out a long time last year, too, although he looked much improved once he did play. If he isn’t ready to dominate from the get go, I could see one of the two Frosh taking his carries. We’ll see. 

Comment 06 Feb 2018

Crazy day. Con apparently calls Urban ten minutes before he is set to announce and says “you know I’m in, Coach, right?”  Urban says “no, I don’t”. That leads to a bunch of scrambling to come up with the extra scholly, which leads to us asking Johnny Towhshend to take a gray shirt. By 4:00, he was on his way to Bama, which fell through, and then Florida, leaving us with a potential hole at punter. That summer, we got some Aussie dude that proved he could kick a little bit. 

Comment 04 Feb 2018

Less than encouraging update from Tafoya after the initial report, but that's not surprising given that it came from ESPN and not from the Shaziers themselves.  They've kept all of the information so close to the vest, but that isn't to say his recovery isn't going well.  A struggle to be sure, but if he gets back to walking on his own, fully recovered, that will be the greatest news.  Keep moving forward, Buckeye!

Comment 04 Feb 2018

Whether we get him or not, I love that we’re loading up on RBs now. 2016 was thin with Weber really being the only serviceable option. Williams looked noticeably stronger and more confident running this year, but with Mikey down early, we were left relying on a true (albeit very talented) freshman. And when Mikey has ball security issues, we seem very willing to park him on the bench. Take a way the QB carries of the last four years and we’re going to need much better depth at RB. If we need Thomas as that goal line guy, then let’s get him. If he’s going to compete with the others for carries, then let’s use the s holly elsewhere and grab two more RB studs next year. 

Comment 04 Feb 2018

Sanders is unreal. When you go back to previous decades, a lot of teams had a stable of RBs, guys stayed in school for four years, so a young 18-19 year old kid isn’t gong to fully supplant a Senior. I wouldn’t recommend looking only at single seasons for these rankings, but you have to consider growth when comparing stats. As for Sanders, Oklahoma State had Thurman Thomas in their backfield in the class two years ahead of Sanders, a guy who is in both the college and Pro football halls of fame, and was a key to Buffalo’s four straight Super Bowl appearances. 

Comment 04 Feb 2018

The pics from UPMC that accompanied their news of his “discharge” showed him standing, and with a support brace on his left leg. It was hard to tell if he was using the people around him to support him, but it was great to see him standing up with seemingly limited support equipment. Also, info on this has been so tight, I’m surprised ESPN is the first outlet to say anything about it, not Shazier himself. Hoping for a full recovery, and a long, healthy life. 

Comment 31 Jan 2018

The only thing I recall is when MTV played the heck out of Avalon, which wasn't a great introduction for a teenage angsty-kid, even though I'd seen their album covers dozens of times.  I never went back and listened to them until an episode of How I Met Your Mother used "Mother of Pearl" in an ending scene of a show.  Couldn't believe I hadn't heard anything from their earlier years.  Much different than what my impression had been.

Comment 30 Jan 2018

This is close. I think there’s a reason Urban didn’t commit to Haskins this year. Tate runs the spread the way Urban wants, and there seems to be a desire to have a running QB who can shot put over a passing QB who can lunge. I’d put Tate at the top to start the offseason and see where it goes from there. 

Comment 30 Jan 2018

Is this really any worse than other made up rankings out there, like ESPN’s FPI or QBR?  

Comment 28 Jan 2018

Talk about grade inflation.  Where do the skeptics lie on this list?

Isn't the highest IQ you can get from the test a 162?  How is an average 234?  99.5% of all people tested lie between 60 and 140, yet there are that average greater than 140?  c'mon, man.

Comment 23 Jan 2018

This is more than ten years old now, but still a great article on Buckeye Nation. 

People outside Buckeye Nation will tell you OSU could have its hands full with Jeff Smoker and the Spartans. Outside Columbus, folks'll tell you they're still not sure how the low-octane OSU offense managed to help the defense win the national title last year. They'll tell you this year's team, even at 8-1, is a smoke-and-mirrors crew that can't put points on the board. They'll tell you they've got all kinds of respect for the defense; but beyond that, they just can't quite understand how the Buckeyes keep winning.

But I can tell you.

I can tell you where that one point that beat Penn State last Saturday came from, and I can tell you where lies the best chance of sending MSU home sad this weekend. It's in the faithful. It's in the faith. This is the thing that gives the Buckeyes an edge, the Ohio State spirit, the unwavering practice of devotion, devotion the way Woody would want it, and the way John Cooper never could understand. It's a thing so deep it has no roots, so wide it's got no shores. It's a thing that can't be contained, can't be kept under a bushel, or left lying quiet in a heart. It's a thing that has to be sung out, made manifest.


Comment 22 Jan 2018

If he's 80 and still coaching as a high performing DC, he just might be one of those folks who is afraid that if they stop doing what they love, there'll be nothing to get out of bed for.  Not saying that's the case, but there are plenty of people who feel the need to keep churning instead of relaxing.  Especially as they age.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

If the iPod allows apps, get Spotify.  Similar to what folks are saying about itunes, and can listen to most of what's out there, sample new music, download songs and albums for offline use, etc.  Best way to get new tunes, IMO, then you can buy them if that means that much to you.  Much of it will wear out before you ever think about purchasing.

Comment 20 Jan 2018

I agree with what you’re saying. I hnk there are a lot of coaches who would make better coordinators than HCs, primarily because there are fewer distractions at the coordinator level and they can focus more on football. I’m thinking of guys like Pelini - good record at Nebraska, but a stone cold killer as DC.  Guys who are specialists at what they do are keepers. LJ is himself a brand. If he was 55, he’d hand pick whatever recruits he wanted every year. 

Coombs is different. He is a flat out legend as a recruiter, and fills a role not many other coaches can fill. Certainly not crusty. 

Comment 20 Jan 2018

I f’n wonder who he’ll go after for his f’n staff. That’ll be something to f’n watch over the next few weeks. 

Comment 20 Jan 2018

Wait - is he really going as an off the field “Sr Analyst”?  And he interviewed for this?  Did PJ push him out to go find other opportunities?  He was rumored to be getting looks as HC just a few years back. Now he’s a consultant that doesn’t even work with players?  Weird.