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Comment 20 hours ago

No, they’re just lazy. And sloppy. I still hope this “nvesrigation” lays out a case for what was known, when it was known, how it should have been reported and when. And I’d expect that both for OSU internal actions, as well as the asinine reporting we’ve seen over the past three weeks. 

Comment 21 hours ago

11W is acknowledging the hell out of all the Snook stuff on their 11W Facebook page. It’s the wave of the future for 11W. You guys bought 12W was elite?  Wait until you check them out on the Facebook. 

Comment 15 Aug 2018

I think the defense as a whole, specifically the back 7. The weakest unit last year was the LBs, which better teams were able to manipulate to get out of position. Two of those three are gone, and Booker has never looked comfortable at LB. I’m really surprised he chose to finish out here, rather than get a fresh look somewhere else. Will the next guys step up, or is there a coaching issue there?  The DL, especially the interior, has quality depth, so that should take some of the pressure off. 

Safeties are another concern. We haven’t heard any discussion about “we have four and have to choose two”.  We’ve heard “we have one and are gonna have to put someone else out there with him”. With how we’ve recruited, that’s disheartening. At CB, I think we have our guys. Someone mentioned Arnette, who is physical, loves to hit, but doesn’t seem to play the ball well. I think we see him plenty this year, but he’s not the CB we need. Sheffield made big strides in the bowl game, Okudah seems solid, and Wade is getting some love. So hard to tell with limited info coming out of camp, but I think we’re fine at CB and DL. Can’t lose any depth at DE, though. 

Comment 14 Aug 2018

I’m guessing the final report this week will tell us enough about what was known, who knew it, etc., up through and including HR. Unanticipated question or not, I have to believe the program was ready for this line of questioning to be introduced at some point, and likely by a program with something to gain from our losses. 

I still would like to know why Zach was asked to interview elsewhere this offseason, where he interviewed, and whether he ever got to a point where they would be doing background checks. Texas beat writers were “asking targeted questions” about his background several days before it became a story, and I’m wondering who was feeding them. I hope we get that kind of detail this week. 

Comment 14 Aug 2018

Probably doing OSU a favor here. On one hand, if Urban lost his job we are in a significantly better place with our remaining staff than we were when Tressel’s boys had to take over, and the B1G is a much better conference now than it was in 2012. So a fall to 9-3 instead of 6-7 isn’t really that bad of a take, even if it’s just spitballing. However, whether Urban comes back or not, there’s no one in Buckeye nation that believes this is a 9-3 team. The recruiting, the coaching, the preparation, the talent, the culture is all better than that. Stewie just threw enough chips on the table for everyone on the roster to pick one up and carry it throughout the season. Game on. 

Comment 12 Aug 2018

He allegedly was scheduled to drop his son off at her apartment, and they arranged to meet at the clubhouse. When she wasn’t there, he went back to her apartment and she was waiting with her camera to catch him in an act of noncompliance. Not saying he’s not being a deliberate douchebag, but it seems two sided. 

Comment 12 Aug 2018

Talent was there, but difference in scheme was night and day. Press coverage came in 2014. Rugby tackling, no yards after contact, DBs playing tight in coverage and bringing arms up through the body to prevent catches - a huge difference that really didn’t come together until the last third of the season, and peaked at just the right time. Of all the highlights of the Urban era, the hiring of Chris Ash is far and away the biggest in my mind. 

Comment 12 Aug 2018

As much as this is seeming like a bad guy in a bad marriage who might be getting somewhat railroaded, there are enough character issues and damage done that he is way too toxic to return. Keep in mind that Day started working with WRs this year, long before we learned that Urban asked Zach to interview elsewhere. He was living on borrowed time. Unfortunately now, I’m not sure who would take him with all his baggage. Maybe FAU?

Comment 11 Aug 2018

This feeds into my opinion that a four team CFP is plenty. One is usually clear cut. Two and three are usually pretty obvious, although some years there is a dropoff from 2 to 3. Once you get to 4, their are three to six teams who can make a case. Yes, OSU won it all as a #4, but stretching to 8 teams that year likely wouldn’t have made an difference. Once we start throwing Washington or ND into the mix, we’re watering it down. 

Comment 11 Aug 2018

Whether true or not, I still want to know where Zach interviewed in the off-season, and if there’s a chance this stuff showed up in a background check. I’m wondering if it killed any potential offers, and if someone from one of those programs might have tipped off someone. 

Comment 11 Aug 2018

The beauty of the 2014 championship was that we overtook the power and talent of Bama and the speed and talent of Oregon to get the Natty. Even with four turnovers each game, we dominated overall and were the better team each game. If we believe we are in the discussion of being the best, then we need to take on the best, even though that presents the most risk. If Clemson is one of the four, so be it. Anytime, anyplace. 

Side note - I am of the opinion that there are only a select few programs who have the teams that can get through top opponents with speed and power. Obviously, us, Bama and Clemson are in that mix. Georgia is probably there. FSU has the talent, but not the coaching/infrastructure. Same with Oklahoma. We saw it with Auburn. The did what they needed to do against Bama, but then had nothing left in the tank, or depthwise, to even mount a challenge to Georgia. It takes a special team to be able to go back to back and come out as victors. TTUN isn’t there, nor is Sparty or PSU. None of the Pac12 teams, either. It’s a very short list.