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Comment 13 Sep 2017

Not at all brother. I could care less about JC or MP. Even if we do end up landing them next February I won't be running around the house throwing fist pumps in the air. These 2 cats need to learn a thing called "Respect". You see it everywhere these days with this entitled mentality. I don't really care if your an elite athlete if your an a-hole that will always follow you around and more then likely you will never reach your full potential.


Comment 28 Feb 2017

If you call throwing up arm punts all day good then all I can do is #smh Kid was def an improvement over Sackenburg with his mobility, but teams have seen what he is all about and can now scheme. He loses his top wideout option (Godwin) who never dropped anything and at times seemed that the ball stuck to his helmet - absolutely incredible.

Like JT he will need to show consistency


Comment 01 Jan 2017

Absolutely brilliant ^^^ if this was the corporate world UFM would be let go for that performance. Have so much respect for the man, but needs to stop being a complete control freak and go out and hire the best possible coaches and let them do their job (tOSU needs to start paying for top notch coaches). Everything flows through that head-set, so he is hearing ever play that is being called. If that was the plan that was worked on for a month then god help us - was absolutely pathetic. Then zero adjustments at half as they came out and still trying to run bubble screens with no blocking?!?

Need to grow a pair and fire Beck ASAP and go out and get Wilson or contact Linc Riley and pay the man to get the hell outta Sooner Nation and start competing with the big boyz. Christ should have walked across the field when shaking hands and pulled Clemson's OC aside and said we will pay you whatever you want. Kid is a rockstar.


Comment 02 Jun 2016

Give me Mr. Martell any day of the week. Love kids that everybody criticizes. The kid is a gamer. This isn't the NFL in college and in our system this kid will thrive. Don't forget how close he is to Lindsey as well. They are like brothers. If Tate commits you can sure bet we move into the drivers seat for TL. 

I don't get the recent fascination with all these Cali kids heading into the Corn fields #CultureShock 


Comment 18 May 2016

Honestly man kids these days just don't get it. They all think they are entitled to everything...these comments just show how f*cked up a world we live in.

Thug life! To Mr. Hand all it takes is one bad mistake to ruin yer life brah...keep it real.


Comment 09 May 2016

For whatever reason we seem to play scared vs. Sparty. Herman played conservative in the B1G championship and I know everyone wants Beck's head, but the weather and Zeke's health played a huge part in the loss last season.

Totally agree with you suggestions, but tempo the sh*t outta these fools. All these big physical D's can't last 4 quarters with the talent we have. Gotta be proactive rather then re-active IMO.