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Comment 21 Sep 2015

You almost have to start wondering if the QB hype and competition being so back and forth isn't adding a kind of pressure these two aren't used to. Now, not only do you have the game and CFP expectations as pressure but to be either one of these guys and have it in your head that there is a guy right behind you ready to step in... I dunno. Has to be at least a small contributor. They are forgetting a lot of fundamentals that are typically mastered quickly under an Urban Meyer offense, so at least some of it has to be mental strain..

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I can answer your question as a Cincy resident born and raised and as an Ohio State fan my entire life... Because I was there the exact moment it all started. I can't say I recall a UC fan speaking any type of slander against OSU before September 21st 2002. Now when I meet new people or try to talk to girls in bars its. "Oh you like football? What team is your favorite?" .... "Ohio State" .... "UGHH" ... "Sounds about right"

Comment 11 Dec 2014

At least he became a decent surfer

Comment 04 Dec 2014

I may have missed this elsewhere but does anyone know what jerseys we are wearing Saturday? 

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I'm not concerned about Barrett's rehab either.. especially considering he will actually GO to it. 

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Only slight I can remember is him calling out people that correct other people that don't put THE in front of Ohio State. Which let's face it, he's right. Other than that all I can remember is him calling it like it is. Like it or not we HAVE had overrated teams before. We have also had underrated ones. I can see why dudes like Mark May get hate because his bias towards OSU is completely unfounded. But Kirk just tries to maintain a level of unbias. I think it's clearer now more than ever he certainly doesn't have anything against us. And sorry but I think he's a good play by play announcer.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

I thought something was up when he was running the play clock all the way down when the game clock was obviously stopped. Good to know why now :)