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Comment 17 Nov 2019
Well, it's well known if you don't pimp yourself out to the recruiting services by doing their camps and participating in the recruiting hype game, they pretty much just give you three stars and rank you randomly somewhere outside of the top 300, no matter how good your high school film is. Saquan Barkley was a good example of that I think. Very easily a 5 star running back, just didn't pimp himself enough.
Comment 11 Nov 2019
Yikes! Other than being a little on the small side, he may be the most talented high school running back I've seen in the last 5 or so years. My only question would be how much power could he develop, how much muscle could he add and maintain that acceleration and top end speed. Dobbins did it, and Dobbins looked similar in High school with regard to breaking tackles.
Comment 11 Nov 2019
That's the thing. There's only one Barry Sanders, probably for all time. But to even be mentioned in the same breath, legitimately, puts you in very elite status.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
Everyone is missing the biggest reason why noon kickoffs can be problematic for the program. RECRUITING. Most high school games are played on Friday nights, so that's a tough turnaround for any recruits more than an hour or so outside of Columbus to come in for a game. I couldn't give two hoots about any of the other nonsense that doesn't really impact the program. Night games are nice, but they should be special occasions. We shouldn't be playing four or five a season. 3:30pm is probably the ideal time slot for everyone concerned outside of the Fox network.
Comment 01 Nov 2019
Harbaugh is a divisive character, so it's easy to see why UM fans either love him or hate him. But the fact is, he is performing on par with Bo Schembechler and Michigan's historical winning percentage. I actually think they'd be making a mistake to run him out of town. He may not be a great coach - those are exceedingly rare - but he is a very good coach, capable I believe, of occasionally putting together National Championship caliber teams. Bo didn't do any better than that. Michigan is making the mistake of having Ohio State envy, failing to realize that we've been exceedingly fortunate to have 3 great coaches in the last 20 years who have maximized some of the resource advantages we have (particularly access to way more good players in Ohio), rather than just doing the best with the hand they're dealt. Unless you've been recruiting like Ohio State, changing coaches is very costly, even if you manage to upgrade.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
Good points. Like Michigan, ND will likely continue to get overhyped for another 20 years purely for the clicks, but they are also now only a regional power that once every decade or so may make a run at a national title. To his credit, Kelly has them bucking that trend temporarily, so that they're now doing it every 4 years or so, but that won't last.
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Dobbins is a bit better with lateral movement, Teague with straight line speed. I'd give Teague the nod in the power game, but Dobbins is by no means lacking there. As a pure running back, I'd give Dobbins the slight nod simply because he can make people miss and get yards on his own, whereas Teague's abilities require decent blocking and run schemes. That said I think Teague has the higher yardage potential given a good line and offensive run strategy. Teague, I believe, will end up hitting a lot more homeruns than Dobbins, once the coaches adjust playcalling a bit for his talents.
Comment 04 Oct 2019
It warmed up considerably by game time, so I don't doubt your memory at all. That morning, though, it was at least in the low 20s.
Comment 04 Oct 2019
Oh, Ann Arbor was definitely seeing sub 20 degree weather before that game in 2013. I was there wearing three layers of clothing and still froze my ass off waiting for the shuttle bus to the stadium.
Comment 04 Oct 2019
Diarrhea and vomiting? If so, get it to the vet IMMEDIATELY. If you wait until you start seeing blood coming out of both ends, the dog only has about a 50% survival chance. There seems to be an epidemic right now of hemorrhagic enteritis, which is every bit as horrible as it sounds. Our miniature daschund got it and barely survived.
Comment 13 Aug 2019
No downvote - it's a legitimate perspective - but I think you may be overemphasizing the kick return fumble against Michigan. The only major issue keeping McCall from more playing time, other than the typical inconsistency of younger players, has been injuries. The fact is he has tremendous offensive talent, and not just as a scatback type. He has also shown alley-cat ferocity running up the middle, though obviously you don't want him trying to make a living there. I would love to see him emerge as the consistent third down back coming out of the backfield. He is truly deadly in the open field. Urban specifically recruited him for the Percy Harvin position and was very excited when he committed.
Comment 23 Apr 2019

It's about the hypocrisy, not about whether UM is a better academic school.  (They clearly were up until about the year 2000 or so, but the gap has virtually disappeared since that time - which isn't even necessarily a good thing, it just really depends on what specific criteria you value in a university.)  The average Michigan Man latches onto that notion of "superiority" and clings to it for life, because they darn sure aren't superior to OSU in athletics.  And it isn't the "smart" people at Michigan walking around arrogantly spouting about being the "Leaders and the Best".  It's the Walmart Wolverine crowd whose only hope of seeing inside a UM (or Ohio State) classroom is through a Youtube video.

Short anecdote of the sort of fan arrogance I'm talking about.  I grew up hearing second hand accounts of that arrogance but I'd never really experienced it first-hand for myself, and probably had doubts about how real it was.  Then I had the pleasure of attending an OSU/Michigan game in Michigan Stadium for the very first time.  It was 2013, and my wife and I went dressed in full Ohio State gear, so there was no mistaking which team we were rooting for.  Some point in the first half, I believe, Ohio State punted and pinned the ball on the Michigan goal-line.  This Michigan Man sitting in the row just below ours starts railing to high heaven about how the Ohio State player was clearly in the end-zone and there's just no way that's not a touchback.  Guy is going ballistic, even starts insinuating that Ohio State "once again" has the refs in their pocket, yada, yada, yada.  I lean over and very politely tell the guy that in college football, it only matters where the ball is, not the player... that players are allowed to be in the end-zone while downing the ball outside of the end-zone.

The guy looks me over and with an expression and tone of voice that can only be described as a combination of pity and condescension says, "Son, did you even go to college?"  I just stood there staring blankly at him, completely flabbergasted and at a complete loss for how to respond to that, beginning to question if my normally safe assumptions about being the same species on the same planet might not have been a bit hasty in this particular case.  Is this guy actually serious?  Naah, he's just trolling me, right?  No, the look on his face says he is completely serious.

As I'm standing there looking dumb-founded, I'm sure the guy's mind was clicking into place every bad conversation snippet he'd ever heard about the dumb hicks to the south, who probably only recently got running water and indoor plumbing.  Ironically, my mind was doing the same thing, except in my case I actually had evidence right in front of me to validate what might have been mere unsubstantiated prejudice previously.  All I could think to do was smile stupidly as the dawn of recognition came over my face.  This guy was a living/breathing embodiment of the arrogant Walmart Wolverine Michigan Man who is so desperately looking down his nose at others that he cannot see that he is the VERY THING he thinks himself above.

Comment 19 Jan 2019

Well for one thing, with the early signing period now there just isn't the level of exciting, "critical" news about high-level recruits as there would be in years past at this time of year.

So not only is eleven warriors in the process of rebuilding the recruiting contacts, etc, but the resident forum recruitniks aren't posting nearly as much either.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

Man, this may be the best sub-thread EVER!  I'm absolutely terrible at puns, but you guys are the Masters.  Teague that for what it's worth.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Football fans just find it intolerable that there are aspects of the game that are highly complex and multi-dimensional, and that they simply have nowhere near enough information to be able to adequately place "blame".

And place blame they must.  Otherwise, the horrible truth that large swaths of their lives are completely out of there control might seep in.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Oh man, all of you somehow arriving at the notion that Day told anyone that Fields is his guy and that Martell should look elsewhere need to get over your unhealthy Tater infatuation and stop letting your butthurt cloud your judgement.

There is no chance in hell Fields was made any promises or that Tate was told he wouldn't be given a fair opportunity to win the job.  At the same time, Martell's not stupid.  He knows his particular skill set was more suited to an Urban run offense than a Day run offense.  In that respect we all may be missing where the real competition was going to come from.  From what I've seen of Fields, it's going to take some work to break his run-first tendencies and turn him into a Troy Smith like deadly-assassin who only used his legs as a last resort when his reads broke down.  Tate Martell clearly has an advantage there.  He also has an overwhelming advantage in knowing the offense.

There is, however, another quarterback on the roster who is rumored to have similar accuracy and timing as Dwayne Haskins, and no run-first tendencies.  I'm talking of course about Matt Baldwin, who could well be the dark-horse player that Tater may think has skills that better fit Day's offense.

Although I'm calling him "Tater" now, I don't really have anything against Tate Martell deciding to go elsewhere.  Quarterback is a different animal.  It matters a whole lot who your coaches are and what they like to do on offense.  And it's not always "fair", even though coaches will never say anything publicly to give that impression.  There really only can be "one" at a time.  You're either that one, or you're the one coming up.  It's difficult to have any players in between and make it work.  So coaches often have to make some highly subjective decisions before they've been able to adequately evaluate players with real game time.

Comment 07 Jan 2019

Man, I think a lot of you aren't as happy as you should be about Mattison.  When TTUN hired Harbaugh, they had 99 problems, but Mattison most definitely was not one of them.  He's a great recruiter, and exactly the kind of vastly experienced and knowledgable defensive coach you want to re-build a struggling defense, when you know that you (Day) are going to be more involved on the offensive side.  He's the right coach at the right time in his career to put the defense on a solid foundation.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

The thing that separated Ginn from like, EVERYBODY, was his top end speed and how quickly he got to that top end speed.  Parris is at least in the same league, and that is saying an awful lot.  I think Paris has a bit better power in his lower body, whereas Ginn was a bit more elusive in open space.

Man, now I gotta go watch that youtube video of Ginn highlights, the one with "Black Betty" playing.  

Comment 06 Oct 2018

I think this is a situation of comparing us to the elite of the elite, Alabama, and being disappointed we're not quite at that level.  The fact is, for as incredible as our recruiting has been under Urban Meyer, Alabama's has been about twice as good.  They've had the equivalent of our completely awesome 2017/2018 classes for about 8 of the last 9 years.  They also still pay their elite assistant coaches better than we do, so if their staff is in fact superior to ours it wouldn't be terribly surprising.  To be down on our program because of that is just downright silly, because what Nick Saban has done at Alabama is completely unprecedented in college football history.  Wooden's UCLA basketball dynasty is the only college sports run that even comes close to being on the same level.

Something else that elite teams in general have to face is that opposing teams often devote an inordinate amount of time to preparing for them.  The boost to a mid-major program to pull off an upset of an Ohio State or Alabama is significant, probably worth 3 to 4 wins in the minds of boosters and recruits.  So it's not that surprising to me when it appears 3 or 4 games a year that the other team "has our number" for the first half or so.  Most of the time our coaches are smart enough to make the right counter adjustments.  Sometimes, though, the other team has discovered a match-up weakness that takes multiple game experience, if not a full season, to overcome.  Our linebackers responding to Oklahoma's/Iowa's TE pass routes, for one very prime example, LOL.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

"Hold onto 16 as long as you can..."

"Changes come around real soon,

                      "make us women and men."

Noooooooooo! The little girls and boys in all of us KNOW that Haskins, Burrow or Martell are going to take over a well-oiled machine and make it run even better than old number 16 did.

60 points per game next season, baby.  60 points per game!

Comment 18 Oct 2017
The beautiful words of Ramzy are a very welcome and needed counterbalance to all of the negative criticism of JT that still lingers out there. The only thing that has a chance of really shutting people up is JT playing nearly flawless as OSU sweeps all remaining opposition this season and wins the national championship. One or the other will be insufficient; has to be both. Which is of course utterly ridiculous. The real truth is JT is probably only slightly improved as a QB from last season. The difference is the multitude of areas that need to function well for an offense to be effective are also slightly better. That adds up overall to a significant improvement. Last year, the impression one got was that the sum of the offensive parts just wasn't adding up to a whole. Now it's starting to feel like the whole is beginning to exceed the sum of the parts. The offense is beginning to run as a cohesive unit, in other words, just as Kevin Wilson stated was the goal in preseason. I think we are seeing the result of truly competent offensive coaching, which has allowed Meyer to let go of the reigns and let Wilson/Day evolve the offense toward it's strengths and away from it's weaknesses, something that clearly didn't happen in 2015 or 2016. Last time it happened was 2014 with Tom Herman. Unsurprisingly, JT now looks like a more experienced, more effective version of that redshirt freshman that tore through the Big Ten in record setting fashion. To me, the most interesting aspect of all this is that Wariner and Beck are most likely not bad offensive coaches, at least not as individuals. However, the combination of Meyer, Wariner and Beck clearly did lack competence when it came to evolving/improving the offense. When the leadership at the top lacks cohesiveness, there's virtually no chance of it developing on the field, short of having someone like a John Elway leading them on the field. (Or, closer to home, Jim Jackson running those borderline great OSU basketball teams in 1991 and 1992.)