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Comment 11 Aug 2017

I'm gonna go with "you absolutely would not want to play them towards the end of the year". :)

That's a hell of a lot of talent.  Most of them aren't starters simply because they are younger.  And several by the end of this season I suspect we'll consider co-starters, much like Nick Bosa and Jalyn Holmes already are.

So I could see a team like that losing early, to say Oklahoma, and maybe Iowa on the road later in a tight game, and then plow over the remaining schedule including the bowl game.  That could easily result in a top 10 finish.

Comment 11 Aug 2017
Harrison was the guy that jumped out to me from last year's late game film. He had a few plays where he laterally came out of nowhere and just mauled guys, completely wrapping them up and full body slamming them to the turf underneath him. Reminded me of Katzenmoyer.
Comment 26 Mar 2017

Dontre has never shown any great ability on kick returns.  He has, however, consistently gotten open and caught the damn ball when Barrett put it in his zip code.  Slot receiver looks to be his best odds of making a pro team.  I could easily see it happening.  He still has the quicks in space (necessary for getting open).  As long as he stays really solid catching the football, I could see him catching 60-70 balls a season for some team in the NFL.

Comment 10 Mar 2017
GREAT POST! This should make it abundantly clear that it was the offensive coaches, whatever combination of Meyer/Warriner/Beck that actually entailed, that failed these players badly in the '15 and '16 seasons, especially Barrett, since he has had to be front and center of the misplaced criticism. Someone should be arrested for how badly the 2015 offensive talent was misused.
Comment 27 Feb 2017

This is exactly how I feel.  I'm rooting for JT to have an awesome year with Wilson/Day fixing everything with mechanics and play-calling, etc.  That would be super.

But if it doesn't happen, and it's apparent that a big problem is JT's timing issues, like they were last year, then I really want to see Burrow given a shot.  He seems to throw a very accurate ball and most importantly, ON TIME.

Comment 27 Feb 2017

The guy I'd worry about being "Peter Principled" like Warriner would be Kerry Coombs.  Because it sounds like Urban had to promise him more coordinating duties to keep Fickell from hiring him as his defensive coordinator.  So I would expect he'll be the right hand man to Schiano and be groomed to take over when Schiano leaves in a year or two.

But he has kicked ass in everything he's been asked to do so far at Ohio State, so he probably deserves the benefit of doubt here.

Comment 18 Feb 2017
Agree with most of what you said, but how exactly you assess "unacceptable" as it's happening in real time is a very real conundrum, probably requiring supernatural powers that no head coach anywhere has ever had. Hindsight always brings problems into much sharper focus than "nowsight". And you have to consider whether, even if Meyer percieved THE problem, say weeks before the MSU disaster, was it really possible at that point to make changes that wouldn't actually have made things worse? And the same logic applies to the 2016 season. Perhaps Meyer's lack of "changes" optomized our win totals rather than causing unnecessary losses. Without having all the knowledge that Meyer possessed and being someone with similar coaching ability it's just about impossible to judge that in actuality.
Comment 18 Feb 2017
Have to agree here that the main problem was play calling, in addition to having some sets of plays/alignments that for some reason had "tells" that good defenses were able to pick up. So I have to agree that what is needed is more in line with tweaking rather than a complete overhaul. There should be very little about these changes that would cause any significant problems in execution for the players, for example. Which is something you could expect to get in the first year in the case of an offensive overhaul.
Comment 18 Feb 2017
Gotta agree with you here, as much as it pains me. ;) The idea that major college programs are going to hire unqualified people to very important positions in their program for a single player is rather ludicrous, I don't care how great that player is. On the the other hand, if the person is qualified, no one can validly complain about it. That said, the NCAA should be monitoring for things like hiring immediate relatives for newly created positions or existing positions at some remove from the football program at salaries well above some baseline average range that other schools pay. Both would tend to indicate improper benefits for the sole purpose of luring a recruit.
Comment 07 Feb 2017
I would love for Burrow to just plain be given a couple of drives per half, regardless of game situation. I think Weber was right, when he said the next Tom Brady was on our roster and nobody knew about it yet.
Comment 25 Jan 2017
Folks, this IS going to be an overhaul, not just some simple tweaks. Except it won't look like an overhaul due to similar type plays being used. The whole design and play sequencing needs to be re-done and re-thought by Wilson, because one or more "geniuses" on the offensive staff managed to tinker in enough "tells" that any defensive staff with a pulse and similarly talented players was able to shut down the offense almost completely by the end of year 2. Those "tinkerers" most likely cost us at least one championship.
Comment 25 Jan 2017
You just saved me a whole bunch of typing. LOL. Wish I could upvote this about 100 times. I also saw the Sanders comparisons with lateral vision and explosiveness, but dialed that rhetoric back early on because people tend to not take you seriously (usually for good reasons) when you start bringing up names like Sanders and Sayers. Better to just pique their interest and let them get blown away when they finally get around to seeing him. Gotta feel for all those Michigan fans who are going to eventually figure out that, just like with Elliott, Urban Meyer once again signed the REAL running back gold of the last couple of classes. They're sitting there looking at Kareem Walker's ratings after his sophomore/junior seasons and deluding themselves into thinking they finally got an elite talent. Actually, don't feel for them at all, ha ha. (The smarter ones know better anyways, and Walker still might emerge as an all conference type of catch for them.)
Comment 24 Jan 2017
Now everyone who has seen his video will understand why I never was really all that concerned about getting Cam Akers. Don't get me wrong, Akers looks like Fournette 2.0 with better speed so any team would kill to have him, but I was looking at Dobbins like here is Zeke 2.0, and if our pursuit of Akers causes us to lose Dobbins, I'm gonna march down to campus and slap someone silly.
Comment 24 Jan 2017
I would love to see him play a full season healthy with a competent passing game. Dude might have caught 70 to 80 passes somewhere. I'm predicting he catches on as a free agent somewhere and does just that in the NFL.
Comment 18 Jan 2017
Collier would be a fool not to go to a mid-major program where he'd have a chance to shine for two seasons. He's actually already graduated in 3 years, so he can transfer without sitting out a year and still has two years of eligibility. He was a decent prospect coming out of high school, and has improved greatly in his time here. It's just the likelihood of beating out Burrow or Haskins is very small. Those two may represent an unprecedented historic level of QB ability for the Scarlet and Gray. I love JT and am rooting hard for him to return to Heisman candidate form under Wilson, but I'm going to be really pissed if he continues to struggle and a change isn't made to give Burrow or Haskins a chance.
Comment 08 Jan 2017

Another possibility is that he just wasn't a "track" speed kind of guy.  All I know is that he looked pretty damn fast with the football pads on.  I don't remember ever noticing him being "slow" on a play, so a lack of top end speed definitely wasn't obvious to me.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

I was kind of looking forward to how Kevin Wilson would utilize Noah Brown.  In my opinion, the best thing for Noah Brown would have been staying at least one more year and moving into a hybrid TE/FB type position.  He may have put up some big time stats.  I'm positive that Kevin Wilson would have known how to use him very effectively.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Before anyone counters with "Well, Jalin Marshall was only a 4.7 guy", because of a reported 4.7 40 he ran at a combine between his junior and senior years I just have this to say: "No... he... wasn't."

You can easily convince yourself that he was at least a 4.45 guy by re-watching Zeke's awesome 85 yard jaunt through Alabama's defense in the Sugar Bowl.  Jalin followed him all the way to the endzone stride for stride, and may have actually been gaining a bit.