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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 NC Game in Tempe.
    2014 NC Game in Arlington.
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Comment 15 Jan 2018
So far so good. However, I don't understand why he has not signed Urban Meyer to a contract extension. Only 3 years left on the current deal. Dabo and others will use it against us if not done soon.
Comment 31 Dec 2017
Lots of good thoughts. Key question, when is Gene Smith extending Meyer's contract? Only 3 years left on it.
Comment 30 Dec 2017

Anyone know when Gene Smith will extend Urban Meyer's contract so we can update the Depth Chart for years to come?

Comment 08 Dec 2017
If anyone thinks ESPN would rather have OSU in the playoff vs Alabama, you are DEAD wrong. OSU in the playoff is 4 or 8 hours of the Buckeyes with high ratings. On the other hand, having a 2nd SEC team means double the time the ESPN bobble heads can talk about how great the SEC is on all ESPN networks and especially on the SEC network. That's why the corrupt committee did what ESPN wanted them to do.
Comment 05 Dec 2017

I give it three years.  Looks like a shotgun SEC wedding to me  

Comment 23 Nov 2017
Alabama with quality wins over only LSU and MSU not getting in. Same as 2015 edition of Buckeyes. Wins over top 25 count more than anything.
Comment 12 Nov 2017
She has major anti-B1G and anti-OSU issues. Up till this week she was all over Wisky not getting in as a 13-0 and losing our to loser of SEC title game. Now it's the ACC with the teams. Just earlier today she was arguing that Auburn should get in as a 2 loss champ, then 3 minutes later that OSU should not get in cause they don't have the Oklahoma win they had last year. The fact that Auburn lost to Clemson out of conference wasn't mentioned. She is the female Mark May.