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Comment 05 Jan 2018
I'm conflicted. I'd be 100% on the Tate bandwagon to start, if Haskins hadn't played so well against ttun. He played so well it's hard not to think he wouldn't be the starting qb unless Tate goes crazy in spring. That's the problem, Tate could easily go crazy and take the job, we all know how talented he is if you watch any of his high school tape. Tate-clearly better at read option, elite athlete (he could be a awesome H by the way), elite competitor, like the fire Manzell (minus the drugs), Mayfield, etc had. Haskins - nfl arm, experience, maturity, proven game experience Coaches have their hands full, not to mention how to handle Burrow. Like someone said, cream will rise to the top. And if Martell does take it, it should say something, considering what Haskins did against tun.
Comment 04 Nov 2017
Dobbins needs 85% of the reps. He needs to be in the game unless he's taking a breather after a 40 yard run. Weber isn't even the same back as he was last year. Even if he was, Dobbins is a special talent who is clearly better, and needs rythem and touches to shine. Meyer is always about getting the best player the ball right?
Comment 28 Sep 2017
One of two things happened to Sheffield imo. 1. Couldn't cut it at Alabama and got the hell out because he knew it and or Saban knew it. 2. I initially thought he was a very good 5 star player who got out of Bama because he knew he should be playing and demanded playing time and deserved it. Still to early to tell, but It's not looking particularly good. Arnett...well Combs has some kind of love fest with this kid because he has been disappointing year after year with more than enough playing time reps to make a fair evaluation. And it's not great considering what we have sitting in the cupboard. The pick was nice, but it was because of Bosa. Combs supposedly loves him for his "tuffness" and "swagger". If prefer playtime for someone who can play decent pass coverage over the previously mentioned characteristics. Ward has been amazing.
Comment 27 Nov 2016
I think it's obvious Wariner/Beck isn't working. Wariner needs moved back to OL coach, Beck gone, and a new offensive coordinator, there is so much talent out there with OC's and Urban knows it.