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Comment 30 Jul 2020

Get some Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon and watch them all in a row.  Costner pulls out a bottle in one of the episodes, I caught it immediately.

Comment 19 Jun 2020

I actually watched my first episode this past evening and enjoyed it, it's funny because I'm binge watching season 1 right now on demand as I type this.  I will say that despite my interest being very high at the moment, I get the feeling it might not be for everyone.  I remember seeing previews when it first came out and then got busy and completely forgot about it these last couple years.  Overall Kevin Costner fans will be happy, and the supporting actors are good to great, I wouldn't call the storyline 'amazing'.  3 episodes in, above average TV is my official opinion. 

Comment 10 Jun 2020

I wish our OT depth matched our DE depth.  Not a weakness bye any means, but to say some of these guys are locks to be quality or above average starters.. I just wouldn't say I'm completely sold.  Love Christman as a future starter and the fact Tegra is already committed, but I also think there would have been a competition or a lot of snaps for Latham in '22 if he continued to develop.  With all the weapons and studs on offense the last thing I'd want to even think about is an average OL.  I guess if we grab another top guy to go with Tegra next year I would be completely satisfied.  

Comment 07 Jun 2020

Iowa/Iowa City is actually a really nice place to travel for a game (my favorite) if you haven't been; real gameday energy; great campus, nightlife and stadium, and very friendly students and people.  I hope they get it figured out.

Comment 22 May 2020

Borland looked like complete garbage in the Clemson game.  I would have to re-watch his highlights but I remember enough.  He dropped at least one pic that hit him in the numbers.  He was trucked bye the lead blocker in no less than a half-dozen run plays and he needed help making the tackle on no less than a half a dozen other plays, probably touchdowns.  He looked like a 5th grader in that game trying to make a tackle.  I would have taken a WR in his spot.  3 tackles, 2 solos and 1 assist.  

Comment 22 May 2020

No idea why but this was my first thought, I really expect our O-line to be dominant above all else.  Not just in the Michigan game but all year, I don't really think it matters who they have to be honest.  Meanwhile our pass rush doesn't miss a beat, I hope to see more B. Browning blitz this year as well .. he looked like the monster in his HS tape.  

Comment 03 May 2020

All that place is for is our entertainment.  I would love if they posted here instead, I'm not sure why not as it seems like there is less than a dozen fans there. I don't understand why a Michigan fan would want to post there at all, it really is a terrible site.   There Reddit page, which is decent, must be where the fans go.

Comment 21 Apr 2020

Thanks for this.  I usually get to research and watch tape long before someone commits, I can't even keep up anymore.  I'm still watching the domination of Tunmise Adeleye,. 2016 is going to become even more haunting for TTUN.

Comment 15 Mar 2020

Wow!.. Christmas in March.  What is this virus thing everyone keeps talking about.  I hope we make it all happen and more.. bad days ahead for UM.  I really like where Pryor is right now at RB, he should be immortal as a SR.    

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I honestly have no preference, just soooo happy we came out in the 2nd half and looked like we have all year.  The first half was a complete disaster but.. in the end it wasn't really close.  Are they going to say LSU beats OSU in that game, the last game they have to judge both teams?  UGA looked like the team that lost to SC, yet it was still a huge blowout.  Since we were already #1 I feel like we should stay there, and that they should have flipped it after the Alabama win on the road.  

Comment 03 Dec 2019
He bought into the preseason rankings and didn't recognize the talent gap from the start of the season. Sorry dude, we were better everywhere. He was also quick to jump back on the hype train after getting 'completely' off after the Wisconsin game. Even though I'm a fan of the podcast, he really isn't anywhere close to an expert on anything. Had no clue who we were replacing last years missing starters with, and still didn't recognize there success as the year went on. I'm not really sure what his angle or gimmick is at this point, I guess I just think of this guy as just a diehard fan who doesn't follow much college football.
Comment 18 Apr 2019

Hilarious dog.  No salt needed here.  Most college aged folks' can only recall the modern era.  I think UM has had a few good seasons over the last quarter century, however the ugliness you've witnessed I've never experienced.  Losing to a 3 win mac program at home etc...  ..  I feel like your fans are now celebrating the fact they are out of the dumpster fire decade but still can't beat a team worth a whatever .. it's funny how every time UM is torched in a big game (every time they play one) the dumpster fire gets re-lit at MGO (didn't realize there was still football talk there) and everyone remembers what it really is up north.. not much.  Congrats on winning some games I didn't know.