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Comment 18 Apr 2019

Hilarious dog.  No salt needed here.  Most college aged folks' can only recall the modern era.  I think UM has had a few good seasons over the last quarter century, however the ugliness you've witnessed I've never experienced.  Losing to a 3 win mac program at home etc...  ..  I feel like your fans are now celebrating the fact they are out of the dumpster fire decade but still can't beat a team worth a whatever .. it's funny how every time UM is torched in a big game (every time they play one) the dumpster fire gets re-lit at MGO (didn't realize there was still football talk there) and everyone remembers what it really is up north.. not much.  Congrats on winning some games I didn't know.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

I sure hope we land another top corner before its all said and done, I'm not so much worried about next years roster (Wade appears to be a future star plus others with great potential), but two years without a top recruit at the position is hard.  I'm pretty confident and its extremely early, but I hope its not a 50-50 situation where were waiting for something to go our way on signing day.  I'm glad we made a great coaching change.

Comment 06 Feb 2019
Love this class from top to bottom. Its hard to judge from highlight tapes but I do not see McKenzie as more of a project than 'most' others. I did not rewatch but I remember forwarding his tape. I thought he was very underrated. I'm also excited about Bryson Shaw. Love them all.
Comment 15 Jan 2019

I like the 'plain' black cannonball helmet .. ala 2016 TTUN (probably my favorite combo thus far).   I also like the wide stripe with stickers.. and as a few mentioned above the cocaine whites with possibly a different helmet.  The best is yet to be seen, 100's of great possibilities.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Dobbins would have been higher (I hate to speculate but sorry Najee), had he played a snap his senior year. He absolutely destroyed Texas his junior season.  I remember following his short recruitment and watching the highlight  tapes  of the top 10 RB's and was like yah ok he's hurt.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

I said I wanted him to stay and win the job, before he announced that was his plan, then he quit like a kid and I found out there's a pattern.  No thanks, I'll take Fields and Baldwin.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Recruiting holds as long as we keep winning.  Urban Meyer is assistant AD.  Day's reputation is growing among QB's, receivers will follow plus Hartline is really good..  LJ is still here.. I miss Coombs like everyone else.  Schiano reeled in some big dogs, he will also be missed. More OL and DB's.

Comment 27 Nov 2018

I'm only through the first half of this but it is very simply just the truth, thank you.  The refs were awful in this game, in my mind it will always be a 40 to 50 pt. bludgeoning.  I wouldn't say the worse officiated game I've ever seen, but top 5-10 without a doubt.  It was a massacre or indeed a "beatdown of biblical proportions".  I'm happy educated Michigan fans agree  All the hype about that defense, those guys will  now forever be a bunch of overrated no-names who couldn't beat anyone.  All those top guys lead that team to a victory over nobody for there career.  Have fun getting thrown around in the pros for a season before you get cut.

Comment 20 Oct 2018

We have the largest percentage of fans for a #2 ranked team, ever, to be nervous about a game against Purdue.  I have been a huge fan of college football and OSU for forever and someone has to say West Lafayette for me to remember Purdue is in Indiana.  I couldn't have guessed it on multiple choice last week.  Cincinnati should join the BIG.

Comment 19 Oct 2018

Bucks should win because we are better everywhere, Penn State is the only close or competitive game we've seen in the 4th quarter.  I'm hoping to see a more polished and professional team, but don't care how much we win bye. I'd also like to see a big play or two from one of the freshman on defense, those guys were all  animals.