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Comment 18 Aug 2017

It's hard for me to look at what Urban has done since coming to Columbus as under achieving. 61-6, a big 10 championship, sugar bowl win, fiesta bowl win and saving the programming when it was on the edge of disaster following tattoo mess and the 2011 awful season.

However, I've sat many times and wondered, how the hell does Ohio state only have 1 B1G title in 5 seasons considering they've gone 61-6 and I believe 32-2 or something ridiculous like that in B1G play. I can say from the expectations and the talent level there should be more conference titles. As everyone has said, they let 2015 slip away when they had the most talented team in the country by a mile. But mishandling the QB situation for over half the season, coupled with a mess on an offensive play scheme, it derailed what should have been a 15-0 season with a B1G title and Natty. That 2015 MSU game is the worst thing I've ever sat and watched in person. Horrible game plus shitty cold rain. 

All in all I would say Urban has done a pretty damn good job. But they've definitely left some huge opportunities slip away the last 2 seasons 

Comment 16 Mar 2017

I think some of dealing are petty and just news because it's something out of the norm I guess. It is what it is, nothing serious in my book and live and learn. However, if he wouldn't take pics with cancer survivors on a cruise that was to raise money for cancer full of nothing but Ohio state fans, then that's a pretty bitch move on his part.

zeke always maintained a clean image at osu but my sister and some others on campus have told me he was well known to be the life of the party. She told a story where he came to a soriety party and got smashed and decided to swing from a chandelier and pulled it from the ceiling and wiped out lol

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I think this list could be quite large. I'd love to see any of college footballs premier programs come to the shoe. Love getting to see those big time night games under the lights (minus the ungodly cost of tickets now).

Im excited for oklahoma coming this fall and some of the upcoming already scheduled games with Oregon, Texas and Notre Dame. But would love to see Clemson, Bama, LSU, FSU, USC and Tennessee. All those would set up big time college programs going at it. Personally I'd love to have seen notre dame on the schedule every year home and home series going back and forth much like they did against Michigan and Michigan state for awhile. Those would be fun and offer a reason to go experience a game at south bend. A Tennessee home and home series would be a lot of fun. We vacation in Tennessee almost every fall around the pigeon forge area and I've been past Neyland stadium several times and looks like an awesome venue. Would love the opportunity to watch the Buckeyes down there one year 

Comment 11 Jan 2017

It could have been the case of EGW and White moving to WR because the staff had indications Tyjon was going to decomitt. Plus when he committed in August or whenever it was, all signs pointed to Noah brown and Curtis Samuel returning for their senior seasons

Comment 08 Jan 2017

Perfectly said. If there was a culture problem within the program these kids would be transferring to other schools. They're all putting in their minimum 3 years of eligibility whether it be playing from day 1 like Samuel and McMillan or making the best of year 3 like Hooker and lattimore and cashing in on their talent and develop they've received 

Comment 06 Jan 2017

I agree with what your saying. I also believe that goes back to my Orignal post that with the Qb coach, if he's as good as he talked up to be, it can improve some of those limitations we've seen from JT the last 2 seasons. JT doesn't have a 70 yard cannon like cardale and never will, but I still feel he can be very effective and effecient downfield with proper coaching and game planning from the new staff.

Even when cardale played last season there was no downfield passing game. Nothing like we seen from in in the 2014 post season. One of the biggest missing components as well was not having devin smith or another receiver step up in his place as a viable downfield threat he could get open and stretch the field. He was cardales home run target and even JTs before he broke his leg against Michigan. Devin not only stretched the field and got separation but he was really great at playing the ball and making some great catches on some of the under throw passes from both Qbs. 

Im in no way mounting the blame on everyone and giving JT a free pass. But I also feel there were a lot issues to offense other than just JT. In short, all I'm saying is JT has had some huge moments and been really great overall for the program. I'm optimistic to see what an off season with hopefully a better offensive staff can do for him and the entire offense. Im pulling for him to comeback and have a great senior season. But as I originally said, we all have ours differences in opinions

Comment 06 Jan 2017

If that's what you gathered for that you misunderstood what I was saying or I wasn't clear enough. I said the problem lies on the entire offense which includes the QB play. JT was far from perfect but neither was the his supporting cast. JT missed badly on some throws but he also had quite a few passes dropped that hit guys in the hands. The offensive issues was an entire corroaltion of all units and staff on the offensive side of the ball

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I know a lot of cheap stuff goes on out on the field and ways to get in players heads. But man, this is just weird. What happened to good ol shit talking and getting in goes head rather than shoving your fingers up another mans booty hole and grabbing sacks? Lol. The only thing I could possibly think behind their mindset is hoping to go unnoticed and gain a big reaction from that player that may result in a personal fouls penalty or ejection. Surely there's others way to mess with a guy rather than ass grabbing.

for what it's worth I've never been a fan of Bouleware. It's not the first time there's been some replays of him making some dirty plays. 

Ive been onboard with Clemson winning it all and knocking Bama off, but after that goofy shit I don't really care if Bama lays the wood to them. I kinda feel Clemson is one of the more cocky teams out there and Watson bow and arrow shot he does kinda annoys me lol. As much as I dislike Bama it's also really hard not to respect Saban and what he's done at Bama in this day and age or college football. It really is incredible 

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Man it would be great for him to return and anchor the secondary next year with his lock down play and be the leader of that unit. However, if he does decide to enter that draft I absolutely do not blame him. It would be incredibly hard to turn down first round money that I've seen projected for quite awhile. But also, each kid has their own mindset. Maybe he feels he needs another full year of experience and playing time to better himself for the league to feel more comfortable in his play. Maybe some advice he's received could come back to his prior hamstring issues and raise concern they'd like to see him show he can go another full season without injury. There's a lot of variables that only marshon can weigh and make his decision in his best interest and most comfortable decision. Either way I'm in full support of it (although what I think doesn't really matter lol)

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I'm excited JT is returning for his senior leadership. We are all gonna have our differences in opinions no doubt. But what's he's done for Ohio state football can't be understated. The kid is winner, leader and a warrior. With the new staff coming in and getting back to having a offensive scheme that suits him better as well as working with his fundamentals there's no doubt we can see the effecient field general JT we've seen in the past.

As far as Qb competition I have no problem with that. In my opinion that only pushes JT that much more to become better and work harder (not saying he doesn't already). The problems with the offense this past season lies on everyone from line, receivers, positions coordinators and the entire offensive staff. The line and receiver play was so bad at times I don't think it would have mattered at Deshaun Watson been the Qb with lack of time in the pocket and lack of receiver separation. JT missed throws this year and he also had a lot of throws dropped by receivers. Had it not been for JT I think osu would have lost a couple of more games, Wisconsin and Michigan. Down the stretch late in those games he found ways to make plays with his feet and hit some passes for scoring drives when they struggled throughout most of the game. 

While I do look forward to the future with burrow, Haskins and martell, I'm still in favor of the guy whose been a leader, captain and won some big games for the program if he's still willing to be in Columbus for another year 

Comment 03 Jan 2017

I think everyone across the board will benefit from the hire of Wilson and Day. I've said the last few years I'd love to have Wilsons high temp offense with urbans recruited talent. Wilson made average players into great player or great executors however you prefer to make it. I think it'll be a mix of Wilson and Meyers offensive philosophies combined which are similar, but Wilson will bring more of a passing attack which is needed in a bad way. If JT does indeed return and has the next 8 months to work under Day and Wilson I think it would help JT tremendously and possibly bring back the JT we seen in 2014. JT may not be the pure passer as some, but with the correct fundamental coaching he can be very efficient again combined with his ability to run. His combo of running and passing (when working properly) can be as dangerous as any QB in the country. Finding a passing game and being able to open up the field will do wonders for Mike Weber which in return will do wonders for the passing game. Curtis Samuel and McCall could be huge weapons in this offense.

I'm really excited to see what changes are made with the team this off season. Saturday night sucked, it hurt for fans, players and coaches. But my initial and only positive take away was it prob needed to happen in order to see these shake ups and overhaul and offense that has cost the Buckeyes a shot a national title 2 years in a row.

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I think this has the potential to be the best playoff yet as far as match up. Year 1, the sugar bowl was great, obviously, but the rose bowl saw Oregon boat race FSU and Ohio state dominated oregona for the title (great in my opinion lol)

year 2 the Clemson vs Oklahoma game was tight for the first half and Clemson took over the second half. Bama vs MSU was just awful. However the championship game was a dandy!

I think the Clemson vs OSU matchup will be a great one! Clemsons offense and passing game vs Ohio states defense and their secondary should be a sight to see. I feel with 27 days to prepare that Urban will put together a great offensive game plan to attack clemsons D that has given up some big yardage high scoring games. Turnovers will likely be the key in this one.

Bama has looked like a monster at times this year with their ridiculous defense. But Peterson is a hell of a coach with near a month to prepare with a innovative offense that's nothing like Bama has seen this year. I still feel Bama wins and just wear them down come the 4th quarter, but it wouldn't surprise me one big to see Washington come out swinging and make a game of or even pull the upset. Obviously limiting turnovers and not allowing Bama defense or special teams to kill ya is huge in being able to pull it off. I'd like to see wahsingtons passing game pull out all the stops and jump out to a lead, limit the give award and force the Bama offense to keep pace. Bama is loaded everywhere but their defense has made games so lopsided I'm not sure anyways knows how their offense will respond when or if they have take control of a game

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I wouldn't say last year was a disappointment myself as far as overall finish. I'll never bitch about a 12-1 season that includes wins over Michigan and a bowl game.

To me the biggest take away and disappointment was how the team played for the majority of the season. They came out hot against VaTech then everything just seemed to be a mess up until losing to MSU. There was no consistency and with so much talent, at times the talent wasn't even noticeable. I can handle losing to MSU if they both come out swinging both playing great teams and one team having to find a way to win it. Playing like garbage for weeks prior then laying an egg was a huge let down. It was even more of a let down seeing how they came out and destroyed michign and notre dame. If that team from the last 2 games shows up September, October and November the Buckeyes would have their chance at the repeat.

nonetheless, a 12-1 season with a fiesta bowl is nothing to turn your nose up to

Comment 05 Dec 2016

The funny part is the people arguing over penn state jumping Ohio state aren't even on the same terms as the committee. They plainly state that the discussion was among penn state and Washington. Ohio state was safe from the get go.

one thing I'd like to point out that none of the "experts" had brought em up. Let's change the script a little and take Ohio state away and insert notre dame. Notre dame finishes the season 11-1 setting at #2 heading into the championship weekend. No conference affiliation so no conference title is possible. Does anyone actually believe notre dame would have been bumped by a conference champion just because said team was a conference champ? Absolutely, not a chance in hell that happens. They include notre dame because of their season long body of work and putting together a better resume than say penn state or Washington, therefore deflecting the debate back to penn state and Washington. If your one of the 4 best teams and you have a resume to back your case like Ohio state did, then nothing else should matter.

If Ohio state had lost to Oklahoma they're not preparing for the CFP. If Oklahoma had beaten the Buckeyes, only losing to Houston week 1, then I believe the Sooners are in. Strength of schedule by 2 big name teams playing each other put 1 in and kept 1 out. Risk vs reward scheduling tough OOC

Comment 04 Dec 2016

My sister won a ticket through the lottery for the CFP championship against Oregon in 14'. Bunch of the students rented a charter bus and went to Dallas for the game and back home next morning. Got reimbursed for her tickets at will call and had a total of about $250 spent for the trip between bus fair, food and memorabilia. Yea I was jealous lol

Comment 04 Dec 2016

While I think OSU has a tremendous staff and one of the best of everything in the country, it's not out of the possibility something could go wrong or missed. Take Braxton's shoulder injury for example. Had surgery first of the year, rehabbed and came back and tore it completely over again and had to go see Dr Andrews to perform the surgery over. There's no certainty that the osu medical staff is to blame whether it be from the surgery part or the rehabbing, but there's also questions there, especially since Braxton chose to have the second surgery done else where.

i don't think the OP is trying to down grade the staff by any means, but using logic in his own profession to bring light to another possibilities to some existing issues for JT whether that be the case or not 

Comment 04 Dec 2016

PSU also conveniently has 2 losses on the season to an average Pitt team and 39 point blow to Michigan. To me those 2 losses are gonna be of more importance than the conference championship when deciding the 4 teams based off an entire seasons body of work. 

I do get what you're saying and understand your concern. But I think Ohio state is safe and anyone is at risk it is washington due to their schedule and PAC 12 being down this year. 

If penn state could eliminate one of those losses and we're being compared to Ohio state as both 1 loss teams with penn state owning the tie breaker and conference championship, then I think the Buckeyes would be in trouble

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Exactly, man! I enjoy talking football with them, well some anyways, the ones who are realistic and knowledgeable lol. But when it comes to setting at the house watching the game I'd just rather watch by myself and analyze everything rather than having someone screaming and carrying on about everything. Don't get me wrong I get frustrated just like everyone else but when things are going great and I'm frustrated the last thing I wanna do is listen to other people bitching lol

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Absolutely incredible! I rewatched the first 30 seconds prob 20 times. There is no greater sound, feeling and experience of hearing the shoe absolutely explode on a moment like that! Unbelievable!

The end of the video, the embrace between Urban and Nate says it all!

Comment 02 Dec 2016

That guy set himself up for it watching the game with a house full of buckeye fans lol. No way in hell I'd go to a house full of UM fans to watch the game. Honestly I prefer to watch the games myself unless I'm with 108,000 crazies at the shoe lol. I've had friends over in the past or even my dad, and more often than not they get on my nerves bitching and moaning about every little thing that doesn't go right lol. It's usually me and my 3yr old who only cares when it's over so he can get back to paw patrol or the avengers haha!

I will say, as most of you all did, I absolutely lost my shit and went nuts when Curtis scored to win the game. I flew off the couch screaming and fist pumping and my little boy ran in and said why you screaming for dad? " I said we just won the game! We beat michigan! His response was throwing his hands in the air and saying "yea! Touchdown! We beat Michigan!" And walked off lol. He's getting the hang of it

Comment 29 Nov 2016

The biggest difference is Tebow could be a game changer and find a way to make a big play to help his team. He was a true leader and a really great player. Great Qb? Not really, but a great player

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I'm certain Peppers has to be the most overhyped player I can ever recall. He's a great athlete and has a lot of potential. I feel Michigan tried to use him too many various ways making him an above average players at many positions but not a great one at any, aside from maybe his special teams return ability.

Hes a really good special teams guy. He was nothing more than a decoy on offense behind center, basically how osu used Braxton a year ago. And he's an average defensive player at linebacker or DB. He lacks size and instincts at LB and lacks speed a lot of big time DB tend to have. Personally I don't even feel he's the best defensive players on michigans team let alone beat in conference or beat LB is absurd. Possible the 6th best LB on the field Saturday.

Ive watched Michigan play atleast half of their games and never has he given me that wow moment like Hooker or any big name player for that matter. Saturday he played out of position a lot, he over ran plays and took bad angles. He made a piss poor attempt to tackle JT on his 41yd run and JT out ran him for 30 more. He overran Samuels first run of the first OT and allowed Curtis to cut back inside for more yards. Very next play he bit hard on fake to Samuel, lost contain and JT walks into the end zone. Samuels crazy run in double OT to set up forth and short he missed his chances to get ahold of him and on the final play on samuels game winner, peppers just completely out ran the play losing contain and opening a lane for Curtis to trot in for the W. He played a very poor game from my opinion and being the best LB and defender in the conference, in your biggest game for your season and career, that can't happen. Once or twice? Sure, it happens. But multiple times he looked lost 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

I've rewatched the play multiple times in full speed and slow mo. I've seen various angles from different pics. Trying to be as completely unbiased as possible it looks to me like he got the first down. From front views showing the ball placement to side views showing the line of gain he looked like he hit the 15yd line. One there that is certain there is absolutely no proof that shows he didn't get the first down. 

Had this been a 4th and goal and the 1 and it was this close in determining the true outcome I could understand more of the fuss. Seeing as how they let Curtis turn into a magician and run 40 yards to get 8.5 on 3rd down to the setup the 4th and short as well as letting him go untouched for 15 yards to win it, that to me should be the biggest bitch about the defense giving up those 2 huge plays to let osu get in position to win. Another thing I noticed one the 4th down call. Whether I was a designer qb draw from the get go or zone read option for JT, if he handed off to Samuel in motion he most likely sweeps its around the end for a touchdown on that play or atleast an undoubted first down. 

Moral of the story is Michigan had 3 terrible turnovers and Ohio state gifted them 2 missed FG and an awful fake punt call. They had their chances to win, convincingly at that, and blew it