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Comment 04 Apr 2020
Ohio State tripled everyone's salary inside the athletic department over the past 10-12 years and went fully crazy on a spending spree. Even then it should be survivable but barely. Other schools not so much
Comment 04 Apr 2020
Now that he's gone and said this and with the leagues begging the President for? Im moving my odds down to 4% . That free money flowin is under serious assault. Just because of their pending financial implosion doesnt mean we should jeopardize safety. They need a miracle. It might happen but until then no way no how. Somebody just doesnt want to say it yet. Maybe next year.
Comment 01 Apr 2020
Wimbledon was cancelled today....and ive been saying this for weeks. The money is not sustainable. Its going to get ugly. There will be numerous bankruptcies in the athletic world. Maybe when its all reorganized some of the greed and graft will be gone. My current thoughts / odds / % on the 2020 football season happening are now are around 8% Unless this thing goes away on its own or a miracle treatment is discovered. There is no other way football will be played at the collegiate level in 2020
Comment 14 Mar 2020
I agree with you sani on the strategic nature of several industries and the need to shore up And i think you'd have to be pretty saavy to have pandemic insurance coverage. Everyone ive spoken to recently who has checked has gotten the answer they didnt want to hear. Not that i want sports to go away or anything....i have thought for many years that the greed was way way way out of hand. Its not sustainable. Especially now. I dont understand how gene smith cannot see that on the horizon if this persists into the fall.
Comment 12 Mar 2020

from those who are ignoring the seriousness ? or the toilet paper hoarding? I dont get either 

my friend in cleveburg said his wife had to wait for a shopping cart this am and said they were sold out of chx

I had to wait for a shopping cart this evening in LA and several of the aisles were sparce to bare and I thought I heard the girls at the register saying they werent sure if theyd be open tomorrow - small neighborhood mkt but yesterday target was out of tp 

I had to make a number of trips over the last week to ten days and have lots of provisions but

there's still serious gaps in my plan and I really want to avoid the mayhem


Comment 11 Mar 2020

they want that tv revenue to sustain -  that $$$ has already been spent on x y and z - it's huge dollars

if they cancel - I could imagine a scenario where the NCAA is under serious duress in a hurry

I know people with kids who might make the tourney and the prevailing attitude is they dont want the kids playing 

Comment 11 Mar 2020

nice informative post - I would like to point out that that R2 # seems to vary from place to place and is highly suspect. yes more tests means more clarity but to me that number seems off and variable and a work in progress and ? scary