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Comment 22 Oct 2019

That's the state of their program right now. They are more creative with their tin-foiled scenarios than Michael Moore. One Emmy award winner tweeted that Jim Harbaugh is only making 75% of his market value, and that he shouldn't be on the hotseat for not winning the B1G because "only one team can win a title per year." I'm not joking. You can't make this up. I literally spit out my beer out of laughter. Their fans are clinically insane. Only losers make these kind of outlandish excuses. Why any recruit would go up there is beyond me. That program has taken such a huge shit, and there isn't a wipe wet enough to clean it up. That fanbase is so insufferable--and retarded. Yeah, I said it. I read some of their comments, it's like they're all depressed day drinking. It's pathetic and incessant. I literally cannot stop laughing at the bullshit they spew on that site. This is why I thoroughly enjoy breaking a clown shoe up their puckered asses every year. It pleases me because their misplaced arrogance is obnoxious.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

If you're a fairly competent OC, and you're not severely brain damaged like Jim Harbaugh, you can find a way to exploit Tuf Borland. I've seen overweight kids in gym class growing up having more speed than him. When you force him to make plays in space, you get him out of his comfort zone. Baron not playing is never a good thing, doesn't matter who you play. I really hate to down Tuf like this, as I'm sure he's a great kid in the locker room, but him playing the whole game will make Vegas money.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

Yeah, this is not good. If Alabi and Thayer are both out, we have a problem. That makes it much easier to stall out our offense. NPF has never started a game, him going up against Joe Gaziano is a bad matchup for him. That's also not good that Baron isn't playing because that means that NW will pick on Tuf Borland all night--as they should. By not having a 2 year starting left tackle and your athletic middle linebacker, you become much easier to gameplan for. 

Comment 16 Oct 2019

Not only that, every player that I've seen interviewed after practices, they're ALL very high character guys with humility, maturity, class and dignity. This team seems to be focused and locked in. I continue to be very impressed with our culture. Culture and leadership go such a long way. When you combine those two components with talented depth at nearly every position, you know something special is brewing.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

After the Army game, I said they were going 8-4. They'll do really well to finish 9-3. If they do, that's actually good because they'll keep Harbaugh for as long as he wants to be there. Their match-up against Penn State is interesting because both teams will stone eachother defensively. Michigan clearly doesn't have the culture or the wherewithal to win in their White Out. They shit down their leg every time on the road vs. ranked teams. I think ND will score just enough on them to win. Yes it's the rivalry, and should never be overconfident, I think we will demolish them. Our DL depth will overwhelm their OL. Our LBs will keep plays in front of them, and Okudah, Wade, Arnette, Fuller will be the best set of DBs they'll see all year. We know they can't stop a crossing route, and we actually get the ball to our playmakers on the regular. I also don't believe they will stop our running game due to their complete lack of  DL depth. I think we'll be able to have our way with them. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

I just read a thread where they said that Josh Uche says the fanbase lit a fire under their team. I only had one word to say: Wow. If they need extra motivation from idiot retarded fans, then that program's culture is more soft and fucked than I originally thought. This isn't fucking Pop Warner. This is big boy football. But, that sealed it for me. God, what a bunch of sorry candy-ass baby back bitches. 

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Absolutely not. I don't think Ryan Day has emptied out the playbook yet. Justin Fields has only started 6 games, he'll only get more comfortable and better as a signal caller. If we are able to get through Wisconsin, then we will be able to get our freshmen and 2/3 deep units into the Rutgers and Maryland game, which will be key for our games against State Penn and TUN.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

I was actually pleased with how TTUN's game against Iowa turned out. Their offense still looked like hippopotamus shit, and that extra meaningless win will buy Harbaugh another year there. Their fanbase probably said, "Hey we beat Iowa, the season is back on track now. We're back!" Uhhhh no you're not, bitch. For as much as I want them to shit down their leg every week, I'm perfectly happy to see that looney-tune win just enough to stay there forever. With the bullshit that he sells their fans in his press conferences with the offense hitting its stride and how he develops QBs, he is THE perfect fit for them. He is as delusional as their fan base. Hilarious comedic gold. That's gold Jerry! GOLD.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

100% positive that Ryan Day will NOT go there--not even for Dwayne. The Redskins are a terrible organization. Ryan has a family, whom I'm sure has no interest in moving again. He finally has stability as Urban Meyer set the infrastructure and built the culture from the ground up. All Ryan has to do here is maintain that, continue to recruit well, and beat Harbaugh's face in. Ryan is in a VERY good situation. He has all of the things he needs for success. Our rich history/tradition, booster support, brand recognition, Columbus being a great city to raise his family, the ability to build this program how he wants, and recruit who he wants without GM or owner approval. The only reason he would ever leave us is because he gets sick and tired of the recruiting grind. Whatever the NFL will pay him, we will match it. There is one job that Ryan would leave us for--New England. He's from NH, but as a NE guy, that would be nearly impossible to turn down. But Belichick may be there forever.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

I think Elias Ricks should take a harder look at us. There is a real chance Shaun Wade could leave as well. He has the size and length to play slot corner or on the outside covering X receivers. He would easily see the field as a freshman. The only to continue our DBU reputation is nabbing a guy like him in recruiting. 

Comment 06 Oct 2019

An honorable mention is Josh Proctor, I look forward to seeing if he can be our single high safety after Jordan leaves. He has the athleticism, but the question is can he deliver blows when he has to come down and chase a tunnel screen receiver.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

Very difficult to pinpoint just 2. Baron Browning needs to get the lion's share of snaps at MLB. He has the speed and athleticism to either make tackles in space or just line him off the edge to rush the passer like last night. Tuf Borland may be a good leader, but he is by far the slowest LB I've ever seen at this level. I would also like to see Zach Harrison get more snaps because he too has the athleticism to disrupt plays. He is long, agile. Him and Tyreke Smith are the future at DE, so they need as many snaps as possible. I'm all about getting more guys on defense the experience they need for 2020, 2021. Defense is the difference between a good team and a championship team. I think you guys are seeing what that looks like.

Comment 03 Oct 2019

When I'm bored late at night before bed, I'll watch player interviews. I've noticed that EVERY player that's been interviewed is very mature, polished, intelligent, articulate and focused. Every position group features a lot of leadership, aside from talent and depth. Very impressive. A lot of extremely likeable kids that you want to cheer for. That's what happens when you have an elite culture and infrastructure--it's so strong. You can sense a very palpable confidence and that tends to spill over. I also really love our coaching staff, as they are clearly getting the most out of everyone. Ryan Day hired a great staff. His hires of Washington and Hafley have made an enormous difference. Ryan himself is doing a great job managing the game, as evidenced with his adjusting when Nebraska decided to switch up their gameplan. I have absolutely no reservations about this team and program as a whole right now--that hasn't happened in a very long time. Wouldn't surprise me at all if we went through the stack unscathed. We have every ingredient needed for sustainable success this year. 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

IU torched them with bubble screens and quick slants. Even the HB toss was giving them chunk yardage. I was very surprised at how easily IU moved the ball and scored. They had a great game plan. Penix had a great game and badly exposed them. Sparty honestly couldn't stop them, and IU should've won. I saw so many plays that worked so well that we could use against them. Get the ball out quick to the perimeter to neutralize the pass rush from Kenny Willekes and Raequan Williams. Force Joe Bachie to play sideline to sideline. Force their LBs and DBs to make plays in space. Play with tempo. Use the entire field. Their scheme is designed to do well against offenses in a phone booth. That's exactly why they beat us in 2015. Justin Fields is 50,000x the athlete and passer that Mike Penix is. Ryan Day should have no problem being able to scheme against these guys. We have the advantage in play calling, personnel depth, home field. With the injuries they have on the OL, our front 7 on defense should be in complete control to allow our secondary to make plays. This should be a blowout. 

Comment 28 Sep 2019

Mack Brown is a retard. When you're clearly an overmatched team offensively, you don't ever go for 2 against a team with elite athletes on defense--with a play call like that. I don't care if you're just happy to be competitive, you give your kids the best chance to win. He completely failed his kids by not giving them a chance to win it in OT. Their defense had an outstanding effort-- and he didn't allow them to win the game. Fuck Clemson and Dabo's hillbilly aw shucks BS.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

These clowns are just getting dogwalked, dickpunched, gashed and gored. Harbaugh is a joke and a disaster. JK and Master should humiliate this team on the ground. I fucking love watching those arrogant, elitist rusty c*ntbuckets get a meal made out of them. Charmin soft baby back bitches.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

BB Landers is out tomorrow too. We have 4 guys on the DL who are out. Sucks about Tyreke Smith as I think he can be a really good one here. Taron Vincent looks like he'll miss the year as I saw him wearing a big-time sling. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Let's keep it real here: Army should have went up either 17-7 or 21-7 against TTUN and they got cute and pissed that opportunity away. If you struggle mightily against a one-dimensional offense, IDGAF how effective it is, then you're clearly NOT a very good team. If you struggle to score more than 2 TDs in regulation against Army, then you're NOT a very good team. I don't care how many wins they had last year. Alex Hornifuck isn't there for Wisconsin anymore, and TTUN doesn't have any depth on the DL to stop Jonathon Taylor. For God's sake, they have a former fullback playing 3 tech. No elite program would EVER make that move. Moving Zach Boren to LB was one thing because he played the position in HS. But a FB to DT? Uh no.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Notre Dame because you want them to get the loss out of the way because Alabama will beat Georgia which will remove them. Alabama will beat LSU again, so they'll be out as they can't go to the SEC title game. I see it as Clemson breezing through their joke schedule at 12-0, Alabama doing the same at 12-0, Oklahoma's offense will be too difficult for anyone on their schedule, and I think we get in too. I think we are way more talented than anyone on our schedule. Every team on our schedule except for Wisconsin has looked like utter shit, and hasn't made me worry at all. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

A pattern that I see is they keep using what appears to be an acronym, of sorts. I was like WTF is BPONE? So I Google'd it. First several hits I see comes from MGoBlog: Black Pit of Negative Expectations. I spit my coffee out in laughter. I guess if you live in a state where unemployment and crime has been crazy high for years, these miserable piss and blue shitstains have nothing to occupy their time, except for whining about a true freshman RB who needed 33 damn carries to get 100 yards--on a SERVICE academy. The same service academy that we blew out 2 years ago. I don't like Paul Finebaum, but he was right. They truly have the most delusional fans in the nation. I almost feel bad for them...................NAHHH