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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes beating the Hurricanes in 2003 to cap a 13-0 season and the national title!
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Comment 22 Mar 2020

Someone who couldn’t be in the starting line up with the Buckeyes is not “skilled” enough to play in any professional league anywhere.  

the above does not in any way shape or form meant to be “disrespectful” to the kid.  

but let’s be real here.   

a bigger concern is the fact that there does not seem to be cohesion and consistency in the team over the past several years.  This is down to the coaches.  The bigger question then is: what’s going on with Buckeye basketball?  

Comment 29 Jan 2020

how can Stroud elicit such a wide range of rankings: 

247Sports = #24

Rivals = #51

ESPN = #104

That's a range of 80 spots.  something's not right.  These aren't preliminary rankings with 2 more years of HS to go, right?  are there any other player that has such disparate rankings amongst the 3 services?  just seems really odd.  It's not like the kid was a complete unknown before yesterday.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

It's gonna bit tough.  we all hope that you came back because you're willing to go through "The Grind".

The Grind = (i) your loved ones telling you it's a horrible idea, (ii) your friends, colleagues, telling you, "you're a loser for going back to collegiate", and (iii) you gotta rebuild every year....

thanks, coach COOMBS.


Comment 19 Jan 2020

That's a great point to make, Dstacify, as several others have made the same, which is player development.  Alford has proven himself beyond the shadow of a doubt.  No one will ever complaint about getting a 5-star, but as long as Alford can develop the players that he DOES get, we're good.  The only "blip" was probably Mike Weber.  Though he was a bit "unlucky" to be stuck between Zeke and Dobbins.  

Don't let the "stars" rattle you, but the play on the field dazzle you instead.


Comment 02 Jan 2020

Mr Miller SR, you’ve done your job as a father and parent.  No one will doubt the job you’ve done.  Now, it’s time to let Jack do what he has to do. Which means, you just sit back, enjoy the ride.  

We’ve heard more from you about your son then from your son.  History tells us that’s probably not a good thing nor will it end well for Jack.  So, just give things a chance to play itself out.  Say, 3-6 months.   

thank you, Mr Miller.  I look forward to seeing your son dominate and be part of BuckeyeNation. I’m gonna be supporting him all the way.  


Comment 01 Jan 2020

1. we got 9 pts out of a possible of 21 in the red zone definitely didn't help; otherwise, the game would have been long over before halftime;

2. Fields was definitely not anywhere near 100% healthy; looks at best 75%;

3. our D were worn down toward the end of the game;

4. the 3rd quarter killed us with that roughing the passer penalty;

5. the reversed call on the INT is criminal (has been said many times).

Success in life comes down to luck and timing; we had ZERO luck on the evening.  

fck the ESPN/ACC/SEC cartel

fck Michigan

wishing the best for everyone on here for 2020


Comment 26 Dec 2019
It's gonna be a dog fight. I'm very concerned about our LB plays. They have to be perfect for us to win. It's that slim of a margin. Our OL line has to show out. Fields got sacked a bunch of times in the last 3 games against ranked opponents. Well, they don't come any higher ranked than Clemson. I'll be in complete agony until we are leading w th3 game clock at zero. Go BUCKS.
Comment 23 Dec 2019

A good point.  Rankings are great for conversations and message boards.  But doing the hard work to identify, analyse talent and character, and put in place a program for individuals to succeed on and off the field is where results will come from.  An annual improvement of 10-12% will result in a dramatically valuable player and person over a 3-4 year period.  

Beat Clemson.


Comment 22 Dec 2019

so the Bucks beat Kentucky, with an 10-1 record, and this is the headline on ESPN.com....


F*CK ESPN.  this is another example of how the media turns good folks into frustrated and angry souls...and that's just B.S.


Comment 20 Dec 2019

All good points.  Then again, it was Virginia,.  the 3-2-6 works well against inferior opponents, which Clemson has faced all season, who get rattled when a couple of the 6 DBs starts blitzing the QB out of the scheme and also the fact that most of the teams Clemson beat don't have elite RBs (how did Cam Akers of FSU do when they played, does anyone know?) 

Comment 20 Dec 2019

To think that the Redskins (a sh*tshow of an organization) almost single-handedly ruined another young QB's career the way Haskins was treated earlier in the season.  What a bunch of muppets.  Using your first pick on a franchise QB and then not preparing him to be a starter when you don't exactly have an Aaron Rodgers or Brady (sarcasm) in your QB room is borderline criminal.  


Comment 19 Dec 2019

Technology, social media has forever changed the college football landscape.  I'm forever grateful that the Buckeyes are one of the top 5 programs who gets a share of all the best recruits.  The kids now have access to all the schools from the time they can use a smartphone.  This access enables them to pick and choose the school of their choice, as opposed to being indoctrinated by the in-state school and family from a young age.

Imagine if we were going through the Cooper era now...ARGGHHHH!!! the horror...