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Comment 02 May 2019

f you think about it, the real reason why teams don't use more than 1 QB is in a way to stockpile talent and keep them with the team. The transfer portal essentially is eroding this tactic.  kinda cynical, but there's some truth to this.

Comment 02 May 2019

I beg to disagree....writing about nothing is not easy.  That's why those Seinfeld writers are freakin' geniuses.  Every single episode was literally about "General Studies", i.e. nothing.  but they were all damn clever and funny as hell.

Comment 02 May 2019

Maybe we're over-magnifying the term "compete", "commitment" and emotionally placing these unfair expectations on these kids.  

Making an emotional and subjective accusation such as "these kids are afraid to compete" has no basis in reality.  surely, they've proven themselves to be elite competitors to be given a scholarship to a university and football program such as the Buckeyes.  

the shelf-life of an athlete is limited.  that's the reality.  Are we saying that Justin Fields is "not a competitor" because he bailed on Georgia to come to Ohio State? Or that he doesn't understand the meaning of "commitment"?  Maybe he realizes that if he stayed at Georgia, he will probably be a back-up for another 1-2 years, risks injuries, and other incoming younger players overtaking him.  And he's only got 3 years.  And only 1 QB gets to be on the field at any given time.

It's a bit unfair to project ourselves into the shoes of these guys and make proclamations such as "if it was me, I would honor my commitment!"  well, as someone on this site wrote eloquently awhile back, IF my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

and it's the last game, so the team would've had an entire season to mature, gain experience, and prepare.  it's gonna be a high-scoring affair given the offensive weapons on both sides, but the Bucks do have Dobbins at RB (+1); on the defensive front, if the LBs can improve just 20% over last season (not asking much), the Bucks should also have the edge.  


Comment 19 Mar 2019

Agreed.  at this level, most of these guys are close to being elite athletes.  as such, if it's an athletic endeavour, logic would dictate that these guys can be taught.  obviously, not everyone can be AB or OBJ or Randy Moss or Michael Thomas, but you don't have to be these guys to be considered elite and get paid.  there are 32 teams and each of them need about 4-6 WRs, so if you're in the top 20% (app. top 40 or so), which PC seems to have the tools to be, then he's gonna be alright.


Comment 23 Feb 2019

Feel bad for a lot of these kids who were 4-5 stars coming out of high school.  Going to a top-10 programs is a double edged sword.  you get buried under the depth chart and after 4 years, you've got not much to show for it.  Strategically, a lot of these highly touted kids should go to "lesser" programs so that they can actually play.  Playing in real games is the only way to really get better and have a crack at the next level, which is the ultimate objective of most of these 4-5 star kids.  This way, at least you have a body of work to show to potential NFL teams.  

YES.  The programs and the fans will always say, "play for and against the best! that's what real winners do!  ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!"  Obviously, the ultimate objectives are quite different for programs / fans / athletes.


Comment 23 Feb 2019

good point on the self-driving cars....all hype and zero reality.  The entire autonomous vehicles segment was hyped up by Uber going into the foray.  UBER.  a company that's never make a single cent of profit in its existence, but somehow it's worth over USD50billion.  a company that made an app...yes, an app! what intellectual property does such a company have that says it will somehow transform the automotive, AI, cognitive science, etc..industry?!  

I have a family member that works for the largest auto insurance company in America.  He says the car insurance industry estimate self-driving cars might be a reality in 50 years.  the key word is "might".

Comment 18 Feb 2019

compared to last season, this is a worryingly thin QB depth chart.  One injury and the team's in a deep hole.  The gulf between Haskins/Burrow/Martell vs Fields/Baldwin/Chugunov/Vanatsky is scary to think about.  Let's say Fields = Haskins (heck it, let's give Fields a slight advantage); but after that, there's really no comparison.


Comment 18 Feb 2019

The fairest way to compensate someone is by using free market forces / basic supply and demand.  Pay for Performance solves most of the problems/issues.  All incoming athletes get a scholarship.  Those who become all-conference or all-Americans should get more, because they help generate more revenues.  Then those who are the Joey Bosas of the game, well, they should get paid even more.  Leave it to the market to decide the value.  Companies aren't going to blindly start paying freshmen millions just because they were a highly touted recruit.  maybe a handful.  everyone else will have to prove themselves.  

Not that difficult to figure this stuff out.  Just that universities never had to consider it before.  it was a rigged system that can easily be fixed.  Universities aren't giving out "free" scholarships to average joes.  These kids had to earn one to start with.

Comment 13 Feb 2019
He was a captain of our team, and he’s not a leader by vocalness, he’s a leader by example,” Carvalho said. “He was hurt for a lot of games this year, and instead of him moping … he was on the sideline, he was coaching up the younger players, he was coaching up the current players. Pulling them aside, showing them things that they could do better. " Wow. Didn't realize that there were so many positive things a captain can do for his team when quitting isn't an option. (Sarcasm intended).
Comment 15 Jan 2019
"The university’s sports programs brought in a total of $175,885,823 in 2016. $167,510 per athlete. That number isn't per football player or even per starter, it's per athlete – everybody who competes in any varsity sport at Ohio State." That's obfuscating the facts math. The vast majority of that total revenues were generated by the football team. It was divided by all athletes. Doesn't mean each athlete from gymnastics to Dwayne Haskins contributed evenly to that pot. Give football players and star foot all players the credit they deserved and the money they earned for the university.
Comment 11 Jan 2019

not even sure why people are so petty and concerned about a transfer and an existing member of the team when apocalyptic zombies, murderers, drug dealers, and terrorists are pouring though our southern borders and into this country, raping women and girls, and destroying our way of life as we know it.  Let's be real here, people.  worry about what really matters.   

I'm just glad that at least 255 people are safe enough to post on this article as opposed to running for their lives.  luckily, I don't live in America at the moment. otherwise, I would not be able to comment on the state of Buckeye football and would be securing myself and my family in a nuclear proof bunker with AR-15s and 8.5 years worth of food and water supply.

It's time to build that wall to protect BuckeyeNation and America from apocalypse!


Comment 08 Jan 2019

NO.  Nurture and Nature.  At a program like Ohio State, as a coach, you are given 4-5 star recruits (that's nature).  Your job is to nurture them and get them to perform.  if they don't, it's your fault.  You get paid big bucks to nurture 4-5 star recruits.  not zero stars.  If you can't get them to perform, it's your fault.