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Comment 10 Dec 2019

Dobbins definitely earned the right to be there based on performance and dominance when he played, which were few and far between in the second halves of games.  

NO Big-12 Offensive players should ever be a Heisman finalist.  Given that EVRYONE agrees that’s the conference does not play defense, why are offensive stats given the same value as other conferences at all?   Or is this too logical? 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Agreed.  It is concerning that once Michigan and Wisconsin started to double/triple team Chase Young, no one else has stepped up.  simply math tells you that if one player is being double/triple teamed, then there should be numbers mis-match.  But this hasn't resulted in other defensive players outperforming, especially if the other players are also considered blue chips.  

Does this mean that Chase Young has been masking the deficiencies of the rest of the defense or the other guys have gotten complacent because Chase Young is expected to bail everyone out?

Comment 08 Dec 2019

There doesn't need to be evidence of "under the table" dealings for it to be a concerted efforts to promote a specific narrative or self-interests.  Human nature dictates that if we hear something enough times and that's the only thing we hear, we start to believe it.  and assuming all committee members are human beings, all they hear is ESPN touting the strength of the SEC and ACC, they will be naturally influenced.  

as a perfect example, even 11W started writing about how "no team wants to play Clemson", because this was the narrative that was being pushed for weeks.  And this is why Georgia is still the #5 team, because the SEC is "strong up and down"...you know, because all the teams are highly ranked, pre-season, and that carries over throughout the whole season.  "quality losses" become the narrative.  "dominant wins" become the narrative.  That's how the Buckeyes dropped in Rankings after the WIN against a top-10 team (3 consecutive weeks of beating top 10 teams).

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Biggest question for the Buckeyes should be if the team can do a much much better job of being ready from the first whistle.  It’s been 2 weeks now where it’s started real slow and found itself in a hole.  You can’t push your luck too often even if that “luck” comes in the form of superior talent.   Better opponents ahead and they probably won’t allow you to make 2nd half comebacks.  

Comment 08 Dec 2019

We could have made our Defensive adjustments earlier/1st half.  Our D didn't have enough push on the line, which meant that all of their attacking options (Taylor, Ceyphus, and Coan) were available; plus we were playing man-to-man and our guys got a bit arrogant.  in the 2nd half, we went to zone, which altered the entire game.  This should have been done in the 1st half, after a few series.  Let's hope we make these adjustments sooner in the next 2 games.  

Comment 08 Dec 2019

probably.  given how ESPN has so hyped LSU.  It's just shameful to see 2 former Buckeyes on the ESPN crew not utter a single word to help push for the Buckeyes (yes, Galloway and Herbstreit, looking at both of you).   That's just embarrassing and disappointing.   They both act like it would be a greatest crime to utter a positive word or 2 about the Buckeyes, while Rece Davis goes on and on about how great the SEC is.  You would never see Jesse Palmer or David Pollack not go out of their way to support their school/team.  

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Completely agree with your spirit.  We have earned the right to be #1.

But this is aside from the fact that we should not give a flying FCK who we have to play first, second, or last.  We will play anybody, anytime, anywhere.   fck this "no one wants to play Clemson."  Why the fck not?!  gotta play them at some point.   let's just get it done.  

Comment 08 Dec 2019

completely agree with you.  Why is everyone once again just blindly falling behind the B.S. narrative that the national sports media is pushing?  "no one wants to play Clemson."  Why not?!  you gotta play them at some point.  Let's not psych yourself out by allowing a bunch of biased pundits to create this false sense of fear about the imaginary dominance that is Clemson....even with an undefeated season, they played no one and their conference is completely shit this season.  The ACC championship game was Clemson vs Virginia....VIRGINIA!!  The media just wants to keep them in the playoffs.  

Comment 08 Dec 2019

This B.S. narrative that the national sports media has been pushing about " no team wants to face Clemson" is nothing more than to try and keep Clemson in the playoff picture.  Even with an undefeated season, Clemson has played no one and their conference is absolutely horrible THIS season.  

Let's not fall prey to another B.S. non-sense from the fake news media.  Why the fck would you care who you have to play if you know you have to play 2 teams to win the national title?  It's been so blown out of proportion.  Look at 2014/15.  Who "wanted" to play Alabama?  The Buckeyes did, and when it was time to face Oregon, it was a cake-walk.  


go bucks.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

precisely.  And the national media insist on stumbling all over themselves giving Burrows felatio (I'm totally psyched for Burrows as he is also a Buckeye), just demonstrates once more how SEC-biased the media is.  48 TDs to 1 interception is better stats than Burrows, plus Fields didn't play the equivalent of probably 4 games. 

I saw an episode of Get Up or something, where Jim Mora was arguing with Acho that the "SEC is where the best players are from and play"; the first part is correct, but not necessarily the second part anymore.  Especially going forward.  Kids know the entire national college football landscape by the time they are 8 years old with technology and social media.  SEC schools don't get the benefits of indoctrinating their allegiances for the first 15 years of their lives anymore.  

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Fields has a better TD/Int ratio than Burrows.  Plus he didn't play in the equivalent of 4 games.  So Fields definitely should be ahead of Burrows.  Unfortunately, voters don't look at the analytics, just the surface-level #s.  Regardless, Burrows is a Buckeye.  He was part of the team and graduated from the school; you can't be anymore Buckeye than that.

Dobbins and Young winning (highly unlikely) would be relatively non-controversial as well.  

Comment 04 Dec 2019

To be fair to BuckeyeInOrlando, 

1. if Fields and Dobbins played in every single quarter of every game, their numbers would dwarf that of Taylor;

2. Taylor put up gawdy numbers because he was the only offensive option; if you get the ball 75% of the time, and you have an average to decent OL, you'll get plenty of yards over a season.  

Having said all of the above, Taylor is pretty darn good.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Ever since the SEC-bias media realized that Alabama wasn't going to make the playoffs (based on their mediocre play and fluffy schedule the entire year), they started this new narrative about how "no one wants to play Clemson."  WHY NOT?!  their schedule is even more cupcake than Bamas.  if anything, it is an advantage to play them.  You'll be the first good team they play.  the chance of beating them is higher than being the second good team to play them.  

Florida being ranked in the top 10 is a desparate attempt to boost the rankings of Georgia, and nothing more.  The only 2 ranked teams that they played, they lost.  Every other opponent that they have played is on part with non-Clemson ACC opponents.  GTFU out of here with this B.S.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Don't necessarily disagree at all.  You could argue either him or Fields.  The only reason why Burrows is ahead is because Dobbins and Fields didn't play the equivalent of 4 games this season.  The apples-to-apples comparison is to look at all 3 performances based on the # of minutes that they actually play.  I bet yards/mins would significantly favor Fields and Dobbins.  

That's how the NBA does its metrics.  and it's the correct and objective way to do it.  If you're not on the field, you shouldn't be faulted for not producing.

Using the Heisman's own criteria of awarding it to the "best player", well, if you're so damn good that you don't need to play 4 quarters, by definition, you're the best player...right?