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Comment 13 hours ago

I just found out that my son is likely avoiding skull surgery through remote consultation.

Technology is amazing in this dark time!

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I understand but statistics say 90% these things are not made up.  Let’s just say I am on the fence that this report sounded to graphic and concrete to be made up.  I hope I am wrong for all affected parties.

It would absolutely give me pause as a parent though to ask Ryan Day how my son would be mentored there to make sure it is an isolated incident and not cultural.

(I absolutely think Ryan is a great person, and I do not think this is a cultural problem.  I am just giving my opinion to the previous poster if this would give pause.)

Comment 12 Feb 2020

As a parent, it would at least give me pause.  If I send my kid to you, I want to know that they are being properly mentored, (which I think OSU does well.)

This report is heinous and not indicative of the coaches in any capacity, but I could see how another rival coach tries to spin it that way.

I am disgusted by this and hope to see Ryan do the right thing swiftly!

Comment 26 Jan 2020

It looks pretty clear to me that they aren’t in sync together as they play.  It’s not just how long have they played but played together too.

The Big Ten is exceptionally deep this year too. No one thought this team was a Final Four team before the season started.  Give them time...

I think next year is a bigger year with Liddell and DJ taking the next step in their development.  I still say we make the tourney too

Comment 25 Jan 2020

I think people forgot that this team had a lot of youth and question marks coming into the season.

Team needs to fix their spacing and gel again.  Players are making poor choices with the ball, and until we fix turnovers, we aren’t making a deep run.  As we saw early though, the potential is there.

I think this team fixes their issues come March and makes a sweet 16 run.  If I am wrong, then I am still going to support Holt and the team because I think we are still a year away.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

My basement gym has a full on Circuit Board, Crazy Cliffhanger, Spinning Log, Floating Monkey Bar Cradles, Floating Doors, Cannonball Ally, Ring Toss, Pegboard, Lache bars, Flying Nunchucks, Dip Bars, Campus Board, and Rock Wall!

I used to have more but I moved my Warped Wall to the gym

Comment 31 Dec 2019

It is all my fault.  I was holding a buckeye in my hand like I do every game.  When Wade sacked Lawrence, I squeezed to tightly in celebration and broke the buckeye.  You know the rest of the story....

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Do you think anyone unexpectedly comes back now?

Dobbins is dinged up.  RBs have a short shelf life.  He needs to go.

Okudah and Young have too much money to turn down.

Wade will get paid if he goes, but do you want tonight to be your last moment.  I selfishly hope he comes back because I think tonight might haunt him otherwise.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Let’s see by careers’ end!  I think Proctor is a stud and Riep becomes and All-Big Ten player.

Both are quality, just young.  Borland has atthletic limitations but plays his heart out.  (I get frustrated sometimes too but never on his effort).

Browning has come on late!

Comment 28 Dec 2019

I don’t think that video shows much.  He looks slow in it, but that looks more to me because he is jogging.  I think we will know early tonight how his knee is.

Mobile Fields and we win.  Without, I have no idea how it goes.  I could see everyone else elevating their game and I could equally see the wheels coming off the wagon.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

I want to start by saying that I love the confidence that our fan base has.  Seeing the thoughts on Penn State earlier had me nervous as I am today.  I think Clemson vs Ohio State is such a unique matchup that I have no idea on this one.

If Fields can run, we win by 7 or less.  If Fields is too dinged up and cannot run, we lose by at least 7.

How transparent do you think he is really being?

OSU 30- Clemson 27

Comment 09 Dec 2019

That is what I was thinking too!  I guess though some people would value money more than an item, especially if they lived it.  Like I said, I am always skeptical.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Just came across this site the other day.  I am always skeptical of things like this and autographs unless I see them signed first hand.

Is anyone able to verify or confirm if any of this stuff that this seller has is legitimate?  I notice that some of his ring pictures make it seem that the initials are on the side that is blurred.  I thought they were on the opposite side?