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Just your average sports nut. Played some small college ball, always a little undersized for the bigs. Had fun though.


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Comment 01 Apr 2019

I got bored reading this thread. All I got was that none of you fat degenerates ever did anything incredibly stupid at 19 but are mostly willing to turn a blind eye to a 30 something “alleged” wife beater (we know he did some shit, let’s be real here, just bc she’s also batshit and couldn’t follow thru on charges doesn’t mean he’s innocent). He’s a vindictive cunt with a myriad of fucking issues. Here’s hoping he doesn’t hurt the only thing we actually care about, the fucking program. 

Comment 28 Sep 2018

I was trying to compare some track stats to current or ex-players (like Teddy), just trying to match up the two things above. Ted for, for instance, ran shorter sprints and hurdles (13.26 once in the 110, not far off the HS record). Via

Zeke: 300m Hurdle pr: 37.52 (2012)

Parris: 200m pr: 22.05 (2014) (not same event but just a reminder that he fast)

Denzel Ward: he fast trust me

Sheffield: 300m Hurdle pr: 36.34 (2014...heeee fast) wonder if that was wind aided bc his other season bests are much slower. His 110s aren’t much behind Ginn’s HS numbers tho.

This is an exercise in futility. We are so damn spoiled.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

Well at least we get to look forward to Tennessee Jeff screaming into his phone for 5+ minutes on a certain 97.1 The Fan radio show every week soon. “Hahaha what a wild and crazy guy” no. He’s an idiot and I change the channel every time. 

Comment 03 Aug 2018

I find myself torn. If she was abused, then fuck ZS. But from the age of 20 to 24 I was in an incredibly volatile relationship. Most of it revolved around alcohol (and blow, on her part). She would get out of control and start swinging. I just played defense until she went to bed. Then the next morning she'd be like "why didn't you hit me?" "why didn't you put me in my place?". Don't get me wrong, I wanted to choke her out when she got like that. One time I did pick her up and put her against a wall after her slaps turned to punches. We loved each other. Deeply. And in those moments, especially if alcohol is involved, it's a whirlwind. Once she even cut herself so badly I had to take her to the hospital. I got angry stares from literally everyone there. I thought they were going to call the cops. When I did absolutely nothing but care about her. 

I'm not saying that's what happened here. In fact, I'm leaning towards Courtney's side of things, because I watched my dad treat my mom like that when i was a kid. (Which is why you should believe my little story above that I wouldn't hurt women). I'm just saying at this point, I don't think it's on Urban (I believe he reported it), it's on the couple. And I'm in a holding pattern on opinion until this gets sorted out by the proper people. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

While Day doesn't have Bowling Green or Utah under his belt, he's clearly highly sought after. He signed on as an OC at OSU for a reason while turning down those other gigs. To learn what it takes to be a CEO. Friendly reminder that Urban was 41 when he took the Florida job, where if I remember correctly, he embarrassed the boys badly for a natty once. Don't sell the guy short just yet just because he hasn't been the front man. He may rise to the challenge.

Comment 18 Jun 2018

That write up hit home a little. I never played anything professionally, but I lost a whole half of football in college once, where I was out there playing on autopilot. I “came to” mid-4th qtr; I don’t remember halftime or us scoring. I know I was out on the field. Film proved that. Never bothered me when I was 22, I was invincible. But now 10 years later (combined with other concussions in HS and my early 20s), it does concern me some. I got laid off last summer, and it was so easy to let my mind go into some really dark places when left to my own devices. I space out sometimes. I worry about my short term memory sometimes. Like I said, I didn’t get punched in the face or play hockey for a living, but head trauma is scary stuff.