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Just your average sports nut. Played some small college ball, always a little undersized for the bigs. Had fun though.


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Comment 08 Aug 2017

Hartford throws a solid shindig. I grew up in Morrow County, 10-15 years ago they'd throw out a damn good tractor pull and demo, it'd rival the best I reckon, top 10 at least. But i haven't been in that long, so who tf knows what it looks like now.

Comment 17 Jul 2017

It seems likely that Brandon will get to Winterfell. Sansa knows what Littlefinger wants and I don't think Brienne will let her down again. Here's hoping she finally gives into Tormund's awkward advances.

Also, I've been watching The Wire (finally, i know i'm super late) but i find it entertaining that Littlefinger is playing virtually the same exact role.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I can't tell if your hashtag is sarcasm or not.

Ohio State's athletic programs are pretty dominant across the board. Could (has?) he potentially bungled this Thad Matta decline. Certainly, but IMO if the Basketbucks endure another season like the last one, the voices from fans, boosters, former players will be too loud not to make a move. 

Gotta be his last chance. One opportunity, mom's spaghetti and whatnot.

Comment 07 Apr 2017

I enjoyed it. Looking forward to season 2. Prepare to hear copious amounts of the f-word.