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Comment 8 hours ago

For those interested -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex5ebgyCv1I

It has all the pre-game BS from Wisconsin acting like their coach didn't just quit on them. Hilarious!

Comment 16 Oct 2019

The thing that happens when a bad offense faces a good offense is that the good offense continues to take advantage of good field position and turnovers and puts the bad offensive team behind, far behind, and then, into desperation mode, making it worse and worse for their frustrated defense. This game might be 56-10.

Comment 21 Feb 2019

Using superior recruiting as a knock AGAINST OSU is patently ridiculous. As we all know, recruiting is part of coaching in college football. OSU wins because of its recruiting. A lot of schools win DESPITE poor recruiting. Them's the facts.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

Here's an idea to fix some of these playoff problems. Why not standardize how schedules are made? That way, the Big 10 isn't playing more meaningful games than the ACC and SEC? If everyone has the same number of conference games, we can at least agree who did better in those games (and who sucked against "inferior" competition).