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Comment 24 May 2018

I will bet that we have a grad transfer on the team by August.

With Baldwin still healing, and a skinny depth chart, and a bunch of talent to be surrounded by, I think we are an attractive place for a guy wanting one last shot to throw some passes at the college level. 

Comment 16 May 2018

Even being able to go to college is a tremendous benefit. But that doesn't mean that the system isn't fucked up. How much money does the Ohio State football team bring in every year?  What is the real cost of the benefits that these players receive?  

Hall wasn't just talking about players not receiving financial support from their family, he is talking about guys, on the football team that we root for, having to send money back home.

Calling them spoiled brats is bullshit (and I know you weren't). 

Comment 16 May 2018

Yo Lew E, describe your parents' financial situation at the time.

Hall is talking about sending Pell Grant money home, single mothers at home with the power shut off in the house.

How much money did you send home from college to your single mother?  If this wasn't you, then what basis do you have for making this comment?

Comment 14 May 2018

Ten pro bowls could have been a little hyperbole, but I really think the kid has an ability to mirror that no one else in the league has today. I think his athleticism is that freakish. Staying as healthy as he has been able to is obviously key to the kind of longevity that Green was able to enjoy, but if he does, I think he is capable of big things in the league. 

Comment 14 May 2018

Ward's aggressiveness in making contact, and ridiculous, even for the league, athleticism, and work ethic will make him a star for a real long time. Darrell Green and Charles Woodson come to mind. Although his willingness and ability to hit remind me more of Woodson. The guy has 10 time pro bowler written all over him. 

Comment 10 May 2018

Ohio State offers a great spot right now for a grad transfer with some experience, looking for one more chance to put some tape out for scouts. 

We don't want Martell risking injury by playing a ton of garbage time (I'm sure he'll play some, he has yet to throw a collegiate pass) but the third stringer will see more regular season playing time than normal.

A chance to showcase your skills in front of a national audience with some major talent is a totally attractive thing to guys like Jordan Park, Dallas Davis, or Jordan Davis. I will be amazed if we don't see another addition to the QB room who has some actual playing experience. 

Comment 08 May 2018

I totally agree that the kid's got to play, and I don't fault him in any way for transferring. I get it. I just don't think that he is guaranteed playing time at another school. And conversely, I don't think it is a guarantee that he wouldn't play at Ohio State, even if Haskins were (was?) to start the season. It may turn out to be a wise decision (and I hope it does) but it does have some legit risk involved that I don't think we are acknowledging enough. 

I agree that QB's shouldn't look over their shoulder, but they often do. And I think it is better for the team not to be debating this come September. Although it would also be better for the team to have a potential badass for a backup. So flip a coin I guess. 

Comment 08 May 2018

I think this is a hell of a lot more risky for Burrow than he is letting on. Moving on to a team that doesn't know you, and has nothing invested in you, with an unfamiliar offensive scheme and unfamiliar terminology, with unfamiliar receivers is not a guarantee of success. I hope that the kid kicks ass out there, but when is the last time we made it through a whole season with one QB?  I am happy that Haskins won't be looking over his shoulder all season, but it is statistically likely (knock on wood) that Burrow would have gotten quality minutes sometime in the next two years. 

And I didn't like the way we did Danny Clark  two years ago, and I like it even less today. Another redshirt freshman with two sets of spring practices would be pretty valuable right now. 

Comment 08 May 2018

Well earlier my gut was telling me that it was too close to decide, but now it is really screaming "Haskins!  Haskins!" at me.