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Comment 07 Jun 2019
So this is something that I have been thinking about for the last couple of years, and especially this spring, but doesn't it seem as though the divine Mr. Landers has been playing out of position for the last couple of years? He seems to me like the absolute prototype three technique. Shorter, quick as a jackrabbit mating, and a guy with a devastating first step. I think the assumption that he is locked into nose tackle is odd, especially with Hamilton and Togiai at NT. I think he replaces Jones, with Cornell and Vincent sharing some reps with him. It is the same thing that our man Adolphus Washington did a few years back.
Comment 20 Apr 2019

I was looking at that list of QB's, and it reminded me of some funny shit last season.  

I was catching a couple of minutes of Joey Burrow playing for LSU, and my nine year old daughter walked in.  She noticed it wasn't Ohio State, which led to a pretty hysterical conversation. 

"Hey, that isn't the Buckeyes."

I say:  "I know, but this kid played quarterback for them, and transferred, and I just wanted to see how he's holding up."

She asks "Which one?"  

So I tell her what his number is, and she is squinting at the screen, like she can't find him, so I get off the couch and point him out, and she's looking at me funny, so I ask: "What's up?"  

"I just didn't know white guys could play quarterback."  

Kids are the shit.  

Comment 20 Apr 2019

We are comparing Ohio State resumes.  I am with you that Meyer is a hall of famer, but what did he do at Ohio State that Tressel didn't?  The guy  recruited nationally better, and is a great game day motivator, but he didn't perform any better with the keys to the best program in the damn land.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

I don't know if Tressel is a better coach, and that wasn't what I was trying to imply (although I would much rather have a beer with him).  I just think he gets shit on as though he was some kindly old geezer that just happened to step into winning some games, while Meyer has the reputation as having significantly improved Ohio State football from where Tressel had it.  

There were teams that were more dominant for a year or two while Tressel coached, but during his tenure, Ohio State was the most consistently dominant program in the nation, with an average end of season ranking higher than Miami, USC, Texas, Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, or any other name that you can throw out there.  The guy was the coach of the decade, and people act like he was Larry Coker.  

They allow four teams to play for the championship now, when Tressel did it, they only allowed two, and in the two times that Meyer went to the playoffs, we were never seeded in the top two.  The conference championship thing is totally apples to oranges, I agree that you can't compare them, and I don't.  

I was born in '80, and the first twenty years of my life had some pretty miserable November days.  I remember when it seemed like michigan could have said "Who has it better than us?" and it might have made sense.  Every fucking disaster against michigan is a memory from my childhood.  Tressel changed that, with the most dominant run that we have ever enjoyed.  The guy is my hero.  My kids get to grow up and enjoy these Novembers, and they have Jim Tressel to thank for it.  Meyer is a hell of a coach, an absolute hall of famer, but he continued what Tressel started, and I don't think that gets acknowledged enough.  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

My really, really important vote is with McLane Carter from Texas Tech.  Power to the Lefties!!!  The kid has some wheels, played JuCo ball, and seems like a grinder.  The chance to be first off the bench at Ohio State is not too shabby a thing to offer kids.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Yo, I am not an Urban hater, and I really appreciate the things that he has done for these young men on and off the field, but in ten years, Tressel won a national championship while playing for three, while in seven years, Meyer won one and played for two, in a format that was easier to get into.  If Meyer was in the BCS, under the same rules as Tressel, he would not have played for any.  

Tressel is the most underrated coach at a big time program in the history of the sport.  Underneath the vest and the "Aw shucks" veneer is a straight up badass sexual tyrannosaurus of an american winning machine.  The idea that Ohio State was some regional backwater program when Urban arrived is absurd.  Tressel averaged the highest end of season poll position in the nation in the ten years that he coached.  It could be argued that he was the best coach in the country during his tenure, and I don't know if you can make that argument for Meyer.  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

The kid put out a statement today, it is below.

I think that it is important to remember that these are 18 and 19 year old kids.  He just completed his first year out of high school.  Some kids handle distance from their friends, family and community better than others.  Being the first off the bench behind a dual threat guy at one of the nation's premier programs is not a bad deal, and I think that it is entirely possible that he is being sincere when he says that he wants to get back closer to home.  It is also possible that he is not, but it is alright to give him the benefit of the doubt.  He would have a hard time walking into a better situation.  

Baldwin's statement as lifted from The Ozone:

I want to start by saying I am grateful for my time in Columbus and the relationships formed here at Ohio State.

This spring was huge for me to finally get back on the field after my ACL tear. It felt really great being in the mix of things and taking snaps again. Being able to play in front of 75,000 of the greatest fans in the country was beyond exciting. I loved getting to know Justin and competing with him was an incredible experience for me. I was really proud of what I did and am excited about my progress.

At the same time, spring was a tough time for me personally. My family and I have prayed and talked a lot about where I belong and what is best for me. In the end, we feel like it’d be better for me to step away from Ohio State. I want everyone to know this isn’t done out of anger or frustration, but I’m not just a football player.

I want to emphasize the love and respect I have for the entire Ohio State coaching staff and my incredible teammates. Especially, I want to thank Coach Day for his guidance over the past year and for the belief he had in me from the start. He is an amazing coach and a great person. He will do incredible things at Ohio State. I also want to thank the strength coaches who work with us every day.

Finally, I want to thank Adam Stewart and the entire physical therapy and training staff for helping me bounce back. Stew is the best in the business and has been such an important person in my life this year. I will never forget what he did for me in what was a very difficult time.

Thank you Buckeye Nation for all the memories and support. I appreciate what this experience has taught me and consider my time here as a blessing. I’m looking forward to my next step in life and I wish the best for each of you.”

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I would take Danny in a heartbeat right now.  I always felt like we did him a little bit dirty, especially after that big, beautiful tattoo.  He would have to swallow a whole lot of pride though.  

Comment 21 Dec 2018

I totally disagree about non first round prospects sitting out. I think that the less heralded prospect risks significantly more by playing in a bowl game. Barring an actual career ending injury, Nick Bosa is getting drafted in the first round. A fourth rounder may not get drafted at all. Jaylon Smith still signed a multi million dollar contract, and he wasn't projected to go first overall, and his injury was potentially career ending.

The fringe guys are risking not getting paid at all, while the mega stars risk only having less millions, but will still be set for life even in the event of injury. 

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Trudat Kyson, if Day had been here with Cardale, he would have started the entire season, and we 2015 would have turned out a hell of a lot better. Cardale is one of my all time favorites up there with Antoine and Big Kat. Which begs the question, why the hell didn't we recruit Winfield's son?

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Totally agree silverstate, the Mathis decision was the wise choice. If the program has several kids at your position, who all think they are next in line, and the other situation allows you to slide in as the backup your freshman year, who wouldn't do the same thing?  There is a lot of hate on here for Mathis. If you have a problem with kids flipping, why not blame the grown ass men (the coaches) who continue to recruit them after they are committed?  I think it is about damn time the athletes had the same freedom of movement as the coaches. I think it is tough to side with the schools who make millions off of these guys' labor, or the millionaire coaches, over a bunch of kids who aren't getting paid. People on here should congratulate Mathis for doing the smart thing. The kid is one play away from starting at a school that has legitimate championship aspirations instead of being potentially fourth in line, or fifth on the odd chance that both Fields transfers in, and Mathis stays. There was a ton of hero worship for Bosa quitting the team to make millions of dollars, this kid was never on the team, and went elsewhere for a more clear opportunity to start, and there is a problem with that?

Comment 20 Dec 2018

I feel bad for Tate as well, it's a tough business. But if there is there is only one thing that sports can teach kids, it is that life ain't fair. As William Munny said, Deserves has got nothing to do with it. 

That being said, getting Justin Fields would be the best thing for recruiting since we used to be able to put cream cheese on bagels. The kid is an absolute stud at quarterback. Everybody and their dog will be clamoring to play with the guy. A good QB and winning do  a lot for national exposure. Some high school kid doesn't give a damn about hurting Tate Martell's feelings. 

Comment 19 Dec 2018

The Justin Fields news is fucking rad!  The idea that people don't want him is absurd. Every wide receiver on our roster is salivating right now, and so is anyone else on the offense with the exception of Tate Martell. Fields coming in would open up the quarterback job in two years as opposed to three years of Martell starting, so the younger quarterbacks should be over the moon about it. Matthew Baldwin is not taking the reins as a redshirt freshman, so if he wants to start someday, he should be praying for Fields.

You can bet your ass that everyone else on the roster is thinking National Championship and repeat if we get the kid, and so are the coaches. I am sure Ryan Day has already made overtures to him. We don't cry for any other position when we accept transfers, why quarterback?  

Besides, now we can run fake punts. 

Comment 06 Dec 2018

I agree, that he did struggle for the first half of the year, but he got better. I think all of us have forgotten about a ton of really ugly snaps from Elflein and Price just because they were all americans and our sense of them is that they were great. And they were. But Jordan's struggles with accuracy were not new to us. It is a hard damn job. If he sticks around for another year, he will be even better.  And it will give Myers a chance to play guard at a high level for a year, and move on over to continue the tradition. 

Comment 05 Dec 2018

Korey Stringer. 

It it wasn't the fact that he had a player die, it was that he hired a strength coach who was calling the kids "faggots" and throwing bags of dogshit at them, or whatever. It wasn't the death, it was the fact that he was a fucking asshole who hired another out of control asshole as the strength coach and then had a player die. Fuck DJDurkin. And fuck michigan. 

Comment 05 Dec 2018

Holly Mangold would at least qualify for strength coach. And maybe assistant O-Line. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Schiano stays, both Johnsons stay, I don't know about Alex Grinch, and we hire Marcus Freeman for big boy money as co DC and linebackers coach.