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Comment 14 Mar 2018
Well, his tournament doesn't start until Friday. He definitely thinks he's exceptional. My eight year old daughter told me the other day she might live in Cleveland when she grows up so that she might see Lebron James sometimes. We might live in the north, but they are Ohio fans through and through.
Comment 14 Mar 2018
My mediocre son has a b ball tournament in Anchorage tomorrow. In the 300+ miles there is one bar on the way that has a TV, and you bet your ass that we will be sitting in it at 12:00 Alaska time and cheering for the Jackrabbits to get dumped with extreme prejudice. Go Bucks!
Comment 12 Mar 2018
Correlation does not imply causation. That is true. But if you think the numbers are non linear, or that they are meaningless, then please explain. Zach Smith is the most prolific producer of draftable players on our coaching staff. That is a fact. Zach Smith has produced twice as many NFL players as Alabama in the last five years. That is a fact. If you think that these facts are meaningless, then explain why and how they have come to pass and why they do not reflect on their position coach. The NFL does not give a flying fuck whether you played for Ohio State or the South West New Hampshire School of Broadcasting, they will see the film and draft the better player. So why has Zach Smith produced six picks to the Mike Vrabel/Larry Johnson duo's four picks on the D-Line? How has he out produced Alabama? If your position is that the numbers don't matter, why not?
Comment 10 Mar 2018
I love JT, I am thankful for JT, the guy is a class act, and was a tremendous Buckeye, and one of the all time best. But you are spot on. Dixon, Hill, and Campbell would have all been drafted this year. But they saw the future, and saw it was Haskins, and decided to gamble on showcasing themselves with a QB with a different kind of arm. Not to mention the dream of getting to the playoffs. Like I said, I love JT, and if you could wish for a player to be more talented, and if you could fit that guy's heart in his arm, he would have a fucking howitzer. But reality bites. And these wideouts are going to be household names next year. And I don't think that whoever asked if we might have the best receiving corps in the nation this year was too far off. And next year's draft will show it.
Comment 10 Mar 2018
I think that Meyer coached Cole Magner at Bowling Green, a receiver from Colony High in Wasilla. Up here in Fairbanks, Tua Tagovailoa's cousins are big on the basketball scene. The seventh grade girl is badass, and her brother is about to be a freshman and had another kid throwing alleyoops to him at eighth grade practice. And I am pretty sure that he plays football as well, so there's hope. We send some basketball players, and swimmers and wrestlers Outside, but with snow on the ground from October through early May, it is tough to get football practice in.
Comment 10 Mar 2018
Holy fucking shit. This argument has been going on here for something like five years. It is so stupid it is unbelievable. So let's end it. There is a place where people get paid to evaluate college football players. And it is not just based on being super athletic. It is based on skill, and how good you are. Otherwise DJ Chark out of LSU would be the first overall pick this year. This place is called the NFL draft. If you are not good, you don't get drafted. And if these guys fuck up too many times they get fired. Starting with the 2013 draft, through today, Ohio State has had drafted: QB: 1 TE: 2 RB: 2 S: 3 DL: 4 CB: 5 OL: 5 LB: 5 WR: 6 That's right, according to the NFL, Zach Smith is the best producer of talent out of any position coach at Ohio State. Whatever sorry arguments there are about how much talent he gets to work with, guess what, so does Larry Johnson, Fickell and Davis, Warriner and Studrawa. Why isn't everyone bitching about the fact that we have had exactly two running backs drafted? In the same time span, Alabama has had three wideouts drafted. And they don't lack for talent either. In the last five years Zach Smith has placed double the amount of guys in the NFL as Alabama. Think about that. Is there anyone on here whose scarlet colored glasses are so thick that they truly believe that the talent level at Ohio State is that much higher than Alabama?!? Give me a break, and give poor Zach Smith a break as well. No one went pro this year, but I bet four to five guys do next year, and four of them get drafted. This shit is ridiculous.
Comment 07 Mar 2018
Damn spell check! I totally agree, and Burfict cost himself a ton of money. But despite that, and despite the hideous forty time (I think it was similar to Jamarco's time) he is one of the best in the league. And I think that you are spot on, that Worley cost himself some money, I am not sure though that it was from lack of preparation.
Comment 06 Mar 2018
In defense of Worley, he ran significantly faster than a certain linebacker out of Arizona State a couple of years ago. Now he was my favorite linebacker coming out that year, and didn't get drafted, but he has made a delightful professional. I don't think that the forty means dick at almost any position. Maybe corner, but not even wideout, and certainly not linebacker. If your brain can put you in the right place, you can beat the hell out of a guy who runs faster when you take it out on the field. I'll agree that Worley doesn't jump off the screen like Verdict did, but running a slow forty doesn't preclude him from being an NFL linebacker.
Comment 02 Mar 2018
WLB 1 Baron Browning OR 1 Keandre Jones 3 Dallas Gant MLB 1 Tuf Borland 2 Justin Hilliard 3 Teradja Mitchell SLB 1 Malik Harrison 2 Pete Werner 3 K'Vaughn Pope If true, that sucks that Booker is out, I really thought he had a chance to contribute as a designated pass rusher, fourth defensive end type of guy. Best of luck to him, and may he land on his feet.
Comment 02 Mar 2018
Linsley played under Bollman, but I think that Brewster was starting until Warriner's first year, which was also Linsley's first year starting. I totally forgot thay Studrawa was here during Warriner's final, disastrous year. I was thinking that he arrived during the great purge. You are right, I was wrong. I still think that when when a player's career is overlapped by two coaches, you can give both coaches credit for their input. And I think people on here are forgetting what a good job Warriner did for us. I think the graphic is funny as hell, and reinforces how shitty michigan is. I just think that we should be self confident enough as a fan base to laugh instead of cry about it. Let the guys up north do that.
Comment 01 Mar 2018
Landers low center of gravity and his ability to stay low, combined with his fast twitchiness, I think makes him one of our most dangerous defensive lineman, it may well be Bosa, Young and Cooper who reap the rewards. But there is nothing like a 6 foot nothing, three hundred pounder coming right up the middle to give a quarterback nightmares.