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Comment 02 Sep 2018

The only reason that I can think to leave the best part of the debriefing out, is that piece of punting porn that Chrisman put up got Tressel so excited that he immediately had to retire to the bedroom with Ellen and wasn't available for comment. 

The Jim Tressel's Least Favorite Moment of the Game is the best part of the Debriefing, now that we lost DJ, lost the $10,000 Presidential Parlay, we can't afford to lose the JTLFMOTG. Please god, whoever is out there listening being it back. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

It took me years to forgive Urban Meyer for the national championship game, but I eventually did. And when I became convinced that he gave a damn about his players somewhere near the same level as Tressel, I came around to actually liking him. But there is not a chance in hell that he coaches another game for Ohio State.  The guy told an obvious lie about something totally heinous to a national audience. It sucks, but no amount of rationalizing contortion will change that fact. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

I  sure this is an unpopular opinion, but there is no way that Meyer survives this. That has been set in stone since he gave that press conference that a small child would have seen through. This is the age of #metoo. You don't keep a high profile job while protecting an alleged woman beater. The idea that Meyer had no knowledge of Smith's alleged transgressions is laughable. I am not lending validity to not denying the truthfulness of Courtney Smith's allegations. My scarlet colored glasses are as strong a prescription as anyone else's here, but it is ridiculous to believe that Meyer was completely oblivious to the rumors. He's gone. I am in mourning just like I was in 2011. It's the pits, but it is reality. 

Comment 20 Jul 2018

DJ, I will miss the hell out of you. Power to the people, you would have my vote anywhere, anytime. If you are ever in interior Alaska, the Warren G Harding railroad car resides in Fairbanks, and I would be glad to tell you where my favorite fishing holes are. Thank you for a wonderful seven years, and good luck. 

Comment 28 Jun 2018

I don't think that Dobbs not wanting have a bunch of smoke up his ass makes him a "snowflake". The kid was looking for straight talk, not a bunch of people kissing his ass. Good for him. 

I think anytime someone airs dirty laundry, it is a sign of some immaturity, but the kid is seventeen with a bunch of adults interrogating him every step of the way, so a bunch of other adults can read about it. So, maybe relative to our old asses (myself included) he is more mature than we think. 

Comment 24 Jun 2018

Fuck yes. KABOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

This is the guy I really was hoping for, I think that given a chance, he has the tools to be a starter.  And fuck michigan state for 98. Or was that 97. I was either sixteen or seventeen, I can't remember, all I know is that it set up the Rose Bowl between us and Jake the Snake, which outside of our game against Miami, was my favorite Buckeye game of all time.  No sympathies for the spartans. 

Comment 24 May 2018

I will bet that we have a grad transfer on the team by August.

With Baldwin still healing, and a skinny depth chart, and a bunch of talent to be surrounded by, I think we are an attractive place for a guy wanting one last shot to throw some passes at the college level.