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Just a Buckeye over in the Hoosier state. Originally a Xavier Bro from Cincinnati, don't judge me for it.


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Comment 15 Jul 2015

There's 6 individual championships in that picture between those two great Buckeyes!

True fans of college athletics know who the best collegiate athlete was. I'm not taking away anyone else's outstanding accomplishments; but to win 4 individual championships, lead your team to a national championship and win the Hodge Trophy speaks for itself. 

Hope to see you in Rio representing the USA in 2016 Logie Bear!

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Great article Ramzy! This really hits home for me, I was born and raised in Ohio where I lived for the past 27 years. I recently took a job in Florida, dying to get out of Ohio... And boy do I miss it now.  It took me leaving to fully appreciate what being an Ohioan is, it's something that stays with you forever and something I'll always appreciate. 

Comment 07 Jul 2014

As a Cincinnati native, I've been to Nippert many times. It's a very neat stadium how it is built into the actual university, a great venue for highschool playoff games. However, the few times Nippert sells out for a UC game it's awful. Easily the least fan friendly stadium I've ever been to... On the plus side they do serve alcohol.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

You hit the nail on the head Ramzy. I've been saying this to my friends who are "SEC" fans for quite some time. That's right, SEC fans, not a school but the entire conference.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Buckeye Nation will miss you El Guapo! Damn it this still pisses me off that Herman forgot #34 late with games on the line. As great as Miller is, he tends to get those freshman happy feet and completely indecisive with the ball. Call 'em out Ramzy, maybe Herman and Meyer will listen... They overthink things sometimes. I hate to say it and will probably get DV'd for it, but Tress would've managed those games a lot better than the current staff did. 

Comment 04 Dec 2013

Great write up Ramzy. Just need to take care of business against that damn Michigan State team. Fitting way to end the BCS era for the Buckeyes... Redemption baby.

Comment 13 Nov 2013

I knew we threw the ball less in Champaign, but I never realized it was that much less. I remember the 2011 game and laughed at the diversified offense that the Walrus called and the fact the Illini still couldn't stop what they knew was coming.

Comment 23 Oct 2013

Excellent piece as usual Ramzy. I didn't know the history behind that cheer, so thanks for sharing.

Comment 09 Aug 2013

His former position coach is in my class right now, said he's a really hardworking kid (goes without saying). He also said he was nerve wracking talking to Urban about him personally when OSU was trying to get him in as a preferred walk on. It really is a small world. Gotta love breaking down the wall to Cincy! Go Bucks!

Comment 06 Aug 2013

Always look forward to Tuesday, good read Ramzy. 

Comment 23 Jul 2013

Great write up Ramzy! Pretty excited for B1G media days, but can't it be football season already?

Comment 23 Jul 2013

Saw this story the other day, very classy move by Hoke. This helps show why this is the greatest rivalry in all of sports, even with all the animosity, both sides maintain a level of respect to each other. Someone noted it earlier, but Bo receiving a standing ovation after his passing at the Shoe further drives the point home. Somewhere Woody and Bo are smiling right now, until that November Saturday anyway!