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Comment 10 Dec 2018


Keep your list with this change

OL- LeCharles Bentley- every year this guy preps o-lineman for the NFL. Why not get paid big bucks? I'm sure he isn't hurting for cash, also sure he likes his lifestyle and recruiting and coaching would change that. But why not reach out?

I don't know enough about coaching to just assume a great player would make a great coach. I see it all the time in my line of work, a great worker doesn't make a great manager. 

Comment 20 Sep 2017

Would it be considered dirt to know if a player(s) didn't live in dorms, and instead luxury apartments? Is it something that should just be kept secret or is there no harm no foul? The fact I am even asking makes me think I should just protect the kids privacy. 

Comment 13 Sep 2017

As a fan it's not my "job" to do anything. I paid for a ticket to be entertained, and if I am not being entertained then I reserve the right to sound my displeasure. 

If a comedian isn't funny, I wouldn't laugh to encourage him. 

Sounds like a participation trophy to me.

Side note, I did not attend this game, I did not boo this team publicly. But I won't lie and claim that I haven't disagreed with punting on a 4th and short, or running the QB draw when everyone knows you're going to. I just dislike the notion that admins/coaches/players get upset at fans that boo their team. It's like getting 110k restaurant reviews all at one time, and your food sucks. So do better.