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At one point ranked 15th in ESPN's 2014 Bowl Mania. That's my only claim to fame.


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Comment 22 Feb 2020
We need to play 2 of the following every year, no neutral sites: Cincinnati, Xavier, Dayton, Wright State. I'd also like to see Pitt, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Iowa State and their salty, salty fans.
Comment 22 Feb 2020
Coverage goes up for teams doing really well. As in, championship-level. Men's and women's basketball will always get something. Wrestling is getting a lot of attention. Other sports I've seen getting their own narratives and game-day articles in the past few years have been tennis, baseball, and men's and women's hockey.
Comment 01 Dec 2019
2nd and 1 is the "hitter's count" in football. You can always take a home run shot and still have another pitch (down) to play with. And after rewatching Urban's Cardale story and the plan to throw deep outside the hashes, I had a feeling that play was going to be a deep shot along the sidelines. Maybe I should join TTUN's coaching staff.
Comment 15 Aug 2019
I'm with you two. Hopefully the complexity is on the coaches' side of things, not the players'. Maybe it will be BECAUSE of the substitutions that assignments are clearer. "You do this thing. Now their offense has adjusted, so we take you out and put in this guy to do the other thing." My worry is if they get into a bad matchup with a hurry-up offense that they won't be able to adjust with the players on the field.
Comment 14 Aug 2019
How does that 2014 team stack up? They were not a disciplined group. How insanely talented were they that they overcame all that? Seriously, go back and watch the Alabama and Oregon games. Ohio State was only stopped by themselves. And they stopped themselves a lot. And they still put enough together to put up 42 points on two of the best teams that year. Insane.
Comment 25 Jul 2019
I agree with you, and I'll add that Meyer's coaches hurt his team as well. The Vest has guys that can keep up with Devin Smith and the other WRs. UFM can't take the top off the D, and it'd be hard to get his playmakers into space, especially without a mobile QB. I think Herman and UFM overrule Day on a lot of playcalling, and the offense stalls in the red zone like we've seen before. The Vest and Heacock excelled in that kind of game, and they have the edge in special teams as well. Gimme the Vest by 2 FGs and running out the clock for 5 minutes at the end of the 4th.
Comment 22 May 2019
I think the reception on his tinfoil hat is off. My hat is telling me this is a thread on referee conspiracies, not player conspiracies!
Comment 02 Dec 2018

He seems genuinely concerned about the kids playing. These are still student-athletes. They won't get paid more for playing in more games-the benefit of the scholarship will have the same value. Course loads will get even more ridiculous. And the biggest thing: more chances for injury.

We've gone from 9/10 game schedules when Woody started coaching to 12/13/14/15 game schedules. That's a lot to ask from college students. They'll always agree because what choice do they have? But at a certain point it's wrong to subject them to it.

He cares about their families, too. These games would be scheduled throughout December and the holidays. Expanded playoffs will take players away for even longer. Remember, Urban had to fight for the families to be able to come to the playoff games in 2014. The NCAA doesn't have the welfare of the players at priority #1. Somebody has to speak up for them.