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Comment 31 Aug 2018

Yes. Yes you are. Urban is sketchy AF and has been since U of F. Stellar football coach though.

In his mind. like Tressle before him, he might have been trying to do the right thing by "his" players. But you've got to follow the damn rules. Even if you don't like them. This job comes with being under a microscope. I know the coach only wants to worry about football, but that is not all of the job description.

He should have been fired, but thankfully he wasn't. 

Comment 30 Aug 2018

Here's the rub everyone: 

What if, in the court of law, it comes out that ZS DID DO exactly what Courtney said and the CRIMINAL investigation we find out that Urban actually did know and did cover it up by deleting some scathing email that was proof?

Right now we don't really know dookie and for anyone to be on here pontificating about the innocence of either ZS or UM I think is a little misguided. Especially since both ZS and UM have sketchy skeletons in their closet. It isn't unreasonable to see the fire when there is at least smoke.... 

Comment 23 Aug 2018

This isn't about it being a police matter. It is about our head coach following the OSU guidelines on what happens when you are made aware of certain things. Urban didn't follow the guidelines - plain and simple. It isn't up to him on what to report and what not to report - he just has to report regardless of his personal interest in the case. So now he is going to take his punishment and learn from it (hopefully). The poster above who uses the 911 call as an example is spot on. You can't sit on information like this and not pass it up the chain...just can't do it. 

In my mind the asking of how to delete messages from more than a year ago is more than a little disconcerting and and more damning. Who does that other than someone who has got something to hide? I'll answer myself - NO ONE does that.

Comment 08 Jul 2018

I am more shocked that the Hotel was giving out complimentary breakfast coupons and that they were back charging OSU!

But seriously, if those coupons were not being given out to the general public at the hotel and only to recruits...then I can see the violation.

But if they were given out to the general public, I think the problem then becomes that the hotel charged OSU for it and OSU paid it.

Very muddy water....

Comment 29 Jul 2017

What is the mantra of every single coach in the NFL? "We don't want the distraction. We just want to talk about football". I've heard every coach in the NFL mutter these phrases at least once since I've start watching football. Coaches don't want to be answering non-football questions at every press conference they have to attend. Why bring him in if it just makes your life as a coach harder? Heck, even if he turns your team around your still fielding non-football questions. Unfortunately for this young man, he wants to make statements. Good or bad statements I'm not going to judge. But what you are seeing are the NFL coaches saying "We don't want the distractions" plain and simple.   

Comment 12 Dec 2016

I am down-voting this thread for using the "word" 'crootin. The only thing that could have made it worse is if "slobberknocker" somehow made into the post.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

8 is fine if you take the Power 5 Champs and 3 wild card teams. Otherwise it does devalue the regular season and conference championships.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I know I'll catch some heat over this opinion:

I am one of those who do believe that if you can't win your league then you shouldn't be in the CFP. It's not even like OSU finished second in the league - couldn't make the League Championship game. The OOC PSU loss to Pitt is not nearly egregious as some folks make it out to be. Pitt finished 8-4 and beat #2 Clemson as well as #5 PSU. They are no cupcake, so I would have had no problems with PSU supplanting us in the final CFP rankings. <<Pains me saying that more than I thought it would!>>

Take the Power 5 League Champs + 3 wild card teams and you can settle this without much discussion.

Comment 08 Jun 2016

I guess my Top 3 List of Alt Unis would be:

#3 - 2015 Black Ensemble

#2 - 2009 White Ensemble

#1 - 2011 Helmet only (if you paired this with the 2010 Uniform Totally Bad!)

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I guess I'll say it since no one else has...

<<begin sarcasm>>

Fire Tim Beck!

I guess he is now our new whipping post. I've got to believe that Luke Fickell is relieved.

<<end sarcasm>>

Comment 08 Sep 2015

Is it just me are some of the "+" and "-" in the stat columns switched? For instance Points Against for VaTech - if you give up 21 points more than last year, shouldn't be "+21" and not "-21"?

It's probably just me. I had/problems with the +/- on point spreads as well. 

Comment 18 Aug 2015

Here's the thing, never put your team into a position where someone else controls your fate.

This happens ALL of the time everywhere in all leagues. Heck, didn't one of our NBA teams tank to get the number one pick.

If it is within the rules then quit complaining. If it is something that needs to be banned then ban it. Until it is banned suck it up!