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Born a Buckeye, raised a Buckeye will die a Buckeye. That about covers it.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting at the 10 yard line watching the Buckeyes win the NC over Miami.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: what????

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Comment 26 Oct 2019
My daughter got me a new Buckeye tshirt just before the first game. I wore it for game 1 and we won. I've worn it every game since including last weekend under my sweatshirt in Evanston. I didn't intend for it to be a superstition, it just worked out that way.
Comment 24 Oct 2019
No idea, but I do know their pizza was shit before he got there and it's still shit so he has that going for him!
Comment 23 Oct 2019
I'd just be happy if they'd sell the pint glasses as singles. As a big craft beer fan I have around 50 pint glasses in our kitchen cabinets. I don't really need 4 of one of them. Don't really need anymore period according to the wife!
Comment 15 Oct 2019
I never had a problem in the past parking and tailgating within a several minute walk from the stadium. It has been a few years though so not sure if they've made any changes to the parking situation.
Comment 15 Oct 2019
I know and I'm loving it. As of 2 weeks ago there has been at least 112 days over 90 degrees. I've had my fill of hot and humid for a couple of months. This trip allows me to break out some clothes that I rarely get to wear so there's that!
Comment 15 Oct 2019
The wife and I are flying in from Savannah/Hilton Head Friday morning. 2 coming from Atlanta, 2 from Cleveland and 1 from Los Angeles. I lived in Chicago for about 4 years during the late 90s. We haven't missed a game in Evanston since.
Comment 14 Oct 2019

1 Northwestern ticket......

We have one ticket available in Section 110 Row 30 something. We bought 8, but only need 7.

$165 which is what we paid. On the seating chart it looks to be about the 25 yard line, so they're pretty good seats. 

Comment 11 Oct 2019
I've got an Android Galaxy S9 with the Apple ios operating system. I get 2 ads covering up my tabs!
Comment 07 Oct 2019
We've got a single at $165, which is what we payed for it. Section 110 row 30 something. My buddy bought 8 tickets and there are only 7 of us going. Seats are around the 25 yard line. PM me if interested.
Comment 06 Oct 2019
I like the black uniform. It's fine to break them out every year or 2 for a big night game. As for the people that don't participate I certainly don't think it's a conscious effort on their part to protest the team wearing non-traditional uniforms. More likely they are clueless and didn't know, to broke or tight to buy something black or just practicing nonconformists.
Comment 11 Sep 2019
I've been cooking on a BGE for over 15 years. I swear by Dizzy Pig rubs. They have all kinds of different flavors for whatever you're cooking.
Comment 05 Sep 2019
How you do IB? I think my hood has faired pretty well after talking with a couple of neighbors that decided to ride it out. A few missing storm shutters, but nothing too bad. I had 1 shutter pull away last year on one of my upper windows, but that was it.
Comment 04 Sep 2019
Nice offer IB. I'm in Bluffton, but relocated to North Georgia yesterday to ride out this one. Stay dry and safe!