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Born a Buckeye, raised a Buckeye will die a Buckeye. That about covers it.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting at the 10 yard line watching the Buckeyes win the NC over Miami.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: what????

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Comment 11 Sep 2020
As an aircraft technician at United Airlines at the time it was a very eerie at O'Hare that day. No noise at the airport. No aircraft movement, no engines or apu's running. No people in the terminal and all the jet bridges pulled from the aircraft. None of the aircraft originated at O'Hare that day, but I'm sure that I was hands on them all at one time or another. I didn't know any of the crew members that were on board. This is one of the few 'where were you" moments that I have.
Comment 25 Aug 2020
I'll watch any and all college football that I can.
Comment 31 Jul 2020
I've got a hurricane blowing into town at the beginning of the first week of August! Strangely enough I'm looking forward to it!
Comment 21 Jul 2020
It was amazing to dive and fish there. I had never been diving with sharks and was not a big fan of diving with 12-14 foot Tiger sharks swimming nearby the entire time.
Comment 12 Jul 2020
From my personal experience I'm going with Chicago as having the best all around fans. Worst would be Atlanta.
Comment 17 Jun 2020

I think the wife and I are going to do it. The company that I work for does a 5K every year. This years is going to be a virtual race during the same timeframe.

Maybe cheat and do them at the same time?

Comment 11 Jun 2020
I grew up in Ohio. I have since lived in Orlando, Memphis, Norfolk/VA Beach, San Diego, Honolulu, Miami, Atlanta (twice) , Chicago and now the Hilton Head area. Chicago is by far the best place I've ever lived and it's not even close. As long as you use your head and stay out of the areas that you know that you should, you'll rarely ever have a problem. I miss it everyday and travel back as often as I can. Hell there's sections of Hilton Head that I wouldn't go to at night.
Comment 08 Jun 2020
I recall our Naval Academy grads making a big deal about the game during the week leading up to the game. Most of the rest of us didn't pay much attention to the game while I was in the Navy. I pay a lot more attention to it now than I did then.
Comment 03 Jun 2020
I've been a fan back as far as I can remember. My dad was a hard core fan of the Buckeyes, Browns, Cavs and Indians and passed it all to me. I never attended Ohio State nor he, but both of my brothers graduated from Ohio State. I left for Navy bootcamp right after I turned 18 and never returned to Ohio to live. While both brothers got their degrees from Ohio State neither one really cares for sports and don't attend games. I don't think my older brother has ever attended a game. I never attended the University, but I've probably attended 50 games in the past 20 years including many away games, Bowl games and NC games. I've also belonged to Ohio State Alumni/fan clubs over years in Norfolk/VA Beach, Chicago, Atlanta and now Hilton Head. I do wish that I could have attended Ohio State, but I wouldn't trade it for my experiences in the Navy and the friends that I made over the years. I'm not sure that I would feel any different about Ohio State if I had graduated from there. I get emotional when I hear "Carmen Ohio" and I wake up like a kid on Christmas morning on Saturdays in the fall.
Comment 02 Jun 2020

Well, they have a 50/50 chance of being right. Either it'll be worse or it won't!

Today is Tuesday. When they can start accurately predicting Saturdays weather on Tuesday I'll start considering their ability to predict the weather accurately 4-5 months in the future.

Comment 02 Jun 2020

I just payed my flood insurance for the year just incase. We've evacuated to the Atlanta area the past 2 hurricanes just because there hasn't been a reason to stay and ride it out. The company that I work for gives us a week payed for weather related issues. That combined with the wives family living in North Georgia and myself living in that area for about 23 years it's really a no brainer as it's basically a trip home to see family and friends. 

If we decide to stay for one this year at least we have plenty of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes!

Comment 27 May 2020
Winning a regular season game does not translate into a high school athlete choosing to go to college to play football there. Let alone creating momentum for mutiple years. There may be a hundred reasons why a player picks where to attend school, but winning one game isn't one of them. Now at some point Michigan is going to win one. It'll be miserable when it happens. It won't be because they have more talent on the field. They rarely if ever had more talent during the 90's and still won every year. It may be because Michigan's coaches finally put together a competent game plan that the players executed. May be because of injuries or turnovers. It could even be that our players were cocky. When you're an 18-20 year old player and don't really recall seeing Ohio State ever lose to Michigan it's bound to lead to a certain amount of cockiness. I just know that every fall on that Saturday I'm just as nervous now as I was 10 years ago, 20 years ago or 30 years ago. I'm guessing the players feel the same way and that's a good thing.