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Comment 11 Sep 2019
I've been cooking on a BGE for over 15 years. I swear by Dizzy Pig rubs. They have all kinds of different flavors for whatever you're cooking.
Comment 05 Sep 2019
How you do IB? I think my hood has faired pretty well after talking with a couple of neighbors that decided to ride it out. A few missing storm shutters, but nothing too bad. I had 1 shutter pull away last year on one of my upper windows, but that was it.
Comment 04 Sep 2019
Nice offer IB. I'm in Bluffton, but relocated to North Georgia yesterday to ride out this one. Stay dry and safe!
Comment 01 Sep 2019
Yeah that wouldn't be a bad idea. But..... Atlanta is where the wife is from and I spent over 20 years. Our daughter, grandson, along with her parents and a ton of our friends live there. She's always looking for an excuse to visit. We have friends that have a cabin on Lake Allatoona that are letting us stay there. It's a muuuuccch better option than staying with the kid or her parents. I really wouldn't mind hanging out in Destin for a few days though!
Comment 01 Sep 2019
We just got our mandatory evacuation order starting at noon tomorrow. (Monday) This will be 3 years in a row we've had to evacuate. Fortunately the company that I work for pays us for weather related stuff so I don't have to burn vacation time, but it still sucks driving to Atlanta with half the state of Florida. Stay safe everyone.
Comment 31 Aug 2019
The difference is, is that Saban just tells the media that it's none of their damn business and leaves it at that. They are intimidated by him and will rarely ever push a topic that he doesn't want to discuss. As one of the earlier posts suggested, it was because they were late for a team function. Big deal.
Comment 29 Aug 2019
I'm in the Hilton Head area. Had 2 of these in the last 2 years. Not ready for another. We usually bug-out to Atlanta since we have family and a ton of friends there. That drive really sucks when half of Florida is evacuating though. I'm not sure what we'll do at this point. Just going to wait until they have a better idea of what it may do. I have a decent stash of water, a big ass generator and supplies, but I have no desire to sit through a hurricane. My neighborhood has only had minor damage the last 2, but I've spoken to several people that stayed and they have all said the same thing. "Never again". They've all said they will leave next time. I'm really not looking forward to putting up my hurricane shutters, because they really really suck to install. Stay safe everybody that is going to get hit in a couple of days.
Comment 29 Aug 2019
It was weird seating. The front side is like a regular Chick-fil-a while while the back has a hostess to seat you. I was a bit confused the 1st time I went in there.
Comment 26 Aug 2019
The biscuits are good, but I personally think the chick-mini's with a splash of hot sauce are one of the greatest creations ever! They do serve burgers at a handful of Chick-fil-a's, but they aren't regular stores. I believe they are all in the Atlanta area. They call them Dwarf Houses. I've been to the original one in Hapeville, Ga along with the one's in Mcdonough and the on near my last house in Woodstock, GA. They have lots of stuff on the menu that's not in a normal Chick-fil-a restaurant. I've never tried anything that you won't find at a regular restaurant though.
Comment 17 Aug 2019
I drove to 3 games when I lived in Chicago. Never had a problem finding parking to tailgate. Will be flying in this time so will be on the Purple Line this go around. Sorry I don't have more detailed information, but it's been several years since we played there.
Comment 15 Jul 2019
Sad news. I always followed Sweet Pea as I lived in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area for several years during his career. He was a heck of a defensive fighter during his career. He got screwed on a couple of his loses which were not necessarily surprising since boxing always has been the most corrupt sport in US.
Comment 11 Jul 2019
I just heard Finebaum discuss this very thing on Tuesday. I said the Saban would never take the Texas job, because at Texas he would have 30 bosses. At Alabama he answers to one.
Comment 06 Jul 2019
I lived in Chicago for 4 years. Had more great food at more great restaurants then I can remember. BBQ wasn't one of them. When the top bbq place in the area was Carsons, the bar was set pretty low. It's been 16 years since I lived there and there are 1000's of restaurants in the area so I know that there's good bbq there, but I never had any. Not that I looked for it though as I was usually seeking out Italian/pizza, steak, Italian beef or Hot Dog joints. I watch a lot of the foodie shows where the guys travel to different cities to try different restaurants and I've seen some highly rated bbq places in Chicago. I'd love to try one when we come into town, but probably won't get a chance since we're planning on steaks at Gibsons one night and Italian at one of the Rosebud restaurants the next.
Comment 06 Jul 2019
We've been looking at the "All New" version. I'd love to go from a Queen to a King, but if we do I'll have to buy a new bedframe also. I've heard the sheets are not only cooler to sleep on/under, but that they are almost necessary as regular ones will pop off the corners while you sleep.
Comment 06 Jul 2019
I've been doing a lot of research on new mattresses myself recently. I'm leaning towards the Purple Mattress. Not going to be cheap, but everyone I've talked to loves them. My mattress now is a regular mattress store set. Several years old and getting about time to replace. My back and neck bother me a lot of the time which is one of the reasons I've been looking. I had a chiropractor tell me years ago that there are certain things in life that you don't go cheap on. With mattresses being one of them. (toilet paper and shoes are a couple other of my splurges). If you sleep 8 hours a night as suggested, that equals 1/3 of your life in bed. Don't go cheap! My current chiropractor is the one that suggested the Purple Mattress. I'd never even heard of them before. Two features I'm really looking at, is the lack of motion when getting in or out of bed as to not disturb my wife and vice versa. I'm also wanting a mattress that sleeps cooler as I live in a very humid area and get hot most night while sleeping.
Comment 30 Jun 2019
It's all good. If I still had the shirts and put one on now it may not fit very well since I've gone up a couple of shirt sizes in those 20 years.