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Born a Buckeye, raised a Buckeye will die a Buckeye. That about covers it.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting at the 10 yard line watching the Buckeyes win the NC over Miami.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: what????

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Comment 14 Jun 2019
We usually go to the one in Bluffton. Part of me hates going though since they are a Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania bar, but I can usually put my bias aside for good pizza. Maybe not a Michigan joint though.
Comment 14 Jun 2019
Oh I hear ya. I go occasionally just to support them. I have their tshirt and have bought several more to send to my Buckeye friends that I used to vacation with here. I'm going kayaking in the morning and may stop in for a pizza when we're done since it's been a few months since we've been in.
Comment 14 Jun 2019
Pizza is probably my favorite food ever. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack. It's good anytime. That being said, I've traveled to most of the states and a lot of different countries including Italy and Sicily and have had pizza in most of them. Some great ones, a lot of good ones and a couple of not so good ones. If I could only have pizza one more time, I'd probably have to pick Gardina's Pizza in my hometown of Coshocton. It was in an old house that was only carryout. It's been gone for years, but it was our go to pizza growing up. I've had better pizza over the years, but none bring back the good memories like Gardina's does.
Comment 14 Jun 2019
Mangiamos is a neat Buckeye bar/restaurant with decent pizza. I live near the place and we have lots of decent pizza, but no nothing really memorable in the Hilton Head area. My go to in the area is usually Giuseppes. Thin crust, well done is our favorite.
Comment 03 Jun 2019
We had to put our dog down Saturday. It sucks. It's terrible. We were worried about when would be the right time. He kinda told us Friday night as I stayed up all night with and loved on him that he'd had enough. It's very nice to do what you're doing for him. I also know how difficult it is mentally, because you are constantly thinking and worrying about them when you aren't there. I feel your pain.
Comment 28 May 2019
Oh I agree. Having traveled to lot of places thanks to Uncle Sam and seeing how a lot of people live, I just get a kick out of the little things that we bitch about. Me included.
Comment 27 May 2019
I think this would fall under the category of "first world" problems. Maybe we need a new catagory to post in.
Comment 25 May 2019
I attended Jay Burson's dads basketball camp as a kid at Muskingum College. I was going into the 8th grade while Jay was going onto the 7th. During the scrimmages they had you with your age groups....except for Jay. He was going against the JRs and SRs and outplaying most of them. He played for John Glenn High School which was in the Muskingum Valley League at the time which was also the same conference as my high school. I got to witness him in person several more times, and while Jay would never be considered a freak athlete, he was by far the best basketball player on the floor. He had more heart than anyone else on the floor, all of this while looking like the last person you'd ever expect to be that good at basketball. He looked like a first team member of the debate club. He was like 6'0" tall and weighed 150 lbs when he graduated high school while averaging 33 points over his career and breaking the Ohio high school scoring record. His senior season at Ohio State he was averaging 22 ppg until he broke his neck in a game.
Comment 15 May 2019
The Michigan memorabilia would certainly be tacky and stop people from bidding! So I understand not having Blue and Pee colors everywhere! That being said, if I had a Brinks truck full of money Coronado may be my first choice of places I'd want to live. I spent several months there while in the Navy and have been there many times since for work. It's a great cause and an easy way to make a nice chunk of change for it. Good for him to offer it up.
Comment 29 Apr 2019
I think it's because he used to work for ESPN. There are many people on here that will swear that you must sign documents that you'll hate Ohio State and say disparaging remarks whenever the opportunity presents itself about Ohio State. For ever and ever.
Comment 10 Apr 2019
Congratulations on the retirement Senior. I've been out since the mid 90s and still miss it everyday. I'm surprised you were only on 5 ships in 23 years. I got to spend time on 13 ships in 6 years. Many of them multiple times.
Comment 03 Apr 2019
You must be new to the Browns. They sucked long before Manziel got there. I know it way too well as a long suffering Browns fan.