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Born a Buckeye, raised a Buckeye will die a Buckeye. That about covers it.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting at the 10 yard line watching the Buckeyes win the NC over Miami.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: what????

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Comment 10 Apr 2019
Congratulations on the retirement Senior. I've been out since the mid 90s and still miss it everyday. I'm surprised you were only on 5 ships in 23 years. I got to spend time on 13 ships in 6 years. Many of them multiple times.
Comment 03 Apr 2019
You must be new to the Browns. They sucked long before Manziel got there. I know it way too well as a long suffering Browns fan.
Comment 22 Mar 2019
We did the helicopter tour from Vegas and loved it. Flew along the canyon, landed at the bottom and had lunch and champagne. We both enjoyed it and would do it again.
Comment 16 Mar 2019
I've been fortunate enough to visit many places in my 50 years thanks to the U.S. Navy and Charleston is one of my favorites places to visit. We're lucky enough to visit every 4 or 5 weeks since we're down around Hilton Head and it takes us about an hour and 20 minutes to get there. I've never been to Husk in Charleston, but I've been to the one in Savannah and it's very good. For seafood we like Nicos Oysters +Seafood along with Hanks Seafood. Strangely enough a lot of the times when we visit we go to PF Changs in Mt Pleasant after a stop at Trader Joe's since we can get great seafood at home, but not the Chang. I'm not suggesting that you visit PF Changs though as they're the same all over the country. We went up a few weeks ago and visited Rodney Scotts BBQ. It's been voted as the #1 BBQ joint in the country. It's whole hog BBQ so it's a little different than a lot of BBQ that people are used to. I loved it. She wasn't as big of a fan, since their mopping sauce has a little kick to it. There are many things to do and see in Chucktown. The fort is a nice trip, the market aka the old slave market although they don't promote that part is a way to do a little shopping and you can kill a few hours with all the shops in the area. The aquarium is nice. I'd highly recommend a ghost tour although I'd recommend reservations depending on the time of year that you're going as they do sell out the tours many nights.For something free and very neat is a walk or run over the bridge as they have a walkway over. Some very nice views from up there. Patriots Point is nice and in the same area with an old Navy carrier and submarine to tour. The Yankees Single A baseball team the Charleston Riverdogs is a fun experience. There's an App that you can download called Traveler of Charleston Magazine. It's got all kinds of tips for things to do and see along with coupons for many different things to do. There's also a growing beer scene with several different breweries in the area. I've had many of their beers just not at the breweries. The wife isn't a beer fan and it's really not a good idea for me to visit a brewery or 2 and then drive home almost an hour and a half! It's a beautiful city full of friendly people with many things to do. I'm not sure when you're going, but hopefully you're going within the next month or so. Once summer gets here it gets pretty miserable downtown with the heat and humidity. I hope that you guys enjoy your trip!
Comment 03 Mar 2019
Gunner, you read a lot of the same books as I do as I've read everything that you've mentioned other than Extreme Ownership. Here's a couple others you may enjoy along those lines if you are looking for other quality reads. Roberts Ridge Fearless Heart and the Fist
Comment 02 Mar 2019
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there aren't too many NFL GMs and Head Coaches listening to what the talking heads on ESPN or the NFL Network are saying about a particular player.
Comment 23 Feb 2019
Thoughts, prayers and best wishes coming to you from across the country in South Carolina! Stay strong brother!
Comment 12 Feb 2019
I think it just depends on your situation and spending habits. I had a Delta Skymiles AMEX for years when I traveled for work and living in Atlanta that was what I almost always flew. Now that I no longer travel much, I got rid of it and switched to Amazons Prime Rewards Visa. I was already a Prime member and spent a lot of money with them anyhow so with the 5% back for all purchases on Amazon along with 1-3% on everything else it was worth it to me. Two years ago my cash back bought me a 60" inch Vizio TV. I'm getting ready to buy a generator with my current cash back. What works for me may not work best for you and vice versa.
Comment 08 Feb 2019
It still amazes me that so many people can't understand that getting beat by average teams by 30 points hurts your chances to get into a 4 team playoff. Like somehow it's Gene Smiths fault since he couldn't vote for Ohio State instead of Urban Meyers fault for not having his players and coaches ready to play against average teams and getting hammered in back to back years.
Comment 06 Feb 2019
Good book. The guy is a machine. If you haven't read it, try "Living with a SEAL". Jessie Itzler hires David Goggins to come live with him in to motivate him. Does everything with him, outside of sleep in the same bed. Funny stuff that just makes you shake your head at how motivated the guy is.
Comment 31 Jan 2019
I was stationed in San Diego when I experienced my 1st earthquake. I lived on the 4th floor barracks on base when we had a couple of 4.5 range tremors. Just enough to get your attention. One of my buddies was scared to death and decided to sleep in his minivan in the parking lot that night. After a few hours and more than a few beers myself and a couple of buddies slip down to the parking lot, make sure that he's sleeping and proceed to start rocking and shaking his minivan. He wakes up screaming his ass off scared to death until he figured out what was happening when he saw us laughing our asses off! Let's just say that he may have killed us had he been able to catch us. I was in my hotel room in downtown San Diego several years ago watching the Duke-Butler National Championship BB game on the TV when a 7.2 earthquake that was centered 100 miles south in Mexico hit. It takes a couple of seconds to figure out what is going on when they hit when you're not used to them. That one scared the hell outta me. Didn't do any real damage in the area other than my underwear anda bunch of car alarms going off.
Comment 30 Jan 2019
I agree with everything that you said until you said that California is a great place to live. It's a great place to visit, but not to live. I love it out there. I was stationed in Coronado while in the Navy and still remember when I got off the plane at 19 years old for the 1st time. I can still remember the smell of the air and flowers and it was in January of 1986. I've visited Socal and Nocal many times for business and pleasure over the years and still get excited every time I go, but I would never consider living there, because of the cost of living. Everything cost more in CA. Gas, electricity, water or a loaf of bread it doesn't matter. I could transfer with my job to Long Beach or Lincoln, CA and my employer would bump my pay up $7.00 an hour. If they bumped it up $27.00 an hour I'd consider it since that's about what it would take for me to not take a hit financially. I live Bluffton, SC which is 20 minutes north of Savannah and the other side of the bridge from Hilton Head. Our weather is hot. Nasty, sticky hot for several months of the year. Fortunately I like it hot. It got down to 32 this morning, which is about as cold as it usually gets a few nights a year. Highs in the 50's this week, but wouldn't be unusual to be in the mid 70's next week. Great beaches, world class golf, with plenty of outdoors stuff like fishing, kayaking, crabbing or shrimping to stay busy. All for about a 1/3 of the cost of much of California. You guys can have your high costs of living, smog, traffic, earthquakes, mudslides and fires and I'll take our low costs of living, knats, hot and humid weather and tourists from Ohio!
Comment 30 Jan 2019
I was in 7th grade. Remember being stuck in the house without power for a few days. That blizzard was the reason my dad bought a wood burner shortly after. Several of the neighborhood men piled into someone's 4 wheel drive for a supply run into town. With the rain prior to the blizzard, the blizzard itself and the following melting and refreezing of the snow we went to school 1 day in the next 30 days. They extended the school year and made us go to school on a couple of Saturdays to make up all the days we missed. I just remember it really sucked to be sitting in English class on a Saturday.