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Comment 11 Oct 2018

The word ILLEGAL is very important.  When I read this headline I thought he was killed at a legit drag strip when a car perhaps flew of the track or something.  If any of you knew jack shit about racing you would think the term ILLEGAL would be something important to include, but no, you just lumped every racer in with illegal street racers.

Comment 11 Oct 2018

He didn't discredit an illegal act. He discredited drag racing in general, your reading comprehension is shit tier.  It's very nice of you to try to come to his rescue though.

Some race tracks already do this, not nearly enough though.  Maybe you shouldn't speak about subjects your clearly ignorant of.  You'll never stop drag racing until you give them a place to do it that's safe and free.

Comment 11 Jul 2018

If anyone still has the game you can search for youtubers who update the roster every year with the current players, names, stats, everything for every team. You can download the updates from them and plenty people are still playing online with all the current rosters.

Comment 16 Jun 2018

I'll never understand this, if people are so afraid of injuries then go play bad mitten.  If I had the opportunity I would stand out there and allow myself to get blasted on purpose for a free college education, it's not like I haven't broken half my body anyway doing dangerous things that didn't get me any money or a free education.  This rule is a disgrace.