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Comment 10 Jul 2015
so yo I just finished watching highlights of various potential commits for tOSU and I'm keep it a ' hunnid, rashan gary passes the eye test mos def son is dipping his pads, violent hands, quick, utilizing various techniques ie; swim move, bull rush etc...I don't know much about his competition and I realize that there's levels to this, but YO!!! color this buckeye enthusiast impressed and I'm out
Comment 30 Jun 2015
IMO Notre Dame, _ichigan, and any other program in the country are trying to step their game up recruiting wise and as a Buckeyes fan I respect that, the year before UFM was hired the B1G was a dumpster fire, all and I mean all the best recruits were committing to sec not to mention all the sec dick riding from espn cfb prognosticators, UFM came back home like Lebron and now we have championship rings, top 5 recruiting classes, I love it cause now there's more parity in cfb it's not just the sec and everyone else....Go Bucks
Comment 30 Jun 2015
bottom line, Chris Ash and co. aren't going to put Conley out there if he's not ready and also earned the right to start by beating out all the other cb's remember that UFM stresses competition
Comment 14 Feb 2015
nice pic dj lol I guess I know what to get you for your birthday a nice cat toy and a scratching post...
Comment 07 Feb 2015
Smh typical delusional *ichigan smack talk....at this time all they can offer their players, and alumni is veiled twitter disses and pipe dreams of being the alpha team in the B1G wake me when that dumpster fire of a program wins the B1G title, cfb playoff bowl game and a CFP championship....
Comment 31 Jan 2015
lol he said peanut butter balls....I wonder if I can make them in my daughter's easy baker oven?!?
Comment 29 Jan 2015
what some fans need to understand is it's their decision on where they attend school not ours, it's great when Ohio State flips a recruit from another school, but people want to act like idiots and tweet negative remarks to a kid who changes his mind about where he or she wants to attend school? let these kids enjoy making probably their most important decision up to this point in their lives without leaving ignorant messages on their twitter, instagram, and Facebook pages...