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Born Irish. Raised a Buckeye. Continuing the tradition with my son.


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Comment 19 Dec 2017

Ramzy has more great lines than Cormac McCarthy.

Comment 13 Sep 2017

Final takeaway from rewatching the game? It actually wasn't that bad. 

Did you mean that the final score looked  better than it really was? Because, if not for some Oklahoma mistakes, the Buckeyes would have lost by a lot more. 

Comment 13 Sep 2017

I will look back fondly on JTB's time at Ohio State, for all the reasons Ramzy mentioned, and more.

I also think that sometimes, it's better to look back fondly on an Ex because you ended things when you knew they wouldn't work out. This isn't about letting JT finish his career out just because of what he's done in the past; it's about what is best for the team for the future. I would be happy to leverage future successful seasons on whatever may come from playing young QB's right now. Would they play worse? Possibly (although, how much worse can it get?). But there's also a chance they could spark some new life into the dead horse Meyer keeps beating.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Many of the bands you mention are some of my personal favorites as well. (Jack White, Gary Clark Jr., Shakes, Royal Blood, Foo, QOTSA especially)

But saying that TOP is "indistinguishable from at least 2 dozen other bands" is so, so very inaccurate. I can't argue that Blurryface is lacking something in originality... but neither would Dun/Joseph (the two guys in TOP). Their lyrics actually state as much on more than one song from that album. But really, if you listen to Vessel one time, straight through, it sounds like 10 different bands made the album... but in a good way. You clearly have good taste in music so I would bet that you'd dig it if you listen to that album all the way through. Just have to get passed the "Ya damn kids get off my lawn with your hippity-hoppity" hurdle first. ;)

Comment 16 Feb 2017

"White suburban reggae rap electronica" doesn't even begin to cover what their music is. But I totally respect that they aren't everyone's cup o' tea. 

For me, the fact that my girlfriend and I are huge fans and we can share our fandom with our 16 year old, 10 year old, and 6 year old (all of whom are in love with them) makes them even more lovable. TOP bridges age gaps and genres. We love their intricate, intelligent lyrics and the kids love the pop-y sounds of many of the songs.

Also: Car Radio is better than 95% of all music out there right now. Catch the music video of it that was filmed at the LC (before stupid Live Nation ruined the place).

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I'm pretty disappointed in any Buckeye fan that puts on his judgement hat atop his high horse and acts offended by Zekes comments.

He absolutely deserved to share his heart after that heartbreaking loss. They don't utilize him correctly and we're ALL frustrated by it. But he doesn't get to say that? I call B.S.

I'd support him sitting out the next few games if they aren't going to give him the dang ball to save his legs/health for the NFL next year. I mean, he won't, because he's a baller. But if people are going to say stupid things such as "He needs benched for his comments" and that he needs to apologize I have no problem saying something fringe like that.

Comment 12 Sep 2015

Turnovers/punts by Hawai'i make for a perpetually short field.

Oh - and they boys are back in town:


Comment 23 Oct 2013

Oh come on, let's not turn this into one of those "things". Despite my poor choice of phrasing, I mean only to refer to guys who think that pink is a "girl" color that has no place in football or anywhere else that testosterone reigns supreme.

Comment 22 Oct 2013

I know, it was a long winded response. haha But I was raised by my mother and aunt, and have four sisters, and yet have turned out quite "manly" (whatever in the hell that actually means).

I do admit that the "awareness" aspect and the actual funding are skewed. Really, who doesn't know that breast cancer exists? 

I would like to see some advocacy in football/sports for illnesses that affect men predominantly. But prostate cancer just isn't as commercially aesthetic as "Save the Boobies!" And if Lance Armstrong wasn't such a lying liar who tainted anything associated with him "Aw, Nuts!" would be the perfect slogan for testicular cancer.

Fido - Great point, and great link! Thanks!